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Found 9 results

  1. NOTE:THIS LP IS ON HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE OFFICIALLY CANCELLED Hello, this is Voidlord with my third attempt at an LP! Hopefully, it will go better than last time (AKA no getting burned out on randomization). Extremely low growths (10% or lower) will be in BOLD, while extremely high growths (100% or higher) will be UNDERLINED [spoiler=Prologue] Because I needed one that's not too hard but lacks easily breakable tutorials Fado sure likes magic users and spooky scary skeletons Lyon sure knows that you're bringing your a-game for evil when you bring a demon Valter is now a crazy axe murderer [spoiler=Growths] Growths: HP: 105% Mag: 60% Skill: 215% Speed: 45% Luck: 5% Defense: 90% Res: 115% Comments: Insane growth in the Defensive areas and Skill, with decent magic and Luck that is four times worse than regular Knoll's Voidlord's rating: 9/10 Cormag Growths: HP: 10% Strength: 60% Skill: 0% Speed: 80% Luck: 10% Defense: 75% Res: 95% Comments: Despite serious Crit and Crit Evade issues, he's usable with his high speed and unorthodox Defense/Resistance growths Voidlord's rating: 6/10
  2. Of course I am getting in on all this FE8 action. Also no savestates, got to restart every time I die. So let's jump in shall we? Deaths: Ross Lord +1 Growths I am off to a great start it seems.
  3. Here ye be mah "Canon" (quotes for a reason) run. But, wait, I said "Gimmick" in the tags. I mean it. Long story short, I -am- something of a Fanfic author, and here is a bit of an ambitious project: complete "novelization" of FE:A. How? Well, May be based on true events, and PME-TMN Practice Means Everything-Theory Means Nothing. Well, yes, that's the trick. And part of the point of this Play log... Rules of the Run: Hard- Classic. Lunatic(+) is far too masochistic and dumb for me to write about! (No one wants to know how Frederick beats everything, and how Water Robin destroys all the badguys.) and it doesn't exactly make sense for random brigand myrm to be able to solokill Chrom. But death means drama, although I'm playing to avoid it... Ironman. Only Lucina gets a second chance at things, because she's hax, but she's already on her second roll. Also, 0 HP = DEAD unless you're evil. (Note, I can and -will- kill off people who die in game in the result, even if they don't die canonically, I.E. Frederick or Lissa.) (Yes, worst comes to worst, I'll even kill off Lucina :( ) This rule comes to a close after Chapter 25, discounting Bonus Box Paralogues. No Undermanning. Essentially, I'm playing as though I have a deploy minimum of "Whatever the Chapter's deploy limit is". This rule comes to a close for the post-chapter 25 grinding phase, and excludes Paralogue 23 (Which I'm going to put a "deploy minimum" at 20). Renown... Only logical things (basically, I can guess at Robin getting a hold of a Second Seal out of the Shepherd's "warchest" in the lead up to Chapter 5, but not say Gradivus) (Expect that Bullion to happen early though), and I can only get at it if its Logical to do so at that point in the story. Bonus Box Items. I will probably let every single one of them appear. (Note, for instance, the Luna Lance is Sumia's. (Headcanon: The Luna Lance is in fact, not the Luna Lance of FE2, but rather the lance Sumia and Cynthia were making- this is why it's Sumia's canon weapon, as seen in her official art)) but they won't happen early. Streetpass Teams Exist. I won't mention a dismiss, but if I buy or fight, it will be logged, and implemented. (Streetpass teams are sorta canon, if you note: they're soldiers from another world/timeline, sorta like you are in Future Past.) They will under no circumstances be recruited however. DLC Chapters. These will happen, once each at various points in the story, where it might make sense (Likely will start with some S1 in the "two year gap" (I.E. while the game says otherwise, it'd be between Ch11 and 12.)). I will not likely use the rewards (I.E. no random All+2 or Paragon, No Dread, No Bride... Limit Breaker doesn't exist.), until past Chapter 25, where upon, I'm going to grind everyone to kingdom come. Except Gold Pack, which won't be mentioned at all, except for maybe Infinite Regalia. (Because Deadlords...) Spotpass Teams. They're Einherjar. For me to summon a Spotpass Team, I must have defeated the Einherjar in an Outrealm, so I have its card. (So I can't say, summon Arvis near the start, but after beating him in Lost Bloodlines 3, I can.) Chances of me mentioning them is little though. I might summon Raydrik or Gharnef for a Mire or two, but not till later (and I probably will not mention that I did that.) They will under no circumstances be beaten up for EXP. Risen Skirmishes. FORCED (I.E. Risen Spawn, I must defeat it!) if Feasible (EG Not between Ch 8 and 10, unless the Risen spawns on chapter 8.), and Reeking Boxes do not exist, at all. (Except in the post Ch25 Grinding Phase, because really) Annas. Completely allowed when feasible. They are, after all, just the "Secret Shop" of Awakening. Paralogues. I will be doing -all- of them, just when feasible. (Like finding Owain near the start of the Valm Arc) This does include the Spotpass Paralogues. (I will -likely- go with the Valkyrie Emm theory- makes a bit more sense than her outright living.) [Note I -may- grind a bit to unlock Morgan's Paralogue before embarking on Chapter 14, or I may wait until after Chapter 21, not sure yet] Barracks. Events will be checked. Some may be logged/implemented. Staff/Dancer Abuse Not Allowed. As much as I want to kick myself for this. Rescue Staves exist. Cherche grinding with them doesn't. Olivia will not be frantically lapdancing a billion times for nothing but EXP. Each Chapter/Paralogue/Xenologue Will have a "Chapter Challenge". I'm going to try to complete each of these, the amount of objectives will vary based on the map. Skirmishes may or may not have them. (Feel free to suggest challenges, but outside of certain defeat commander maps, LTC challenges will largely be ignored.) Pairings These Pairs are fairly set in stone unless someone dies (or someone gives me legit enough reason to de-headcanon them) Chrom/Sumia Robin/Lucina Lon'qu/Lissa Vaike/Miriel Stahl/Sully Ricken/Maribelle Gregor/Nowi Virion/Cherche Henry/Panne Kellam/Cordelia [Feel free to point out why not, but Frederick/Cordelia isn't really an option unless I'm given objective evidence] Yarne/Nah Anything else will come to be on its own, unless someone wants to point out others (back it with evidence if you can. This is a more "story" oriented run.). I do plan on pairing everyone though, and am open to suggestions. Reclassing I'm going to try to avoid it, but options are still up there. I'm not going to outright say I'm going to reclass, but I'm not saying I'm not. MU Male Build: 1 Face: 1 Hair: 1 Hair Color: 1 Voice: 1 +HP, -LCK Name: Robin Birthday: October 22nd, as space radiation. Fanfic Link I suppose I should first post this: Howl to the Future (Up through Chapter 3.)
  4. Pretty basic stuff here. 1. Who is my favorite Fire Emblem Lord? A. Lyn B. Ike C. Roy D. Eliwood 2. My favorite game of all time is.. A. Super Mario Brothers 3 B. Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles C. Ogre Battle 64 D. Final Fantasy 4 3. Which of these do I say the most often A. I'm sorry B. Justice will always triumph! C. -Insert Stahl related pun here- D. All of the above 4. What is my favorite Manga Series? A. Rurouni Kenshin B. Dragon Ball C. Yu Yu Hakusho D. Mahou Sensei Negima 5. You all know that Sonic is my favorite video game character of all time. But who is my 2nd favorite? A. Richter Belmont [Castlevania] B. Zero [Megaman X] C. Aeris/Aerith [Final Fantasy 7] D. Kratos Aurion [Tales of Symphonia] 6. What Fire Emblem related weapons have I actually used/trained with in real life? A. Bows B. Swords C. Axes D. All of the above 7. Who in my Fire Emblem headcanon do I pair Briggid with? A. Ardan B. Holyn C. Finn D. Lewyn 8. Who in Binding Blade did I decide to oddly get to Armads level axe use one run? A. Wendy B. Zealot C. Bors D. Dieck 9. Which Ninja Turtle am I assigned as when I play Arcade online with Shin, Darros, Refa, Xinny, Horace etc A. Leonardo B. Raphael C. Michelangelo D. Donatello 10. What is my favorite drink? A. Milk B. Lemonade C. Coca Cola D. Red Wine
  5. 1. What's my least favorite chapter in FE13? a. Paralogue 6 b. Chapter 17 c. Chapter 4 2. Why is viewer discretion advised? a. The following program cotains graphic content b. The following program contains material that is just too cute c. INFERNO DIVIDER! CARNAGE SCISSORS! 3. Why do I not like FE6? a. The maps b. The hit rates c. The status staves d. The characters e. All of the above 4. What's my favorite franchise? a. Blazblue b. Atelier c. F-Zero d. Zelda 5. What is the avatar build I most often use? a. +LUK/-SKL b. +RES/-SKL c. +DEF/-SKL 6. Who has the most rockin' Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? a. Captain Falcon b. Captain Douglas Jay Falcon c. Kyaputen Farukon 7. What's my favorite stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? a. Port Town Aero Dive b. Bridge of Eldin c. Pirate Ship d. Green Hill Zone 8. What should you do when enemies shoot at your Arwing? a. Use the boost to get thru b. Use the brake c. Don't mess up that Arwing! d. Do a barrel roll! 9. How many claims do I have?? a. No one knows. b. Too many to count. c. Who keeps track of this crap? 10. What's my favorite smiley? a. b. c. WARNING: Might contain trick questions.
  6. So you think you know me, challenge accepted. 1) What is my favorite weapon type in Monster Hunter? (Hint: It's the best weapon type) A. Sword and Shield B. Great Sword C. Lance D. Dual Sword E. Bowgun Bow and arrow F. Hammer G. Hunting Horn 2) Which main series Final Fantasy is my favorite Final Fantasy? A. I B. II C. III D. IV E. V F. VI G. VII H. VIII I. IX J. X K. XI K. XII L. XII 3) What's my favorite bomb in Touhou? A. Master Spark B. Master Spark C. Master Spark D. Master Spark E. Evil Sealing Circle F. Master Spark 4) Is the glass half full or half empty? A. Yes B. No C. Half 5) What is my irl nick name. A. Roland B. Bruno C. Alex D. Kalas E. Who has so many nick names I mean seriously. 6) Sword Style: A. Blue Storm B. Shadow Wings C. Energy Wave D. Flash Explosion E. Water Blade F. Dream Blade G. Fangs of Light H. Chaotic illusion I. Lord of the Wind 7) Who is my favorite Belmont? A. Simon B. Trevor C. Leon D. Richter E. Sonia F. Julius G. Nathan Graves H. Juste 9) Cirno? A. The Strongest B. THE STRONGEST C. A Genius D. AWESOME E. ALL OF THE ABOVE 10) Who is the best Myrmidon/Swordmaster? A. Joshua B. Navarre C Rutger D. Stefan E. Zihark F. Mia G. someone who I forgot to list 11) Did you notice there was no question 8? A. Yes B. No. C. ... 12) Which Touhou is my favorite Touhou A. Momiji B. Kogasa C^2. Cirno D. Youmu E. Suwako F. None of the above, because he cares equally for all his favorite Touhous. BONUS1: Which is the best language? A. Japanese BONUS2: Where do you think I wish I was at this moment? A. Here B. There C. Everywhere D. Nowhere E. You don't BONUS3: OTP A. Marisa/Alice B. LinkxZelda C. Lyn/Florina D. LinkxSaria
  7. Because according to my experience, bandwagoning are the most effective way to familiarize yourself and stuff 1. Which of these has not been my nickname at one point? a. Pig b. Freak c. Jo d. Theo 2. I have done all of these except for one thing. Which is? a. Throwing a chair to a classmate b. Attempted to commit suicide c. Cut my own finger with a knife d. withhold sleep for 5 days straight 3. Which is my favorite video games of all time? a. Bomberman Fantasy Race b. Monster Rancher 2 c. FE7 d. Super Robot Wars W 4. My Favorite FE? a. FE12(New Mystery of the Emblem) b. FE5(Thracia 776) c. FE7(Blazing Sword) d. FE6(Sword of Seals) 5. My FEOTP? a. Frederick x Olivia b. Marth x Sheeda c. Lucina x Frederick d. Lissa x Endgame 6. My favorite FE character? a. Lorenz b. Bantu c. Frederick d. Sheeda 7. Favorite FE class a. Wyvern Lord b. Hero c. Paladin d. Manakete 8. Which one of these manga that I have never read: a. Naruto b. Dragon Ball Z c. Hajimete no Aku d. Gurren Lagann 9. My most distinct characteristics are: a. Sleeping in class b. fat c. lazy d. A problematic child 10. What is the subject that I take in university? a. Psychology b. Architecture c. Medic d. Economy (hint: In Indonesia, they split the education programs during the high school into Science and Social. Chemistry, Biology, and Physics are exclusive to Science, while Geography, Sociology, and Economy are exclusive to Social)
  8. 2-D Platforming 5-Aladdin (SNES/Genesis) 4-Megaman X/Metal Warriors 3-DK Country(All of them) 2-Kirbys Return to Dreamland 1-Super Metroid/Metroid Fusion/Metroid Zero Mission 3-D Platforming 5-SUper Mario Sunshine 4-DK 64 3-Banjo-Tooie 2-Banjo Kazooie 1-Metroid Prime Trilogy Shmup Life Force Steel Empire Iridium 2 Gradius 1/2 Uhhhhhhhh, Space Harrier? Racing Mario Kart Wii Excitebots F-Zero GX Super Mario Kart Rock N ROll Racing FPS- GOldeneye Doom Quake Starfox 64/Assault Battalion Wars RPG Chrono Trigger FE4/5/7 Secret of Mana/Soul Blazer Trilogy SHining Force Super Mario RPG more to come when I remember more genres
  9. Hey so I think you guys know how these things work at this point. So I'm just gonna explain the team and playthrough goals and you guys can fill in the rest. The main goal of this playthrough is to give some much needed love for Dark Knight!Tharja, and how she doesn't need Nosferatu to be an invincible tank. I'm using Nowi as well, for comparison's sake. Also going to try and give some love to Cherche and hopefully see her climb up in the tier list, because I think her potential is largely unexplored. Using both of the Pegs as well to try and get a better idea of which is the better one. Pairings Chrom x Avatar Avatar!Lucina tears apart your homes and has no problems at all being one of the best units in the game. Going to also make an attempt to explore what Chrom is capable of, beyond just being +3 speed to Avatar. Tharja x Henry Still not too certain about this pairing. Tharja pretty much has everything she needs, though a bit of extra skill wouldn't hurt. 12/1 Henry can give decent pair up bonuses to her though. Nowi x Lon'qu I've never really ever bothered with Nowi, but the hype she gets in the tier list really interests me so I'm giving her a shot. Went with Lon'qu as the support partner because he can probably hit Lv.10 by the time Master Seals are buyable and then he'll give more speed than Gregor will. Cherche x Gregor Gregor is a really nice pair up partner given that he can be insta promo'd for some free move. Cherche likes the speed and the move and will hopefully be capable of greatness. Sumia x Frederick Do I really need to explain this pairing at all? I hope not. Cordelia x Vaike Wanted to try something different than the popular Cordelia x Stahl as of late. Vaike gives her everything she needs, though I don't know when he'll be able to promote to Warrior. These guys are the key parts of my playthrough, but I will be using other units as well (mostly in the earlygame since I won't have everyone then) to clear maps faster. Premonition POOR YOU if you don't know how to beat this in two turns. REST IN PIECES if you can't beat it at all (which isn't possible haha). 2 turns Prologue Chrom pairs into Avatar and they go up. Lissa pairs into Frederick and he goes up. Got a bit lucky with the Dual Strikes but I'm not complaining. 3 turns/5 turns Chapter 1 Chrom pairs into Avatar and she goes to the fort. Fred goes down by the other fort. Avatar is attacked by several enemies. She kills one on the enemy phase which lets Frederick reach the Archer and get attacked by the boss on Turn 2 enemy phase. Virion pairs into Sully and she sits on the bottom fort. From this point on its really simple. 3 turns/8 turns Chapter 2 Fred pairs into Stahl and he goes up, swaps to Fred and attacks the barbarian on the left fort. Sully goes into the left woods and waits. Chrom pairs into Avatar and she attacks... something that I forget but it wasn't relevant because it died. Fred goes full up on turn 2. Fred attacks the boss on turn 3 and this really simple map ends. 3 turns/11 turns Chapter 3 Chrom recruits Kellam and pairs into Kellam. Kellam goes to Avatar and transfers Chrom to her. Sumia pairs into Fred and he goes left. Avatar goes left. Stahl pairs into Sully. Lissa pairs into Miriel. Sully, Miriel and Vaike stand outside enemy range. Avatar and Frederick eliminate everyone on the bottom left side on enemy phase. Miriel goes up to Avatar, switches to Lissa who heals her. Frederick, Avatar and Sully make their way towards the door. Avatar opens the door on turn 3. Fred goes up and kills the Knight. Turn 4 has Avatar, Frederick and Stahl kill the enemies that Fred lured and make a very easy five turn. 5 turns/16 turns Paralogue 1 Least favorite map in the game right here. Spent at least three turns feeding kills to Donnel to recruit him only to have him rot on the bench forever. 10 turns/26 turns Chapter 4 Avatar pairs into Chrom who goes up and switches to Avatar. Sully pairs into Vaike who goes right. Fred pairs into Sumia and goes left. Avatar attacks Marth on turn 2 and ORKOs with dual strikes and a chrom crit. Everything suicides on enemy phase. 2 turns/28 turns Chapter 5 Fred pairs into Sumia who goes up the mountain and attacks the Dark Mage. Chrom pairs into Avatar who kills the Barbarian. Vaike pairs into Sully and the two handle the bottom with Kellam!Lon'qu. 6 turns/34 turns because reinforcements are a pain when you don't know when they come out Chapter 6 Fred and Sumia are able to handle the right side with ease. Avatar and Chrom can handle the left just fine. Sully, Ricken, Vaike, Lon'qu, Kellam, Panne and Gaius handle the middle choke point well, with support from Maribelle's Mend staff. 6 turns/40 turns Chapter 7 uhh, everyone goes right and clears map. Not like this map is hard or anything. but i didn't want to just say "GO RIGHT" like i do in all my drafts. Oh, and uh Fred dodged a hammer. 3 turns/43 turns Paralogue 2 Fred pairs into Sumia. Vaike pairs into Cordelia. Both of the Pegs handle the bottom portion of the map, with Fred+Sumia getting the Victor kill. Chrom and Avatar go up to the village, and Chrom gets some levels in the process since I don't want to waste the EXP. Panne+Kellam and Lon'qu+Ricken (I don't even know) go up and handle the initial archers. 6 turns/49 turns Paralogue 3 Fred and Sumia go down the right side and get the boss. Chrom and Avatar go down the left bridge and Chrom gets a few levels. Cordelia, Panne and Lon'qu pitch in where needed. 5 turns/54 turns *Will have proper stats soon now that I know that code tags go boom now Resource List Chapter 6 Secret Book - Unclaimed Paralogue 2 Goddess Icon - Unclaimed Paralogue 3 Seraph Robe - Unclaimed Renown Second Seal - Unclaimed
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