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Found 3 results

  1. So a while back I was watching someone stream Bayonetta 2 and they had quite a few problem with it, and to my surprise t i shared many of these same complaints. However there were also things I disagreed with them about and through 2 did better than the original. My objective in making this is to figure out what the general consensus of people who have played both games is. As for me personally. I believe that Bayo 1 did combat and story better but was less accessible to newcomers to the genre as well as being much less forgiving ( Insta death QTEs anyone?). On the other side I found the bayo 2 was, on the surface one gigantic piece of dazzling eye candy with charming music. However the story seemed to have a poor sense of progression, mixed tone, and the characters felt a bit more shallow and jokey. Furthermore the combat, much like the games stunning visuals is even more flashy and exaggerated than ever before, yet I felt this lingering feeling of emptiness and lack of depth in the combat system that the first game had done so well. I am very curious to hear everyone's input but first some rules: Please be respectful to everyone Try to be reasonable and cool headed DO NOT under any circumstances needlessly bash other opinions and/or one or the other game. This is not a bashing/hate thread. Have at it
  2. Ok, I may not be posting this Topic in the correct forum (if this is the case, Mods- please can you move this to the correct forum please?). Anyways- I was watching the Super Smash Bros Direct yesterday and I didn't realise just how badly I wanted a crossover between Bayonetta and Kid Icarus. I have no idea how this crossover would work (I've never played Bayonetta, and I've only played Kid Icarus: Uprising) and it's probably the most stupid, dumb and generally crazy idea I've ever had. But I want it so bad.
  3. Those of you who like Digital copies of games and were worried you'd get gipped out of the revamped first title http://wiiudaily.com/2014/07/bayonetta-2-retail-download/
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