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  1. it's been 5+ since i've picked up birthright/conquest respectively and wanted to do a lunatic run (not doing the harder of the two, smh, i know) — but since it HAS been years i was looking to see what other people think! what units are worth investing / any tips you feel like giving? anything's appreciated 🙂
  2. Hi, I've been wanting to do a draft race for a while now and because the draft section isn't particularly active right now, I thought I'd just set it up myself. Because I'm new to draft racing I thought I would do birthright, generally considered to be an easy game (+ I have the itch to play through it again). Most of the rules I'm putting down here I've just taken from people who have organised their own draft races for fates before. Drafting This is a 4-player draft Corrin, Azura and the first servant (Jakob for Female Corrin, Felicia for Male Corrin) are free for every player We will be playing on Hard/Classic Child units are drafted with their respective fathers (Kaze + Midori, Ryoma + Shiro etc.), with the exception of Kana, Shigure and Dwyer which are drafted separately from their parents. Units available for the prologue and chapters 1-6 are free and then cannot be used beyond chapter 7 unless drafted Rules The winner is the player with the lowest number of total turns by the end of the race. Undrafted units may: pair up with and trade with other undrafted units. They may not: Pair up with drafted units, be placed in range of an enemy, provide auras, healing or supporting drafted units, provide duel strikes/hit bonuses by standing next to drafted units. NPC units can do whatever they like. All paralogues will not count towards the final turn count up until 20 turns have passed. Paralogue 1 (Mozu's paralogue) must be completed immediately after Chapter 7. Challenge battles, invasion battles and random skirmishes are banned DLC and spotpass content is banned. Corrin is only allowed to reclass into a non-mounted class, but can pass on classes freely to spouses and children (e.g. Wyvern talent corrin would be allowed to pass on the talent to Kana and Corrin's spouse for them to reclass into but Corrin themselves would be not allowed to heart seal into Malig/Wyvern Lord, Dark Mage talent Corrin is allowed to reclass to sorcerer but not dark knight) The first servant is not allowed to reclass to a mounted unit until the second servant is recruited in Chapter 15. My Castle The Armoury, Staff Store, Character Statues, Arena, Lilith's Temple, Ore spots, Hot Spring and Puppets are the only buildings allowed to be constructed and upgraded You may not trigger any conversations in My Castle (These can cause random stat boosts and give you random items) Penalties Using an undrafted unit described above as not allowed results in a 10-turn penalty per instance, unless the chapter is reset. If a stat boost is gained from a random conversation in My Castle that unit is not allowed to be used in the next chapter until the boost is over. If an item from these conversations then the item must simply be discarded with no further penalties. These rules are not entirely set in stone. If you have a suggestion for a change then let me know and I'll consider it. And that should be everything. I'm not entirely convinced that there is enough interest for this race so I haven't made a discord server for this just yet. If you are interested let me know in the replies and I'll make the necessary preparations.
  3. Hello all! I've been really curious lately about players who play Fire Emblem games in an Ironman style, and I thought that the best way to learn more about it would be to try it myself. I'm playing through Birthright on Hard (I enjoy Lunatic when I'm not doing ironman, but I'm not good enough to ironman lunatic in a sane amount of time), with the following rules: 1) No reloading the game for any reason (unit death, loss of loot, unfavorable level up, etc). In particular, this means that once I press Fight on the chapter, I'm seeing it through to the end. However, losing units before level 6 (where they come back) is fine, and they can still be used. 2) Game over = delete save file 3) No grinding. I know I'm doing Birthright, but I hate grinding. So we're not doing any of the optional levels, DLC chapters, scouting, or castle defenses. So I'll be doing only the main chapters and the paralogues that I choose to do. 4) No DLC stuff. So no dark falcon, dread fighter, or any of the rest of it. 5) No visiting other castles or using other online content. So no buying skills or units from others, and no visiting to pick up food or minerals. However I am allowed to use whatever I can get from my own castle, including any random item drops. 6) No capturing/prison. I don't like this mechanic, so I'm not using it. Okay I think that covers the rules. I'm a little ways into the run, so let me start by talking about how it's going so far! I've made a male +Str/-Lck Avatar. I know that the female avatar tends to be stronger in Fates, but being male myself I usually prefer a male avatar. Chapters 1-6: Embarrassingly, I got myself killed by a swarm of mages the first time through Chapter 5, so I did the whole thing over again, and sacrificed Kaze early to make a nice easy path through the level, knowing he'd be back. Not the most auspicious start, but nothing much to complain about. I put most of my XP into my avatar, and he's gotten pretty good levels so far. Chapter 7: This level was fairly straightforward. I sent Kaze right to pick up the first chest while the rest of the team fought down through the bend. We held out at the chokepoint I indicated in the diagram below to withstand the attack from Silas and his cavaliers, that went off basically without a hitch. Then we cut right just in time to catch the outlaw who'd taken the loot from the chest in the center, and cleaned up the stragglers Chapter 8: I did Chapter 8 before doing Paralogue 1, just cuz I felt like it. This chapter was pretty uninteresting. We swept through and killed anyone without any real problems, danger, or moments of tactical relevance. Paralogue 1 (Mozu): Next picked up Mozu. I know there's some mixed opinions about Mozu, but I tend to be pro Mozu so most of this chapter was spent babying her to get XP in Attack Stance. Nothing too exciting happened except Kaze stealing a bunch of kills with low % crits. Chapter 9: This was the chapter where I started to get why people do Ironman runs. The start of the level went off without a hitch, but I got caught off guard by the reinforcements from the right side. That sudden feeling of "I have one try to fix this, so let's make a good plan" was thrilling, clearly that's a big part of the appeal of playing Ironman. With a good bit of pair up / transfer chaining, I was able to re-arrange that side into a defensive formation fast enough for the reinforcements to not be too big an issue. I got my recruits and took the chest loot off the thieves and moved on. Chapter 10: Here's where I made my first big mistake. While making what I thought was a simple defensive line against what I thought was a collection of ninjas, I missed an archer. Seconds later Hinoka was gone. Of course, she's too important to actually die in the plot, but for my purposes she's toast, and I imagine her gravely wounded for plot purposes (This was especially amusing when she was threatening Zola in the next level). Making the sting of this loss even worse, I lost the Guard Naginata she was holding. Because apparently we're too good to loot the bodies of our fallen comrades, even if they're still alive /shrug. Apart from this slip up, the chapter wasn't too troublesome. This was also the chapter where I remembered I needed to get Kaze and Avatar to support A pretty urgently, and started having them roll around together. My +Str Avatar and Kaze make a decent team, so this wasn't too limiting. Lost: Hinoka Chapter 11: Wow I forgot how hard this level was. I made the classic mistake on this level and played it too slow. Then I got caught by surprise when the entire level collapsed on me. After a few moments of doom and gloom "how can I survive this" thinking, I came up with a plan which I just barely got away with. We fell all the way back to the first whirlwind and used it plus the fact that the fliers can't stand on the impassible tiles to create a workable chokepoint (the red circle). Because the fliers could go over the divider, I had to put body blockers in every space along the divider, as well as in the purple spaces, to serve as my front line. The plan was to assume that enemies would come at us from the blue direction and that if any tried coming from the red direction, the whirlwind would slow them down enough that I could pick them off with an archer. As it turned out, the pathfinding preferred never to attempt the red path, and only attacked from the top and left. Now I had to pick out my placements. For the frontline (purple) I needed units who were tanky, but not fast/strong enough to kill an enemy in one round, so that they wouldn't get chipped to death by counter-killing their enemies too quickly. In the end I landed on Avatar+Kaze in one slot, using the Dragonstone to avoid double counter attacks, and Rinkah+Oboro in the other slot, very defensive but not quite strong enough to finish the enemies. Behind them were my archers, Mozu and Takumi in the green squares, helping to thin the horde more quickly. Finally in the yellow I just needed to have two units there at all times, to make sure no fliers could get past the boundary. Most of the time Azura and Reina stood there. This plan worked beautifully for one round, but then I realized there were 3 units alive with ranged attacks. A dragon with a hand axe, a dragon with Thunder, and the boss with (I think) a steel star axe. The hand axe wasn't too big a problem, I baited him up by giving him a safe shot at Azura, which he took, and then I swapped her for an archer to kill him. The other two were a bigger problem. They were too powerful to let them take shots at the units in the yellow squares, and I didn't have strong enough units to make everyone who would be in range able to survive the attacks. I couldn't find a solution that didn't involve sending someone out to kill them, making a hole in the formation, or just letting them tear us to pieces. In the end, I used both charges of my Rescue staff sending Takumi and Reina out to dispatch those units, and then calling them back to fill the gaps in the formation. The rescue staff was of course sad to lose, but it seemed my best way out. Another beauty of the ironman run, I doubt I would have used the rescue here if I'd thought I could restart. Rather I used it because it seemed like to not use it guaranteed losing my precious units. Overall, a thrilling level, and a great experience. Chapter 12: Okay so I underestimated how quickly Xander would move towards the chest, and played this level too slowly (noticing a theme there? I sure am). Down a flier, I couldn't use the really degenerate strategy of just sneaking someone in to the chest at the last second and flying the Avatar to the exit. So I tried fighting my way along the path, but it just wasn't fast enough. As I approached the chest, I realized that once Xander arrived I'd be in trouble and that I didn't have time for the dragon vein, I'd have to fly Avatar to the exit. So I loaded him up on Subaki and gunned for the exit. The rest pressed on towards the chest. But by the time I'd reached the chest, it was clear that whoever I opened it with wouldn't be able to outrun Xander before he collapsed down on him. Rather than try to fix it, I opted to retreat and fight another day. The retreat went fine, but I didn't get what was in the chest Lost: Whatever was in that chest So that's where I am so far! If you have thoughts/questions/suggestions, I'd love to hear them! If you love Ironman games, I'd really like to hear what you love about them. And if you have cool ironman stories of your own, please share!
  4. So I've been a long time lurker on this forum since Fates first came out. I played the hell out of Awakening and Fates during my first couple years of college but I was either playing on casual or resetting on unit deaths. I always considered ironmaning a game but never really had the drive to, but with a couple FE youtubers lately have been streaming iron man runs and I figured I might as well give it a shot. I decided on running Fire Emblem Fates Birthright on Lunatic mode since it was the game I had the most experience with, it's a little easier, and I plan on running Conquest on Lunatic soonish and I figure it will get me familiar with the systems in general. After a couple failed runs due to my negligence with my Corrin, tonight i was able to knock out the last couple chapters and have my first Iron man under my belt. This has been one of the top gaming experiences i have ever had. While ironmaning Birthright might not seem like much to some people on account of the game's general lack of difficulty, it really pushed me to my limits. as a more casual Fe player it was really rewarding unlearning a lot of the more lazy ( I hope that's not too harsh a word) habits I usually employ when playing. there was this back in forth with most chapters where I either needed to be really aggressive, defensive or mostly some sweet mix of the two. I ended up losing about 9 or so units through out the course of this run and I got to say, there's this weird sensation I got with every death; like the guilt and frustration was there, but there was this feeling of excitement as I got to play around with the units I had to fill the hole. I definitely got a new appreciation for a lot of Fates' systems. A few thoughts/highlight's in no particular order: Ryoma is a monster of a man and probably saved this run. It's been said a hundred times, but Ryoma is such an amazing unit and there is weird comfort in knowing that if Ryoma goes into a hallway filled with enemies, he's gonna hold the line no problem. It's great to have a dodge tank that actually dodges. Alongside Ryoma, I got to give props to Saizo, his right hand man. I lost Kaze very early and later Kagero in the mid game and this dude pulled his weight and then some. Ninja's are a weird thing in fates since they suck when your fighting them, but they are so powerful in your hands and they can really turn the tide. Saizo had insane level ups and between him and his son (with hinoka as his the little guy was hitting like a train) it definitely solidified the importance of ninja's in my mind. another class that has moved up a lot in my book is the spear fighters. I mean they were always useful in the lower difficulties but swap utility is something else on lunatic. There were a lot of times that I was able to get a necessary kill or heal in because I got a swap conga line going. I ended up having three with me through most of the end game and I was glad I did. I really hope that they continue to implement movement abilities in future games, they add a much needed and honestly fun layer to the typical player phase ballroom blitz. I ended up losing Azura rather early in the game and dude did that make things more interesting. Losing a dancer is always a blow but fates is basically built around Azura being there. Despite all the difficulty of not allowing Ryoma or Corrin to attack twice in one round, losing her made me appreciate my other units a lot more. not being able to rely on having one of my powerhouses to get a second turn was a huge wake up call and really allowed a lot of otherwise meager units to really shine and contribute. I definitely plan on keeping her alive through through Lunatic, but it was a unique moment that reverberated through out the late game. Staff utility made so much of a difference. On Lunatic the enemies have such a massive amount of stats that I found myself really relying on those late game staves. Hexing, Silence, and Rescue staffs honestly won me this run on multiple occasions. The only reason I was able to one round dragon Garon and not lose half my units was because I hexing rodded (Is that even a verb?) him Much like movement abilities, I didn't see there utility until Lunatic but now I can't imagine playing with out them. Last but not least is the most surprising and odd takeaway from this run, on of my new favorite units: Reina. She wasn't the most powerful or useful unit on me team. Honestly I ended up benching her quite often. But throughout this run I ended up losing a lot of my go to units (Kaze, Rinkah, Kagero, Silas) and Reina just fit in in a lot of weird ways. She wasn't a power house by any means, but she came in clutch in a lot chapters. Not in a crucial way like save Corrin or preventing a game over scenario, but defintley made things easier. Be it allowing one of my other units to reach across the map to cinch a kill, dodging every single enemy archer that took aim at her, or getting the most unexpected but beneficial crits on this run. she didn't do everything, she doesn't have as much fire power as other heavy hitters and there were more than a few chapters when she was just sitting around, but she has come out of this run alive and one of my new favorite units. If you ever have an empty slot in one of your runs defintley consider using her, she'll surprise you. So yeah, those are my thoughts on my first Iron man. A little long and self indulgent, but hey what's the internet for if we can't gush about the nerdy shit we enjoy? big thanks to the community for bringing this fun way to play to my attention, Looking forward to Lunatic Conquest run in a couple weeks after I take a much needed break from Fates. Take care all and stay safe out there!
  5. Doing a birthright lunatic ironman! Requests for units? Need Parents and Kids. Never done an ironman before, so any tips for birthright lunatic in particular would be appreciated. I've done most fe games on their hardest difficulty, but never an ironman. Rule 1. If giving a kid, give their parents. Refrain from just giving a parent. Giving the family would be nice. Rule 2. No paid dlc. But can use stuff like balistician, witch (mutually exclusive), paragon, exalt's brand. Rule 3. There are no mods on the games, so will be a vanilla run Rule 4. Looking for around 18 units, which will probably be cycled through the run based on deaths and viability. Rule 5. Avatar can be customized by anyone who comes first. You can decide appearance, name, Class, Bane and Boon, S-Support partner and gender. suggestion: i've never married a gen 2 unit, and that could get more units into the fray, so feel free to use that! Parent 1a: Great Knight! corrin(+spd, - def) Parent 1b: master Ninja! Saizo kid 1: Noble! Kana Parent 2a: Swordmaster! Setsuna Parent 2b: Oni chieftain!Hinata kid 2: Sniper! Hisame Parent 3a: Mechanist! Azama Parent 3b: MasterNinja! Kagero kid 3: Priestess! Mitama Parent 4a: Ballistician! Silas Parent 4b: Great Knight! Rinkah kid 4: Hero! Sophie Parent 5a: Master of Arms! Ryoma Parent 5b: Merchant! Oboro kid 5: Spearmaster! Shiro Parent 6a: Merchant! Mozu Parent 6b: Jakob (unspecified) kid 6: Dwyer (unspecified) Parent 7a: Master of Arms! Subaki Parent 7b: Unspecified! Azura kid 7a: FalcoKnight! Caeldori kid7b: Lodestar! Shigure Unpaired or Unspecified: unspecified! Azura unspecified! Jakob unspecified! Dwyer Kids are also not paired if yall want to do that as well
  6. Last year I borrowed my cousins copy of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest, and asked for some advice. Once again, I thank everyone who responded. I frequently referred to the topic throughout my playthrough and it was helpful each time. This time, I asked to borrow Birthright, and my question is what difficulty should I play it on? I completed Conquest on hard casual, and in terms of pure gameplay, I would consider it the best in the series. It remained challenging yet fair throughout, it knew when to inform the player about a gimmick or mechanic and went to let the map design and enemy abilities speak for themselves, and I can count the amount of bullcrap specific to this game on one hand. That said, the sheer number of things to keep track of, combined with how long certain levels could last and how certain gimmicks could have been given a bit more time to stew, did result in me getting exhausted with the game. I know that Birthright is considered much easier, so after beating Conquest, would it be a good idea to start a blind playthrough on hard or lunatic difficulty? I also ask how well does the game handle permadeath, as I am curious whether to start on casual or classic mode. I enjoy doing Ironman runs for most games in the series, and I have done blind Ironman runs for Shadow Dragon and Blazing Sword, so this wouldn't be my first rodeo. Thanks in advance. (Also, I swear I am going to do a Ryoma Solo run of the game after my first playthrough, as I am legitimately curious if he really is that powerful.)
  7. Hi, I've felt like Fates dumps everything on skills instead of stats and for me that's part of what makes its' gameplay so annoying. Either you have an awesome class with good skills or you have a class with bad skills and all you can do is get out ASAP otherwise you're making the game harder on yourself (like oni skills are quite niche, have very little utility, and even though I used it often in RD, I feel like the movement-related skills like shove are not really useful in this one, maybe because all I can put on the frontlines is the bulkiest units since everyone dies in 2 hits except them, which means I don't really need to move people around and shelter is there if needed). So I've thought of trying to play the game with absolutely no skills (sadly it's impossible to get rid of personal skills, so 0 skills outside personals since we can't do anything about them...). If anyone is interested in this, don't hesitate to post here your thoughts about it (is it funny? challenging? does it change several units' viability? I already think of archers who are simply mediocre without quick draw and Setsuna would greatly suffer from that for sure). Also, do you find it funnier with- or without skills? I'm gonna try it in BR, I don't think it would be funny at all in CQ where it's already annoying with skills. *RANT AHEAD DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW MY THOUGHTS ABOUT DEBUFFS, THE GENERAL DIRECTION OF THE FE FRANCHISE SINCE 3DS AND MY BROKEN 3DS: Ennemies spamming poison strike, seal def/spd and steel shurikens is really unfun (for me at least), I'd rather give ninjas and myrmidons a little more damage and delete seals and stat debuffs if I were allowed to. On paper it was a good idea...in game it's awful when your Effie who's supposed to be a tank shows single digit def because of a gimmick they added like "hahaha that's so funny to have no defense left in a game where ennemies hit like trucks, have 3-10x more units deloyed than you each chapter and don't even hit your unit if they can't damage it, making the only real tanks in the game nearly useless just because we could do it! hahaha have fun with this troll game!"... Please kill Intelligent systems and replace them with actual humans. And then we have ennemies with freeze, entrap and hex rods... Yeah, fire Intelligent systems, please... they're complete trolls... I don't even want to play 3H with the directions taken in the 3DS games and the whole Hogwarts bullshit. If I want that I go play Harry Potter and that's it. On top of that it means I don't have to buy the Switch, since my 3DS broke in half and the screen can separate from the main part at any moment if I don't hold it tight (FML), which means I'll have to buy a New 3ds to also be able to play Xenoblade...cash cow, here you are! END OF RANT* So, I really want to play like the old days before everyone had 2-6 skills and before you had to check every ennemy skill and your own to calculate how much damage you'd take, and forget to count attack stance ennemies, their skills and you don't even know who they will attack with...yeah, this game went too far for me, tooooooooooooo faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar, so faaaaaaaaaar that I usually take a strong champion from another castle and spam gold DLC to buy the skill build I want to use as much as I can. I'm probably bad at this game, but I don't want to play in normal mode, it is so much easier that some chapters feel like a Pet Shop game.
  8. My Birthright cartridge will just give me an error message whenever I try to progress through a map at random moments. I've already eliminated other things that could cause an error (different SD card didn't help, different 3DS didn't, other games work just fine, cleaning cartridge didn't work, praying, slamming it, stomping it, and cursing it have all failed). If I buy a new cartridge, will the games I've purchased through the "Explore Fates" option still be accessible with the new cartridge or am I just fucked out of more money?
  9. So I just beat chapter 10 and I’m starting to make Kaze A with Corrin. My Hinoka is lvl ten and I’m thinking of making her a kinshi night to learn the lvl 5 skill then make her a spear master. I made my Hanna a Swordmaster and will eventually make her learn miracle. After I use it on Hinoka I don’t know if I should use my last master seal on Corrin, Oboro, Hinata. Or I should save it for either Azama or Sakura, and I’m planning on making Takumi a ballistican but I would change my mind easily. Then I had a strange idea to make a Ryoma use the vanguard down seal lol. Is that even a good idea. Anyways I’m open for feedback so please share any of your thoughts.
  10. Hi, I wanted to talk about challenge runs, but any of them in any FE game. I had the idea of GBA/3DS FE without using supply and trading only during the chapters (no battle prep trading), maybe even no armory in battle preps (completely skip prep), maybe no supports along that (I never really used supports in FE and never needed them so far before FE 13 and the pair up mechanic showed up, only to buff Colm/Neimi and sometimes Eirika, most of the time I didn't even click "support"). I think a run with the weakest available (repairable/buyable) weapons would be funny depending on the game (well that's basically how I play FE8 most of the time ^^ with iron, fire, light and flux except for endgame bosses with high def/res and hp who hit like a crashing plane in your face with 120-150 accuracy ouch). Swapping roles (physical units with magic and magical weapons, magical unit with physical weapons). No mobility (playing with 4 movement on everyone like you have an army of knights). No 1-2 range weapon (or use it like you use a 1 range or 2 range, no javelin/throwing axe ennemy phase army). Swords/Bows/Magic only run (Laguz/shapeshifters only run with only the necessary non shapeshifter stuff like Ike to defeat Burger King's terrible plan to raise obesity in the whole world, and you play some Amazonian tribe resisting the empire of Burger King and its' fat church leaders wth their panther transformation XD). Only the less accurate weapons run. Devil axe run (might need to hack an unbreakable devil axe though). This would be a hardcore Nuzlock challenge. Only poison weapons. Only effective weapons. Only the lowest level units available, maintain an average level (lol you can't even promote then). Only lowest speed/luck/strength/def/res/mag/hp...units. (funny to see a team of Arthur-like units get (nuz)locked out of the PT by a random crit: "Hi Knoll how's it goin'?" "Got crit killed by the first ennemy I fought, I should have instantly promoted to summoner and spam summons till I hit 20..." "Sad story bro, see you in the next PMU since no one plays you without farming"). Your ideas?
  11. Hi, So, my new obsession is trying to go through the game while swapping the units accessible (understand that I want to play Nohrians in Birthright and Hoshidans in Conquest). For people who still don't know how to do it without an emulator and an edited rom, I'll just expose you my way of doing it (although it takes a few hours to prepare): 1. Pick a really strong logbook unit who can solo the game (or look for one in My Castle, preferrably with galeforce although you can always teach it to that unit if it's not already lv 99 but what a waste of time it would be) and put the boots on it if it doesn't already have all stats capped (with statues for higher cap, like my logbook Keaton with 50 def 45 spd 47/8/9 str 38+ res with great knight as a friendship seal option, the great master lv 5 regen skill and gold/weapon drop farming skills (from blacksmith and merchant), this unit is very useful to solo the game but also to farm gold/ressources/hoshidan weapons in conquest, if you can find one I recommend you to use this kind of logbook unit) 2. Solo the game and recruit all characters you want 3. Build the einherjar (preferably to max rank it's faster) then go to the ball on the right of your throne (where you take the bonus items from paths, the pvp etc.), streetpass, change your defence, then put everyone on your defence team (there's a max, just repeat with the units you didn't select the 1st time so you get everyone in 2 rounds). When you have selected all your units to put into the logbook, go to the Einherjar and buy them (that's why you want a unit who can farm gold efficiently and fast), repeat with the 2nd row until you've got everyone in the logbook from the Einherjar bulding 4. DON'T FORGET TO SAVE, then reset the 3DS, go to another save file and check your logbook. Everyone from the other game should be there. Now save this file with the logbook full of the units you did all that for 5. Once you have saved your logbook in any other save file, you can delete the playthrough. You can now access all the Hoshidan/Nohrian units from any save file you want as long as you don't delete them from the logbook, you can also recruit them earlier than their join time in a same path case (let's say you want Odin in chapter 7 instead of 1X (very late) or whatever chapter he appears in in Rev, you can use him 6. You can also use this to transfer skills, secondary classes (I married Keaton to MU ninja to have the option to reclass Keaton to ninja and cumulate th fang skill with poison strike for -40% hp after a fight like these b*tch ennemy ninjas and faceless, so the Keaton I put into my logbook can access ninja from any save file even though he cannot support anyone) 7. Don't forget you can't make any logbook unit support another one, so you can't get marriages, children and buddies with your logbook units, if you want them, plan them before deleting the logbook filling playthrough 8. Conquest is practical for this since your units don't gain exp in DLC and non-cannon maps, so you can grind supports without modifying your units' level and stats/weapon ranks. Good recruitment swap playthroughs to you, I hope it helped! If you have other tips to add, please go on. I think "new players" or simply players who weren't familiar with the einherjar and logbook functionnalities can appreciate any information they can find. Good thing: you can do it legally (unlike having a copy of a rom if you don't have the game) and no one can forbid you from doing that.
  12. When Awakening came out there was a thread devoted to discussing the many facets of Awakenings Lunatic and Lunatic+ modes, I figured we could do something like that for Fates 3 routes, so here we are, although I'm not quite doing Lunatic myself yet on either of the games I have, I do intend to sometime shortly down the line. I hope we can have some nice discussion on strats, useful ideas and possibilities, be it for no grind, grind and other types of runs.
  13. I’m thinking about replaying Birthright on Lunatic mode. My class will be samurai, and I’m considering S supporting either Takumi or Kaze this run. My bane will be magic, but I don’t know whether to choose my boon as +STR or +SPD. I was considering a +SKL boon as well for proc crit esteem, but I’m more so focused on a physically offensive unit this round (though I know Midori benefits from a luck and strength growth and Kiragi benefits from speed in my favor). Which boon (strength or speed) would be more optimal in my case?
  14. I was considering running either a Dark mage, master ninja, mechanist, paladin, archer, cavalier, dread fighter or one of the knight(?) classes. I really have no idea; first file was a priestess with magic boon and luck or skill bane, it was decent as a support. For ref; female Corrin here!
  15. Chapter 20 can go die in a ditch somewhere in FE hell
  16. I wanted to share this 3-part orchestral suite I wrote with those that might be interested. Each movement features a different game (I. Birthright, II. Conquest, III. Revelation) and totals to around 27 minutes of orchestrated and arranged Fire Emblem music. Had a blast making these over the course of this last year, and hopefully you all will enjoy them as much as I do. Given that, I appreciate comments as they are a good source of motivation and if you like my stuff, feel free to follow me! I plan to keep releasing Fire Emblem orchestral music over time (as well as a bunch of other Nintendo arrangements) :D
  17. So, I just got back from another run of Birthright, and it amazes me how toxic the community is over Fates. I will acknowledge that the game CERTAINLY isn't perfect. And while I will say that Birthright is the best path in my opinion, due to balance and plot reasons, people are just destined to argue over the game for all eternity. But is it really that horrible? Well, Conquest and Revelations are pretty bad balance-wise, and Conquest is even worse in the plot department. But I digress, because Birthright is one of the best games I have played, personally. So, let me explain this to you guys. First, I didn't try too hard to compare it to the rest of the series. And that seems to be what's earning this game, as well as Awakening, negativity in the community. Don't think of it as much as a Fire Emblem game, and especially don't try to compare it to Blazing Blade or Radiant Dawn; you'll almost certainly be disappointed. But think of it as a standalone experience. Here's my analysis: I thought the game was BRILLIANT. The setup was amazing; the whole "pick a family" dynamic was just so cruel, it was good. As you know, this IS a Birthright analysis, so I would choose Hoshido. And this, dear readers, is where the fun begins. For convenience, I've sorted my review into four main categories; characters, gameplay, story, and map design. For the purpose of this review, I'm playing Classic Normal, and I've also decided to use female Corrin, because personally, I generally prefer her to male Corrin. Section 1: Characters Section 2: Gameplay Section 3: Story Section 4: Map Design So with all of that in mind (and keep in mind, this IS my opinion), I give the game a 3/5 on my part. I'm planning on picking up Awakening next, and if it's anything like what I've heard (similar to Birthright, but better), I'll probably enjoy it. But what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!
  18. Exactly what the title suggests, I am currently doing a (Birthright) Lunatic/Classic, No grind, Iron man run, And I need ideas for a fun challenge run after I finish this one. (Current challenge run rules below)
  19. This is both my first play through and my first iron man run, so don’t expect it to be good or anything. Hopefully the memes will be good enough Rules: 1) If a unit dies, then they stay dead. I only reset if my Corrin dies 2) The game will be played on Classic/Lunatic 3) Grinding with DLC or scouting is banned. Any other method of grinding is allowed 4) I can only buy one skill per unit 5) Children can be used and obtained. The marriages for gen 1 will be decided once I get to a certain point (after completing chapter 20 in my case 6) The game will start at the route split 7) A special self imposed rule; Ryoma is banned from use until the end of chapter 20 (when I will be getting the kids) 8) The marriage options for my Corrin and others will be decided by you!
  20. All right, I think it's high time I begin the planning stages of this one now! It's the sequel/counterpart to the challenging Wyvern Conquest run-- Ninja Birthright! Not only are ninjas one of the coolest Hoshido units, they're aboundingly plentiful in Birthright and much like wyverns, have the weapon triangle covered between their two upgrade paths. Conditions: - All units used for Endgame must end the game in a Ninja class > Mechanist clause: Mechanists are allowed for endgame, but only if that unit has access to the ninja class tree. - Staffbot support is allowed up until the final 2 chapters - no challenges or skirmishes (IE, no non-support grinding) > support clause: MAY make some exceptions to grind for supports, but only against the weakest possible enemies - no paid DLC (including Dreadfighter and Darkflier access sadly as I only have one game on each cart) - the free Awakening DLC & Anna DLC is available only for the sake of getting skills from those classes > no Paragon, it makes grinding too easy Current Status: Up to Chapter 25. Currently Planned Pairings: Unit Planning Breakdown Any advice/input/suggestions are hugely appreciated, as always! I've got a lot of data-gathering to do before I begin this run, haha (something I'm trying to learn from my Wyvern Conquest run, where I didn't decide to do it until after I started the file lol).
  21. Hello, all! I'm currently wondering who makes a good S support for F!Corrin, as I do not know who to decide for! I like Ryoma and Saizo's design, and I honestly can't decide. What do you guys think? And who did you choose of all available characters?
  22. I personally think that Hoshido is more moral in values, in my opinion, because of how they want peace. That's just my view of it.
  23. Just stuck deciding whether or not to use it as a farm for xp (and gold), or to just blast through it because I can’t decide who to use and level up. ? I’m playing in Phoenix mode (because otherwise I’ll get even more stuck by restarting a level anytime anyone dies) ?
  24. I really enjoy collecting skills, and when I was playing Conquest I would leisurely take my time in between chapters by 1. playing Ghostly Gold, 2. making lots of cash, and 3. collecting a ton of skills. Not even to use them, just for fun.However, in Birthright, I’ve realized that Ghostly Gold gives you EXP, which is an issue because I don’t want to be super over-leveled for the actual story - I just want the cash :( For me, collecting skills & playing the DLC was a nice / slightly mindless way to pass the time, and I’m really missing that now.Is there any way I can get gold in Birthright without EXP? The best I can think of is Lilith, or waiting till I get all my characters to level 20 and then playing Ghostly Gold a million times before master sealing them. It’s just kind of lame because I actually have less cash than in Conquest :/Any simple solutions that I’m just not thinking of? Would be very appreciated!!!
  25. Hello! This is my first post to this site! Ok, so I’m not the best at explaining things but here goes...the holiday season is upon us in the US, and I wanted to give my best bud my physical copy of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright (since he always watches me play it) so that I could buy Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest for myself (since I kinda regret not picking that first, for irl reasons). I already bought Conquest and Revelation as DLC for the Birthright cartridge. Is there a way I could put them both on an SD card and give that and Birthright to him so that he’ll have all 3 versions on his 2DS? Or will he be forced to rebuy them (if he wanted to play the other routes) and I can just give him an eShop gift card with it instead? I really hope I explained that clearly, really super sorry if I didn’t! ALSO, since I’ll be getting a physical copy of Conquest, is it posible I can still retain my DLC of Revelation on my 3DS if its still on the SD card, or will I be forced to rebuy that too? Again, sorry if I missed any details or said something confusing! Feel free to ask me to clarify any points, and thank you for taking the time to read and help me!
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