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Found 1 result

  1. So…. that happened. Yeah, I put both Ophelia AND Nina in this week’s poll, yet, they didn’t win, I guess this week’s subject ate her competitors(Don’t do Cannibalism, kids). Anyway, this week’s character is one who as won the hearts of her allies, yet still manages to strike shuddering fear into her foes. So, it’s the big-hearted, big-stomach-ed Armour Knight, Effie! Effie is a complete powerhouse, with absurd Strength making her very useful throughout the Conquest and Revelation routes, and the fact that you get her the Chapter after picking sides, you have plenty of time to make her into one of the most useful units in Conquest. Effie is the subordinate and best friend of the Nohrian Princess, Elise, who is in her service alongside the Unluckiest Soul, Arthur. Effie has a big place in her heart for food, and suplexing boulders, and her gargantuan strength stat is reflected in her personality. Let’s break her down. Class Sets: ———————— Base Class Sets: Knight, Troubadour Marriage Class Sets: *Male Avatar’s Talent*(Corrin), *Nothing*(Jakob), Cavalier(Silas/Xander), Fighter(Arthur/Benny/Keaton), Dark Mage(Odin/Leo), Outlaw(Niles), Ninja(Kaze), Mercenary(Laslow), Shrine Maiden(Azama)-Revelation Only, Diviner(Hayato)-Revelation Only Buddy Sets: *Nothing*(Elise), Archer(Mozu), Dark Mage(Nyx) Personal Skill: Puissance- When user’s Strength is 5 or more points higher than the enemy’s Strength, damage +3 during battle Base Growth Rates: -------------- HP: 35% Str: 60% Mag: 0% Skill: 35% Speed: 50% Luck: 50% Def: 35% Res: 30% Max Cap Modifiers: -------------- Str: 3 Mag: / Skill: -1 Speed: +1 Luck: / Def: -1 Res: -1
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