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Found 4 results

  1. I've noticed that the Bow Knight is a very inconsistent class with a lot of highs and lows which incarnation is your favorite? You can even list your least favorite if you like. My favorite is by far the Nomads of FE6, you get a plentiful amount of them, they're mounted from start to finish, they add to the world, and they tend to be outright better than their archer counterpart.
  2. Awakening, unlike most other Fire Emblems, encourage the player to experiment with character classes and find what works best for them. This being said, which characters who's original classes do you tend to keep the same throughout your playthroughs. And when I say original classes I'm including promotions as well. IE: Turning Severa into a Hero or a Bow Knight is still keeping her in her original class.
  3. Alright, I need to get this one down, because i've been a foot in each of them for a week now. First, I need to know if Stahl!Severa, And Chrom inigo, are a great couple (support and bonuses) Second, I need to know which skills (in parenthesis) Severa should choose out of Galeforce, (luna/Astra/Sol), armsthrift, LimitBreaker, (Vantage, Dualguard) I really only want one proc skill, and If she's in front, she's probably gonna use Sol if in back, she gets luna or astra, if she's in front, she gets vantage, if she's in back, she dualguards And Inigo Galeforce, Limitbreaker, (Rightful King, Armsthrift), (dualguard, Vantage, Armsthrift), (Astra/sol) Same deal, Scratch Luna, because Inigo gets more skill to activate astra a lot more. feel free to refute everything, they practically trade eachother's roles. Third, I need their Roles, note that I don't feel that Either of these two should go magic, save to grab skills, you may present said skills, because these are jus skills that I thought would fit best. finally, I am in need of Classes. I refuse to move inigo to dread fighter unless you tell me WHY? He really loses a lot of skill for just tomes, and I have more magic users than not. Same goes for dark flier severa, I see no point in it. Now for their classes I'm thinking for main unit would go Hero, while either a bow knight, Paladin, or great knight supports, thoughts?
  4. How much would the game change if Bow Knights and Dark Fliers switched skills? Specifically if Dark Fliers get Bowbreaker and Bow Knights get Galeforce. Can you fathom the idea of Chrom getting Galeforce? I'm not sure how people respond to what if threads so don't get too angry.
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