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Found 3 results

  1. I'm having trouble picking out fathers for these three units. For Brady I was going to give him either Libra or Henry for the dark Mage class, but then Gregor passes down armsthrift and makes him a great support unit but Lon'qu gives him great speed mods which, besides strength, is all you need in apotheosis. Then Gerome he has potential to be one of the physically strongest units in your team, so I though either Frederick or Henry but than again kellam and Gregor seem alright. And worst of all Laurent, Ricken is taken and Henry's magic mods are very good but not as goods as rickens and I feel like I'm missing out. Could I get some suggestions on some of the better fathers for these three. (Stahl, Ricken, Donnel, Chrom and MMU are taken btw).
  2. In my experiences, Brady, (whom I recruited three days ago) is my new almost favorite child, pushing poor severa down to third (this doesn't include superpeppykawaii female morgan). Noire takes first by a few miles because, well, her personality, it's just like that one sincere old lady from birdemic, "*insert blow kissing noise here*", so real, and yet I find that to be what sets her a tier above the rest for me. What are anyone else's thoughts? I almost wonder if anyone will even read this...
  3. Everyone says that Chrom!Brady is awful due to overlap, but I hardly find that to be an issue. after all, the only problem with class overlap is lack of skills. This is only bad if you're given a bad skillset, and you will not. On my next Lunatic Playthrough, I will prove to the world that this Brady is still broken. Maribelle! Lucina Sage (Brady too) 80 39 59 56 54 60 38 52 (limit broken) Lucina Skills:Galeforce, LimitBreaker, Aether, Rightful King, (Dualstrike prob...) Brady Skills:Galeforce,LimitBreaker,Rightful King, Dualguard, Luna Notes: 1.I find it necessary for each person to have a minimum and a maximum of one offensive proc, Brady uses Luna well, as does everyone in this game. 2.Rightful king Dualguard doubles its effectiveness to a sick degree, and in an A support with lucina, you would Dualstrike 100% of the time, and guard 30-50?% percent of the time (prob 40 % to take no damage.) 3.If I am not logically refuted, I will have either Marry Mu to Brady or Lucina. (Both Aether and Rk sound nice for Morgan) If Brady:Galeforce, Lb, RK, (Ignis/Luna/Astra/Sol), uh... Filler? Tomefaire? If Lucina:Galeforce, LB, Aether,(Vantage,Wrath.. Something passive/offensive) uhh... Tomefaire? In addition to kickass Morgan skills, your stats on a Magic/defense morgan will be 80 39 61 51 54 59 45 57 (Limit Broken) Anything with a question mark needs clarification, or if you can prove me wrong, IF CHROM!BRADY IS TRULY THE WORST, then please prove it. Morgan's stats are from sorc, and I also forgot Armsthrift, for I am not against Nosferatanking at all. MODEDIT: yo don't doublepost
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