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Found 7 results

  1. [7/18/2016 10:36:28 PM] Bree: in case it's not obvious I have a vendetta against Pokemon Glazed So what better way to deal with this than to beat this damn thing and force people who want to read this to suffer through it with me! In case you don't know anything about Pokemon Glazed; oh boy are you in for something If you do; Please don't spoil anything I most likely have very strong opinions on the act in question and you know I will voice them Anyway... [spoiler=IN THE BEGINNING] In case it wasn't obvious the creator of this hack loves Quilava For the record Mew has like nothing to do with this plot I dunno It's the word 'donut' backwords and the game is called Glazed That pretty much shows the quality of this hack right there Tree name? Professor? Pokemon hack checks out. ZOMG GAIZ GEN 4 POKEMON ARE HERE so yeah there are Gen 4/5 Pokemon in this hack Fun This is literally ugly Like The only option Shout out to the 3 of you who get this Which is literally impossible unless you are one of the three mentioned above This isn't your normal everyday starting location this is Advanced starting location Good thing we have context for this right? This dialogue is very yeah Case in point AND THE CHARACTER TALKS that's it guys pack it up I'm leaving Because that makes sense??? I have a feeling that will annoy me later on And then ??? died of a heart attack Having a dad in non-R/S/E Pokemon is sacrilege Having parents in a Pokemon game actually do something is sacrilege Oh wow I am so honored I mainly took this for inside jokes No I got it whenever the fuck Pokemon Go came out Wow!! at least there is variety ANYWAY, time for STARTER OPINIONS Turtwig: Probably one of the best to pick. good typing and such Chimchar: Literally gets shit on in gyms 2 and 3 and Gym 3 is such BS when we get there so good luck Piplup: Literally never pick this you get a much better water type soon I don't care how big a boner you get for penguins Shinx: Kinda bad for the first 2 gyms but helps a lot during gym 3 so if you want to Riolu: I dunno I've never used Riolu in this so I have no idea how well it works So let's try it out and see how we go I think that was the guy's name in the Lucario movie?? ummm..... So I'm not able to actually and accurately work on my jouney? Sounds like Pokemon Go I'm glad this is like the old days where we name people after their occupation Woo? ruckus is a great word Great Grammar Gandalfchu See I appreciate this hack for making Pikachu a dick but I also don't because this Pikachu is annoying af When will I win? Translation: "Fuck you" (probably) !!! Fun fact we have the R/S/E Groudon/Kyogre music whenever we fight this I don't get it either This battle went as expected we kicked it's ass When your parents are actually useful get it? because shoes are like gloves for your feet Actually fucking useful item!! Please do [spoiler=NEXT TIME!] Wake me up inside
  2. PKL

    DS Tag Team

    I got this idea from the FE3 tag team. Basically, all 7 of us will be playing the DS FEs and alternating turns until we beat both games. Each of us gets 2 "safe units". Those units can never be undeployed unless required (too little amount of deployment slots) and can never die and must be trained regularly by all members. The Safe units are: PKL Jedi Elliot Ice Sage Shin Breezy Terrador Anti-troll rules: 1. Difficulty for both games is H2. 2. None of the safe characters above can be undeployed or killed. They must also be recruited. Any characters that recruit other important characters or safe units must also be recruited and alive. 3. No massive selling/buying of items to make everyone poorer in either game. 4. Drill Ground training is fine, as long as it's on a safe character or on Marth. 5. Don't drop items intentionally. 6. Warp and Rescue is banned. Again is ok. 7. Reclassing is ok. But don't reclass more than 1 of the safe characters to curate to halt their growth to troll others. 8. FE12 must be played out to the true ending. 9. FE12 Chapter 23 Gharnef has to be killed. 10. FE12 Chapter 21 you have to visit starlight village. 11. Have fun. 12. Trolling will not be tolerated unless it is extremely minor and humorous. Trolling exceedingly will result in someone else taking the spot from the troll and extreme shame to the troll. Let's get this thing started :D. I love the safe team.
  3. Sooo um hi I'm Breezy and Sophie is somewhere and we're going to be going through the War room of Advance Wars 2 together! For some reason We're gonna alternate the maps so I do the first she does the second etc. Also we aren't gonna put Ridge Island in that sequence because fuck that map So yeah have fun reading and watching me fail! First map should be soon hopefully
  4. I'm doing a memoir unit for English, and I finished my first draft of it. It's quite depressing if I must say.
  5. Okay for all the people who knew me since I joined, I did a PMU of FE8. then I rebirthed that, and then I did an FE7 PMU. Since that died, It's Time. Da Rules.) 1.) 1 Pick per person 2.) LHM>HNM because HHM is for chumps or something 3.) Hector will be used 4.) 13 Units because wynaut 5.) 19xx will be considered maybe 6.) Keep calm and enjoy Da units.) 1.Wallace 2. Bartre 3. Nino 4.Karel 5.KARLA 6. Pent 7. Dorcass 8. Wil 9. Rath 10. Lowen 11. Serra 12. MARCUS 13.Renault
  6. Welcome one and all to the wonderful land of Pokeshin! Determined to play this game, I will be posting links to the videos right here for your enjoyment,laughter, and rage! Part 1:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgN_dXuAtM4
  7. HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT EVERYONE'S FAVORITE BREEZE? 1.) What was the first FE game I played? A.) FE11 B.) FE4 C.) FE8 D.) FE9 2.) What's mah favorite game series A.) Zelda B.) Pokemon C.) Persona D.) Fire Emblem 3.) How did I come up with "Brokuni"? A.) I'm just crazy like that B.) Awesome character from Pokemon Conquest C.) It's an OC, don't steal it D.) Random Name Generator 4.) Who's my favorite character from FE4? A.) Sigurd B.) Aless C.) Sety D.) Lackhe 5.) Favorite UNpromoted/Promoted class set? A.) Hunter/Horseman B.) Mrymidon/Swordmaster C.) Mage/Mage Knight D.) Knight/General 6.)What was my first video game? A.) Pokemon Ruby B.) Super Mario Bros 3 C.) Legend of Zelda: OoT D.) Super Smash Bros 7.) What's my favorite Pokemon movie? A.) 2000 B.) 4ever C.) Heroes D.) 3 8.) What is my favorite console? A.) Wii B.) SNES C.) GameCube D.) N64 BONUS.) Do you get the reference in my avvy and location? A.) Yes B.) Yes, but I had to look it up C.) No D.) LOL Bonus questions Why am I so bad at coordinating my numbers/letters? A.) Wynaut 2.) Because I'm crazy 42.) What the hell are you doing Breezy? D.) The last answer was another question
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