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Found 2 results

  1. Hey this is Milanor here and finally, I have my first, albeit small, FE project out! I've borrowed gringe's FE localization patch in order to get the translation of the game, but most of the gameplay mechanics, and features are the same (basically vanilla FE6), the only differences are that every character's base stats and growth rates have been buffed. My inspiration for doing this is that I figured FE6 was quite punishing towards new players of the Fire Emblem series, but not only that, I wanted to make just about all the units viable and allow people to be able to use just about every unit and have an easier time with the game. I myself have played through FE6 (over a decade or more ago) and I just didn't like the unforgiving aspects of it, particularly the difficulty at the beginning of the game, midgame, and late game, so having better bases and growths will then make units that are nearly useless at least see some usefulness and the characters that are already good won't receive much of a boost. Milanor's FE6 Easier Mode Let me know what you guys think of it, I will be playing through the game myself and trying different characters on each run. If there are any bugs, errors, or oversights, feel free to post here. Also, any feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticism is appreciated!
  2. So, I was looking through the weapons list of Fates, and I found some weapons that were pretty cool, and I like the ideas of varying buffs and debuffs even if my beloved silver weapons have taken it hard. So, in light of that, I was thinking, what kind of weapons would you make? So far, I've only REALLY had one weapon in mind that I can actually think up since I'm playing the game it's originally from, but I was thinking of Magic Burst as a Nohrian tome. Magic Burst- Rank: S Might: 0 Hit: 100 Crit: 0 Avoid: 0 Range: 1~2 Description: Calculates User's Magic Stat x 2 for damage. Can not double, trigger critical hits or special skills. After battle, magic stat is reduced to 0. At most, I would probably raise it to maybe by 2.5, but I don't want it to be TOO broken, although all those penalties make it a decent trade-off to a lot of boosts for that kind of power. Probably something best used on bosses, if not THE final boss, though.
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