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Found 1 result

  1. NEW UPDATE: C24 ENEMIES EDITED. NO LONGER ABLE TO STEAMROLL WITH JUST ROY "Well we aren't going anywhere for a while, so why don't I tell you a story, about the true nature of a man." The Game Fire Emblem 6: The Divine War, is a hack I am working on in FE6, It's been 3 long years, lots of bugs, and lots of issues. Both mental, physical, and digital. The Goal To make FE6 as 'pretty' as I possibly can, to rework the entire story, following the same plot structure and hitting all the same beats, but expanding, rewriting, and generally improving. To add new characters, remix the supports, and add new maps, as well as combining the vanilla routes together for one experience. To make an experience I personally feel FE6 deserves. The Features What's being added to the game that wasn't there before? -10 new playable characters, with their own supports. Guinevere, Eliwood, Lyn, Gale, Hector, Erik, Sigune, Erk, Nino and Mary -A new story arc concerning the Lycian Counterattack against the Etrurian traitors inside the nation (Set between Chapter 14 and Chapter 16 in the original FE6) -Several new weapons, sticking with Arthurian myth and the Song of Roland, or items that were cut from the game such as the Sea Sword -New classes and rebalanced classes. -Rebalanced bases and growths and levels. -Route Splits no longer exist, in the case of the western isles, the player will do 11A (Subbing in for Chapter 10) and 11B (Subbing in for Chapter 11) and recruit everyone who is in that arc. in the case of Ilia and Sacae, the army will move north into Ilia and then south into Sacae before heading to Bern. If one was out of the way this split would be kept in but really theirs no reason not to hit Ilia if you're headed to Sacae. -Maps are being remade, some completely, others will get some more minor changes. -Magic/Strength Split (Meaning units can use magic and weapons, not that they have both stats) -Canto for all mounted units -I've changed the effective modifier of Horseslayer weaponry to effect Nomads and Troubadours SPECIAL THANKS Lisandra Brave- Animations, Creative Feedback. Amabel- Animations Temp- Animations and Color palettes Jubby- Sprite Sheets The Blind Archer- For the animations you've given me permission to use, hopefully I'll put them to damn good use on this hack Nintenlord- For the tools you've made, and for permission to use the Sword Armor sprite sheet to make an animation, And the questions you've answered Mask-Kun- Maps Various testers, editors and writers CREDIT Blazer- Questions regarding hacking, A Nightmare module. shadowsofchaos- Questions, Bug Fixing oracle_of_Fire- Animations EXTRAS These are things that may or may not be related to the current patch, but which don't really deserve their own threads FE6: Roy's Promotion Time changed to 16/x (no other changes) FIXED http://www.mediafire...mle7gutvbwqtciq Just apply it with NUPS to any FE6 rom, it's a small hack and should work with other small hacks.
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