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Found 12 results

  1. If you could create a chapter for an FE game: the objective, the environment, the layout, the enemy placements, the main gimmicks, etc., what would it be? EDIT: I should give an example. My chapter would be a multi-part chapter where the heroes have to lay siege to an enemy castle, and there's no secret entrance that makes things easy; the heroes have to get in the hard way. Part 1 is storming the front gate. Objective: Arrive at the tiles blocked by the castle gate. The player's army has to approach the front gatehouse and find a way to get their army inside. They have two options: seize control of the upper part of the gatehouse and open the gate, or have your units wheel the battering ram up to the gate and have it destroy the gate. It takes multiple turns for the ram to destroy the gate, however, and the ram can be destroyed by the enemies. To get to the upper part of the gatehouse, one must get up the front wall and get inside. Flying units could just fly up to the wall, but the wall's littered with archers, and the gatehouse towers have ballistae. One could have their infantry units carry siege ladders to the wall and ascent the wall via the ladders. However, enemies can knock down the ladders on their phase, and the fall damages your units. Part 2 is seizing the courtyard. Objective: Seize the entrance to the keep. This chapter comprises of taking the castle's courtyard. The wall is littered with enemy archers and mages, and the stairs to the walls are guarded by knights. The layout of the courtyard is divided into multiple sections; each of which is separated from the others by a wall and a gate. Again, flying units can fly over the walls, but the large number of archers and mages makes this a bad idea. But these gates aren't nearly as challenging to breach. Part 3 is taking the keep. Objective: Defeat the enemy commander at the top floor of the keep. This is an indoor chapter where all mounted units must dismount (if dismount is in the game) or have their movement significantly cut. The layout of this mission is a multiple-story map with multiple rooms. One has to ascend from the bottom floor to the top floor.
  2. One of the things I always did in all my Shadow Dragon playthroughs was to intentionally build Marth up more than the other units; just until he took Hyman down. Then I'd start balancing out everyone's levels agan. I know that there's already the Ogma!Killer Sword + Barst!Devil Axe strat...but I always found that annoyingly unreliable; and I usually don't like using the Map Saves just for beating up bosses. So instead, I'd build Marth up until he got at least 11 SPD; then let HIM be the one to kick Hyman's butt (or even Gomer, the C2 boss; provided he was strong enough by that point). I always liked that, for multiple reasons... --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) I've never found Ogma to be THAT terribly good, outside of the early chapters. He's locked to 30% Speed, even in the Mercenary class; and this is a game riddled with enemy cavaliers and other lance users. While Marth also faces WTD, he, at least, has the Rapier to help with that. 2) Marth is a unit you're required to field in every chapter; so it's in your best interest to make him as good as he can be. 3) Marth, at base level, is too weak to survive a hit from Gazzack (C1 boss). So he at least wants +1 extra point in HP and/or DEF so he can help the others grind him down. 4) He's got a higher STR growth than Ogma, and more levels with which to raise said STR. Get him to B Swords and 11+ SPD before Hyman, give him the Killer Edge, and he (IMO) actually does a pretty decent job of killing Hyman by himself. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Of course, the downsides to this are that the others aren't getting as much EXP. Marth will be entering Chapter 3 at something like...LVL 8-9, while most of the others will be 3-4. Still...I always found it worth it . Anyone else ever try this? Any efficiency runners that'd like to weigh in on this? If so, please weigh in! I LOVE talking strategy!
  3. ACT 01: The Meeting of the Minds Shinto, Fuyuki City Mark sipped his coffee, and looked out of the window at the bustling crowds of people on the panoramic walkways that formed the crossroads of shops and restaurants in Fuyuki. Black, one sugar, no cream. He smiled to himself, and then cleared his throat, before standing up and addressing everyone inside the cafe. "Hey everyone! Pay absolutely no attention to me. I was never here. You also can't hear anything I say, and won't disturb me for the duration of my visit here. Oh, and forget about the weird saiyan things you saw the other night too." Mark stated assertively. The crowd of customers and servers looked at Mark, nonplussed, and then continued on with their daily affairs. While Mark's memory manipulation would have done little to nothing to an experienced magus, these civilians were easy to influence. Great, no disturbances, and you've wiped a section of the incident damage, albeit not much. Mark removed his phone from his pocket, and waited for the call. Shortly after, the phone buzzed, and Mark picked it up. "Are you ready Mark?" asked the familiar voice, to which Mark responded "I'm patching in, with your permission." All of a sudden, Mark blacked out, and then his view showed a fancy metal lift door, with an outer wall sliding up besides it. The lift was going down. Mark had shared perception with his benefactor; he was seeing what the old man was seeing. The lift eventually came to a halting grind, and the doors opened. Down a small hallway was an enclosed glass cubical, with no entrances apart from a small circular hole near the top, with a height of 20 meters from the base. In the middle, sitting on the floor was an emotionless looking old man, pale as can be, wearing rags which were hidden by a large white beard and long slender silver hair. Even in rags, the man looked regal. This was Jubstacheit von Einzbern, the eight head of the Einzbern family. He had been with the family since the Second Grail War, but now he simply sat in this castle of glass, head hanging low in his personal prison. While it is true that publicly the three founding families of the War had been wiped out, a Magus expedition to the Einzbern castle in Germany found a secret room deep underground. Housed in it was a collapsed Jubstacheit. Technically this "thing" was artificial intelligence, research had shown, being fundamentally linked to the nature of the castle and homunculus within. The old man tried to ask questions in interrogation regarding the nature of the the Fifth Grail War, but the relic of a man stayed silent, unresponsive. "This is boring...let me guess, there's some evil braniac mastermind who directly controls it? That would be so cliche...but still awesome" Mark thought to himself, and almost in reaction, Acht (named for being the 8th generation model of his kind) snapped his neck up, with cold dilated eyes, staring at the old man/Mark. The old man froze in place, and Mark felt a deep chill within him. This was a first. "ThE hOmunCulus LiVes. ThE swEet, iNnoCenT sOul, mY cReaTIon, the UltImAte cReaTIon. AwAitIng tHe nEw WaR, hIdDen aWay iN ThE eVeRpreSeNt CiTY." And then the man was silent. Mark was shocked enough to lose concentration. He briefly blacked out, and then returned to himself in the cafe. He looked around, and no one had bothered him or acted like he was even there, as planned. Immediately Mark received a call, which he picked immediately. "A homunculus? That's what I gathered from that short outburst. Mark. If this is the case, you have information that other Master's do not. HOLD. ONTO. IT. We have to find the vessel. It gives us an immediately important advantage for the long term." Mark was the one to end the call, and he looked unusually serious and in the zone. "Time to REALLY get to work. Assassin. Take rooftop views and scout. Let's get on with the pleasantries, and then we'll get to looking" There was no response, but Mark had a gut feeling Assassin would obey this time. Before leaving the cafe (without paying because he could get away with that), Mark once again checked his phone, and he viewed the interesting email for what seemed like the umpteenth time. "Hi Mark, We managed to scrub the relic of corruption, finally. I think we have a good idea of who this could belong to but...it's just unexpected. What you described as Assassin's appearance really doesn't match with or make any sense to my hypothesis. I've attached a picture; I think with some minor research you can figure out who it is. Don't want comms getting comprimised and all that. It's been too long man...you should come see the team again. I think they could use it. Be well, Rutger Archaeological Excavation Manager Clock Tower Mark inquistively clicked the image file, and he saw an envelope with a certain item inside. The envelope had a name and surname on it, and through some quick research, Mark did indeed find the identity of his Servant. Mark thought long and hard, and then sighed. "Bloody hell...I don't think I can wrap my head around this kind of man. The mad enhancement...it actually kinda makes sense, to an extent. But really, getting a man so divisively debated as to whether he was in the right or not...I'm just lucky he looks nothing like himself currently. Although maybe there is a reason for that..." Mark realised there was work to be done instead of pondering, and left the dim lighting of the cafe for the bright sunny streets outside.
  4. Okay, first of all this may be something completely obvious, but part of what I'm asking here is someone to point out where I'm going wrong. I have a class I have put into FE 7, the 'Axe Fighter', using the Female Mercenary (0x0B) class slot. 2 Characters use this slot and the problem applies to both of them. In the prologue, they both load into the map as Axe Fighters just fine, including when I restart the chapter. (the unit and prologue script below) http://i.imgur.com/PwTkvj4.png http://imgur.com/NgkJ0Kt Then after I play through the prologue and go onto chapter 1 after saving and going through the opening events, once again the units load fine as Axe Fighters. However, the problem starts when I restart chapter 1. Instead of loading in as Axe Fighters they load in as regular Fighters with their consitution changing, (chapter 1 script and the changed unit below) http://imgur.com/H1XMWqu http://imgur.com/nVifcwy I would appreciate if someone could tell me where I'm going wrong and how to stop it from happening in the future.
  5. This is going to sound kind of weird but I'll get to the point. So lets say if Kent dies on a certain chapter, you get a game over, but I only want it to be for one chapter because it is key he stays alive but on any other chapter he can die and you can carry on. How can I create an event to do this, is it as simple as IFCD or something like that? I kind of feel a bit stupid for asking this but help would be much appreciated =)
  6. heres the video: Heres are my notes: -Units Corrin Azura Staff User 1 (Shigure with rescue) Staff user 2 (Elise with entrap) unit that gives +1 move ( Selena pairup with Elise) Anyone that can 2shot inital enemies ( I use Xander with Charlotte pairup) Wyvern Lord with the Pass Skill ( Nina with Beruka or Camilla as the mother) Rally Bots: Siegbert(Strength) , Percy(Defense), Niles(Skill) Somebody to drop Corrin onto to the Wyvern Lord with Pass ( Gunter) Wyvern Lords's guard stance partner ( someone tanky like Effie) Two bait units ( Preferably captured units) -Skills Corrin: Life and Death/Swordfaire/Duelist's Blow/Dragon Fang/Filler Nina: pass Rally Skills -Items: Entrap Rescue Boots for Nina so that she has 10 Movement Tonics ( HP, strength, skill, speed, defense) Other notes: -My Corrin has a base of 37 strength and 34 speed. His secondary class is Samurai(+Strength, -Luck) which enabled me to get Swordfaire and Life and Death. A friendship or marriage seal can get you Elbow room or Strength+2. -You need a total of 35 speed to double Takumi. Rally speed, tonics, and katana bonus will give you an additional 7 speed before pair up. -I would recommend capturing some enemy units with a breaker skill (i.e axebreaker) -The Luna skill will only cut 20 percent of Takumi's defense. So I would not recommend. -I don't think astra is optimal because it will instantly fill Takumi's guard stance gauge. -Damage is actually rounded down. My Corrin with elbow room would hit Takumi at 42.75 dmg but the game will show it to be 42.
  7. I haven't seen any randomizers that change level design and events, so... how's about I drop this little buddy here, stir up some interest, and hopefully get help and support on it, eh? What the hell is this and what does it do? It's an FE7 Chapter randomizer. It generates custom maps and events, inserts them into your FE7 rom, and then you can play the maps. The randomizer currently goes all the way up to the end of Lyn mode. Eliwood and Hector mode are completely unchanged. All chapters are beatable. What are the features? Well, while it doesn't generate map files, it DOES generate all of the event data it uses in the game, which you can modify to your hearts content and re-insert into the game. It also allows you to designate a randomizer seed, which it then saves into a TXT file so you can send it to your friends, or write up your own list of seeds that you like. Right now, the chapters are extremely simple and lame. They're all seize missions, you're Lyn, and the one enemy you fight is Batta, who sits on every throne. I want to change this in the future. What stuff do you want to implement? - Properly functioning everything, including usage of more tilesets, difficulty scaling, balancing, mission objectives, units, etc. - I want the player to have a custom lord whose class they determine. - I want to make the game start in Hector Hard Mode, so that I can use HHM bonus levels to properly scale enemy difficulty. - I need to find a way to randomly generate a square reserved for "player units", then form a randomly generated path from there to the throne, which I'll use to tell the program "NEVER place non-traversable tiles here" so maps are always beatable. Any suggestions are welcome! Download
  8. How do you change the objective of a chapter? ( I know I've been asking lots of questions lately but it'll be worth it ) I tried using nightmare but it still says seize as an objective. Do I use Event Assembler or what? Thanks brohs n' galz.
  9. I'm curious as to how varied chapter goals are in the three different routes. I know Hoshido is advertised to be the second coming of Awakening, so I assume Rout and defeat boss goals are all that are in that route, but I am curious as to what Nohr and the Invisible Kingdom have to offer in map objective variety, and would like it to be presented in a spoiler free environment, so I made this thread. Feel free to discuss the various chapter goals the game(s) throw at you here.
  10. For those who have played the game/s, which chapter did you find was the most challenging to play through? How did you finally beat the chapter? Skill? Luck? Or a bit of both? :) I have only played through the Hoshido route so far but for me:
  11. How is it going, folks? I never found anyone who usually talks about their favorite levels in Awakening. And I was wandering which chapters did you guys particularly like. And which ones you absolutely loathed to oblivion for some reason or another. My favorites are: Ch. 10: Renewal (Great atmosphere and an amazing boss battle. Emotionally gripping and overall fantastic. Plus, it's a fan favorite as far as I know. The enemies get spared if you kill Mustafa too quick which adds to the sadness of that level. And that music!) Ch. 13: Of Sacred Blood (Plot twistville, right there. Some of you may have seen it coming but boy, did it deliver. A bit easy but otherwise great.) Ch. 23: Invisible Ties (Just like Of Sacred Blood in terms of story but with a little bit of more flavor added to the combat side.) Paralogue: A Man For Flowers (I liked Inigo as a character but I also found his level to be fun because it made me make use out of my assassins with the Pass skill, and using ranged units to pick off generals and such on other sides of the maze.) Least favorite chapters: Ch. 19: Conqueror (Man, the constant air reinforcements on that one were such a pain in the ass. And on top of that Walhart escapes your grasp to fight you in the next chapter. Not that his fight was hard, but I just wanted him to die ASAP.) Paralogue 10: Ambivalence (I like Severa as a character but her mission can be a bit of a pain. Rescue staves made it much more tolerable.) Chapter 21: Five Gemstones (Mire, mire, mire....how I despise thee so...) Paralogue 1: Sickle to Sword (I dread this part every time I start a new playthrough. Recruit stupid Donny but weaken those stupid enemies to a certain amount where they can be killed by Donny himself as his stats are garbage when you get him and Aptitude is the only reason you wanted him in the first place.) So what are your favorite and least favorite of the Awakening chapters? Share your thoughts. Oh, btw, this is an opinion. There's a lot of nice people here but I wanted to point it out anyway. PS: DLC Chapters can be listed too, why not? But I would like it if you list them on their own. I just couldn't bother thinking of my favorite downloadable chapter yet. So list yours if you want to. But I'm mostly curious about the raw game levels and your opinions on those.
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