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Found 1 result

  1. Hey-lo. This is my first playlog so I'm going to be learning what works and what doesn't as I go. This isn't however, my first playthrough of FE4. It's actually my second so it isn't much better. Also expect terrible jokes. I will try to keep the language PG-13. My updates will be one castle per update and this will only be updated on weekends. I will be arena abusing because why not? Tell me if you want me to post before and after stats. The pairings for this run are... LevinLewyn/Tiltyu(<3Levin better treat her right...) Azel/Sylvia Beowulf/Adean Lex/Briggid Jamke/Fury Finn/Raquesis Holyn/Ayra Other than that, I believe we are good. With out further delay... [spoiler=Prologue: Part 1] It begins... Oh hey. A timeline. *skips* The land. The first character we see looks like a fat and old Italian.... I love this game. Now we have a shaved Jesus and his disciples. My father-in-law and that guy. The asshole and the blonde. What kind of high school reunion is this? Ah Yied Dessert. Good times... That's wise. #TrustNOne You're kidding right? Finally some booty, It was a sausage fest a minute ago. Too bad you can only be paired with Deidre. Also, how the hell do barbarians sneak across a border? "It's all right Midayle. I didn't expect much else out of you all." ...Did you just give me permission to get you killed? Lol. "Damn straight." Guess you're cool. ....Despite my pent up aggression from your mediocre performance last playthrough, I believe in second chances. Just don't give me an opening to- God knows you couldn't even do that right. 'Cuz you ugly. Actually yeah good idea. Maybe our enemies will just pass out when they see you. Not gonna lie. I thought that said "Junes" for a minute there. The first turn. The first attack. Come block their axes with your face. *myself. Thank you so much. Saved me the trouble of benching him. ...I'm pretty sure you'd break her honestly. Damn hoar. In reality, this walk should take days. I thought only food made people's mouths wat-...Oh... No Church In The Wild dear. Look. Somebody besides Sigurd dodging. Lex~~~ And Trashzel. If I didn't need a mage, you'd be dead. All right so your reservations in hell have already been made. Just tell me when you're ready to go. Even though I'm not using you full time, you are doing a good job. Pretty sure this is the only one he dodged so far. Healer get. ...Let's see... We've used swords, lances... I got it! Guess why they call it a Heal Staff~? FINN~~~~!!!!~~!!~~!~!!~~!~!~!~ It's not even fair at this point. Hey Arden. Look on the bright side. You can't get any uglier. And my bias begins. ....So you have a healing arm? Legit. Weakening him because why not. Not that he really needed it but I'd rather not have an arrow through my healer, *sigh* Nicely done I suppose. For trash. You would dare to attack Lex? And actually hit? You can do no wrong Finn. Duck just doesn't know what he's talking about. So we jumping people now huh? If you die, I wouldn't reset. Just letting you know. Lex da best. The bromance here is coming on way too strong. ... I'm pretty sure you were talking. With your bodies. ....You aren't helping your case here. Honestly I just feel bad at this point. It's like kicking puppies. He got Stength, Yay. Ooh Kill 'Em Scrub/10 ...See above. The assault. Why do they even bother? More Finn kicking ass. Stacking dat paper... coins... Heal your lover. 'Bout time they started killing this guy. The village is almost gone. There. Now you've succeeded at something in life besides fucking 14(?) year old sluts Lord forbid you die on your own and make me happy. ...QUAN TOO STRONK. If only he had Pursuit. I told you I have massive bias. Just wait till we get a certain Thunder Mage though. I want to promote Finn and Ethlyn before they leave. I've done it before and plan to do it again. #PersonalGoals Da boss. More dinero for Finn and a Speed Ring. Brother and sister love that isn't incest. Beautiful B-But Quan enjoys her Healing Staff... Says the barbarians who are obviously ninja that somehow crossed the border undetected. Lol. No sir. The fact that yo- Actually in the words of Masamune Date, "You never had a chance!" But no boss kill for Sigurd. Can we send him back in a coffin? Please? Burn him to the stake "Aww Azel. You're a burden to all of us. Not just him." #YOLO Screw the Weapon Triangle. LEX. That is all. And our forces are just that much more badass because you're here. ...Remember what I said earlier about, "Screw the Weapon Triangle"? This is two misses later. Don't fuck with Finn. Healing and setting up for next time Yes. "And there's also a bird in the sky. Can we go now?" Couldn't we just leave him? Forgot what I was gonna say here but I know it was good. And that's a wrap. Next update will come possibly today. Not sure.
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