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Found 1 result

  1. In reality, I could just play the game, analyze their personalities, and decide who I really want based on experience. However, I've already spoiled the support conversations of the ladies I was most interested in. ;_; I could also, in reality, make multiple files and marry a different waifu in each one, but... there are so MANY GOOD CHOICES! Now, in Nohr, it's pretty easy to decide, as I'm not a fan of most of the women there. I only really like Nyx and Ophelia. Nyx is the most interesting character with a cool design. Ophelia is Odin's daughter, and Owain is the GOAT, and she seems just as fun. Hoshido... is much MUCH tougher... There's Rinka, Oboro, Setsuna, Kinu, Crimson, and possibly Orochi. They're at the top. So many of the gals at Hoshido have such attractive designs and great personalities to boot! Even after reading their support conversations, I still can't decide! I can't wed 'em all! Arrrgh! *Ahem!* So, how about y'all?
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