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Found 8 results

  1. What do we know about the duchy of Rosanne? Where is it? What kind of place is it?
  2. Cherche: Wyvern Friend Soaring the skies with her beloved Minerva (the wyvern), Cherche boasts high very attack, being the first non-armor unit to have 38 base attack. Coupled with her high HP and defense, Cherche is a powerhouse of a wyvern rider whose main weaknesses lie in her not so great speed and low resistance, a trait shared by many wyvern riders in the Fire Emblem games. With the introduction of skill inheritance, Cherche has gained even more freedom to show her fearsome strength. Some of which are simple while others are a bit more out of the way. Level 40, 5* Base Stats Note: Bolded indicates stats that increase/decrease by 4. HP: 43 | 46 | 49 Atk: 35 | 38 | 41 Spd: 22 | 25 | 29 Def: 29 | 32 | 35 Res: 12 | 16 | 19 Default Weapon and Skills Weapon: Hammer+ and Slaying Hammer+ if evolved Assist: Pivot Special: None A Passive: Attack +3 B Passive: None C Passive: Fortify Def 3 General Overview and Universal Skills Before going into any builds, I'd like to address some general things about Cherche and skills that can be used in any of these builds unless specified. This is to reduce unnecessary clutter and redundant explanations. The things that will be discussed here are Assist skills, Specials, B Passives, C Passives, and Sacred Seals. Considerations: Natures and Resource Availability So, I want to be frank here: I do fret over min-maxing things which ruin the fun that games and such can have. If you do this or find yourself doing this, my advice is to try and not to. You might not have what you want, but that doesn't mean you can't make the most of what you have and since we can summon for more units and with Cherche being a 3* to 4* summon who may occasionally be a focus unit, she shouldn't be that rare to summon which isn't saying much considering what kind of game this is, but regardless. It is because of this that I want to try and figure out as many build options as I can where of course there will be builds like Brave Axe Cherche that Cherche would preferably be +Atk to maximize her damage per hit, but she doesn't need to be +Atk to run that build effectively. Cherche's neutral attack is 38 which for most units, is their +Atk and even being -Atk, Cherche still has a high 35 attack. Or if you find yourself with a +Def, +Spd, or even +Res Cherche, well, maybe there's something else you can have her do for whatever reason. The next thing is about resources. Not everyone has access to every skill or wants to sacrifice their only unit who has a skill for a certain build, so I will try to list as many applicable options as I can. In some cases, it will just be flexible like maybe you want Armored Blow for Cherche using Brave Axe or maybe you'd find Poison Strike useful for a certain build and strategy. Standard Brave Axe General use, offensive, player phase Michalis's Other Sister (Wall of Fire and Sharp Things) General use, defensive-offensive, enemy phase BA/D Cherche (Brash Assault, Desperation Build) Requires setting up, high-risk, high reward offense, player phase Knightmare Cherche General use, anti-armor (default weapon) or anti-cavalry (not available at the moment) Terrifying Cherche General use, debuffer (Panic), Legion's Axe
  3. Cherche, Wyvern Friend Character Analysis: Cherche is noted as a flyer unit with monstrous amount of ATK stat meaning she can hit very, very hard. This makes her an ideal candidate for Brave Axe+ and Death Blow allowing her to take down enemies quickly; even without setup just as long as she has the skills needed. Thus the ideal boon for her is +ATK. Combine that with her being a flying unit and high mobility, she is a force to be reckoned with... Here's the question though... is a +SPD Cherche still useful? In this topic, I'll introduce you all to my personal build that I made for my Cherche, I own a +SPD/-DEF one; but I could have wished it is a +SPD/-RES instead. After doing some experimentation, it turns out even a +SPD Cherche has its uses. It may require some investment but it brings a whole new and fun twist to utilizing Cherche; a breath of fresh air from the commonly-seen Brave Axe builds. Also, I made this build because I never obtained a Minerva myself; even pulling from her banners and instead the game gave the Cherche that became the subject to this experimental build. Cherche (The Minerva Clone Build) Ideal IV's: +SPD/-RES Purpose: Alternate build Base Statline (+SPD/-RES) 46 HP / 38 ATK / 29 SPD / 32 DEF / 12 RES With +SPD boon, she can hit 29 SPD, usually 29 SPD is salvageable tier for me. I can still turn her into a unit with decent amount of SPD; allowing her to double slower stuff and to avoid doubles from faster units. The only ones that I can see doubling this Cherche once at her full potential are the likes of Lon'qu, Mia and Ayra and some of the faster Pegasi units (might want to update me on this one). The best bane is -RES since her stat is already low; and she's better off not touching mages unless she's capable of KO-ing them. She still has decent bulk against Physical units though. Skills Weapon: Slaying Axe+, this essentially allows her to either spam Moonbows or to fire off Luna or Draconic Aura at a fast pace. For this build, I'd say pick up the +3 SPD boost so that she can be a bit faster. Assist: Reposition, so that she can scoop up allies and place them in a safer spot. Special: Plenty of options for her special, Moonbow with Slaying Axe+ because a 1-CD skill allowing her to spam it a lot! You can opt for Luna so that she can even tear through bulkier targets or use Draconic Aura since she still even has a pretty high ATK stat even if she has a Speed boon. Bonfire is also not bad on her since she has a good DEF stat and looks more attractive to use on Fury builds since Fury 3 helps her reach 35 DEF. A-Skill: For budget players; you can go for Fury 3 for a nice +3 boost to all stats; meaning her offenses heighten a bit. The recoil will synergize well with her B-skill, Desperation so that she'll be in range for guaranteed doubling. If you are a madman and want to turn this fine lady into an offensive monster; then go for Life and Death 3. She can still take physical hits since she will still have 27 DEF; but now... stay the hell away from mages because LaD 3 leaves her RES stat with only 7 RES, if she has a bane in that stat. B-Skill: Desperation 3, hands down. Once she's in the range for doubling; she's going to either KO someone or leave a target in the red zone. C-Skill: Goad/Hone Fliers so that she can support fellow flying units. Goad is nice for budget players. You can pick a Hone of your choice if you're running her on mixed teams. Sacred Seal: +3 SPD / Squad Ace D; the boost to her Speed stat is needed to help her reach 38 SPD (Fury Build) or 40 SPD (LaD Build) Stats upon reaching full potential Slaying Axe+ (+3 SPD) + Fury 3 + SPD Seal/Squad Ace D - 51 HP / 55 ATK / 38 SPD / 35 DEF / 15 RES Slaying Axe+ (+3 SPD) + Life and Death 3 + SPD Seal/Squad Ace D - 51 HP / 57 ATK / 40 SPD / 27 DEF / 7 RES Ideal Teammates Fellow fliers are a must for Cherche to send her offenses to scary levels. With a Hone and Goad; she can hit 65 ATK/48 SPD for Fury builds; whereas LaD builds can reach 67 ATK/50 SPD. Pretty nasty isn't it? If one also brought a Fortify Flier unit, she'll have 41 DEF for Fury builds, and a still decent 33 DEF for Life and Death variants. If you're running a full Goad Fliers team; it's possible for her to reach 67 ATK/50 SPD for Fury builds and 69 ATK/52 SPD for LaD variants if she has full Goad Fliers bonuses (+12 ATK/SPD). Make sure you have a Lance-wielding flier or if you're lucky, Summer Corrin to cover those pesky red units that may become a pain to deal with for Cherche; although she can destroy some of them. A Raven tome mage is also recommended if you're running Cherche; preferably one with Bowbreaker so that they can handle archers which can be threatening to Cherche. Again, as mentioned earlier; blue units either tome or lance units is a must since they'll be the ones taking care of red mages or sword units that can endanger Cherche; being red mages and Ruby Sword-wielding units as the biggest threat to her. I'm open to any updates for this thread.
  4. I decided to pick up Fire Emblem Awakening again recently and now that I find myself knowing what I'm doing when it comes to playing the game, I can focus more on the pairings and grinding my characters. My first playthrough worked out fine since all I needed was a level 30 Polestar King Marth with the Exalted Falchion... Anyway, I originally paired MU with Lissa and it worked out great, but I barely used any of the Gen 2 units besides Morgan and Owain. This time I wanted to try something new and pair MU with Nowi for the lol(i)s. At the same time however, I realized that Cherche is really good too and I can have Nightwing as MU's son. What this comes down to is which character is a better pair for MU in terms of combat ability, skills, and children.
  5. I'm currently about to start chapter 12 and I'm somewhat unsure who I want to pair with who. Either I keep going with Gregor/Nowi (currently sitting on an A support) or I have Gregor go with Cherche. Whoever doesn't get Gregor will get Henry. Any suggestions between Henry!Nah, Henry!Gerome, Gregor!Nah and Gregor!Gerome? Skillsets would also be appreciated.
  6. I'm having trouble picking out fathers for these three units. For Brady I was going to give him either Libra or Henry for the dark Mage class, but then Gregor passes down armsthrift and makes him a great support unit but Lon'qu gives him great speed mods which, besides strength, is all you need in apotheosis. Then Gerome he has potential to be one of the physically strongest units in your team, so I though either Frederick or Henry but than again kellam and Gregor seem alright. And worst of all Laurent, Ricken is taken and Henry's magic mods are very good but not as goods as rickens and I feel like I'm missing out. Could I get some suggestions on some of the better fathers for these three. (Stahl, Ricken, Donnel, Chrom and MMU are taken btw).
  7. Everyone has that one support that no matter what difficulty you're playing, no matter how many times you've beaten the game, no matter how close you are to 100%, no matter how much you want to see the other supports you always do. What's that one support for you? And it doesn't have to be your OTP. It's just that pairing that feels... right. For me, its Virion and Cherche. I don't care what modifiers or skills Virion gives Gerome, he has to marry Cherche. He has to. Who else is he going to reclaim his lands in Rossane with? Nowi?
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