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Found 2 results

  1. I don't know how to go about this but I made a few of splices and now I'm going to share them. I'll add to it when I get the mood to make splices again. Also, I may be making some OC's of mine that I make for roleplays. I may also use these characters in roleplays here. (Lemming is coming soon.) Purple-haired knight girl Used: Amelia, Vanessa, Eirika, random village girl from FE7, and Lyn. Palettes from Vanessa, Eirika, Wolt, and Geese. Used: Dozla, Wallace, and Brendan. Palettes from Wallace, Brendan and Garcia Used: Dozla, Ross, Garcia, and Bartre. Palettes from Ross, Bartre, and Garcia. (Oh hey it's my OC Chigai) Used: Myrrh, Colm, Fae, Fir, Roy, and Florina. Palettes from Florina, Colm, and others??? Accepting critiques that will not ruin my self confidence ;w;
  2. So, um... Some other people have been making these threads. I'm making another one so I can entertain myself through answering people's stupid questions. Nothing too weird... Alright? Answers will be done in the perspective of my manakete character, Chigai.
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