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Found 10 results

  1. Throughout the Fire Emblem series, class change has been implemented in various ways, from using a class-specific item to promote (Elysian Whip, Guiding Ring, Hero Crest, etc.), to using a single item that works for all classes (Master Seal, Second Seal), to it occurring upon reaching a certain level (FE9, FE10), or even just being available in base or in a shrine (FE2, FE4). What is your preferred method of class change and why? Personally, I kind of like the simplicity of level-based class change that the Tellius games implemented. Yes, Master Seals are available, but they are optional unless you want to promote early. For me, this removes the annoyance of hunting for Master Seals as soon as possible or buying them to promote. EDIT: Forgot to mention 3H's system of class change (beginner, intermediate, advanced, master, and dark seals).
  2. Hello, everybody. I am currently doing a Lunatic Conquest run (chapter 12) with a +Mag/-Lck Corrin for a Malig Knight build. I'm thinking about getting Draconic Hex at lvl 15 as a Nohr Noble and training my tomb skill level in the meantime. But most likely scenario is Heart Seal right when she promotes. Promoting to Wyvern Rider right now with no magic options feels kinda weird, but let me know your opinions. Also, Jakob's kinda been pulling Corrin's weight as a Paladin. Corrin doubles, but she doesn't net more kills than Jakob already does (S+ support). Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello everyone! If, for example, I change a character who has a C in axe proficiency to a class that doesn't use axes, and then change again to a class that can use axes, will the character still have the C proficiency with that weapon in the end? (I really hope my question is clear lol) Thanks in advance!
  4. So I'm at the point in the story after Draug is defeated, so Class Change was just introduced. I'm pretty confused with how this works. So as in Fire Emblem games, you use a master seal to become an advanced class, but then in order to re-class, you would use a Second Seal (as in Awakening), so do the Second Seals exist in this game? The reason I ask is because in Awakening I liked to use the Master Seal to make them into the secondary advanced class first, and then they're primary advanced class (for example, making Sumia or Cordelia go become a Dark Flier 1st to get Galeforce, and then later reclass into Falcon Knight). So is this concept still relevant in Tokyo Mirage Sessions? Since this game seems to have a lot more grinding, it's seems like a difficult choice. I thought I would make Itsuki a Great Lord, since that's what Chrom should be, but then after reading the description as Great Lord is described as a support unit, and conqueror is more of an attack unit, which I think Itsuki is better suited for, now I'm confused. I'm assuming re-classing would open up new weapon options (since that's the way you get skills) depending on which class you pick, so I'd like to know what's the optimal choice here (with all characters). When I get to the final boss, I like to have the best possible skills and be at the highest level I can be (or close to anyway), and say if I want to only have one playthrough, can I unlock everything in one go?
  5. So guys, I've looted a lot of Idolaspheres and got several Master Seals. I want to get all the good session skills by switching each character to both options and get all the good skills. Question is, if it is adviceable to do it now in the middle of Ch. 5, or should I get all the class exclusive skills and then switch to the other option? An extra question is if one gets unlimited Master Seals at some point of the game?
  6. Ok so I'm trying this whole Nightmare thing just for shits and giggles and I tried to alter the class on some characters. The issue seems to be with Sacred Stones' intro cutscenes because of the way Seth rescues Eirika. See, when I change Fado's or Seth's class using the Nightmare module for the prologue cutscenes it's perfectly fine, but and changing Seth's class during the prologue chapter itself is fine too, but changing Eirika's class results in her appearing on the map BEFORE Seth drops her and then a second Eirika walks around for a second and then walks off screen. From this point on, the rom is perfectly stuck. I'm guessing that it has to do with the event and Eirika's placement (as in, the X and Y Coordinates) but I wouldn't know how to fix this. Any ideas?
  7. I changed Seth's class to Archer (F) and made him female in both his recruitment AND his character, but he's still a paladin? His stats changed (I changed them) and he did get the bow I gave him, but he has his other weapons and his weapon ranks (in addition to a bow rank I gave him). Do I need to do more? Thanks!
  8. Since I really like the butler class I have been checking how to get an army of butlers. From what I can gather from the characters, their available classes and my understanding of this thread on marriage seals and children inheriting classes, this would be the playthrough for Nohr with the most butlers: M!Kamui (2nd class Rod Knight -> Butler) x Zero (Marriage Seal -> Butler) 1 and 2 Joker (Butler) x (Azura, Luna, Belka, Pieri or Nyx) -> Deer (Rod Knight by default -> Butler) 3, and 4 Azura x (Joker, Odin, Lazward, Silas, Kaze or Flanell) -> Shigure (Rod Knight by inheritance instead of Songstress -> Butler) 5 Felicia x Xander (Marriage Seal -> Butler) -> Siegbert (Rod Knight by inheritance -> Butler) 6 and 7 Effie x Benoit (Marriage Seal -> Butler, because he already has her Knight class) -> Ignis (inherits Effie's Rod Knight because he already has Knight -> Butler) 8 and 9 Charlotte x Arthur (Marriage Seal -> Butler, because he already has her Fighter class) -> Lutz (inherits Charlotte's Rod Knight because he already inherits Arthur's Fighter -> Butler) 10 and 11 Leo (2nd class Rod Knight -> Butler) x (Luna, Belka, Pieri or Nyx) -> Foleo (Rod Knight by default -> Butler) 12 and 13 Elise x (Odin, Lazward or Flanell) (Marriage Seal -> Butler) -> No male child :( 14 Silas and Kaze (Buddy Seal with Joker -> Butler) 15 and 16 16 Butlers For a 3rd Route Playthrough you can substitue: F!Kamui (2nd Class Rod Knight) x (any Hoshido male with a male child) (Marriage Seal->Butler) -> M!Kanna (inherits Rod Knight) and Dad's male child (probably won't inherit Rod Knight but Dark Prince) +-0 Felicia x (any Hoshido male with a male child) (Marriage Seal->Butler) -> male child (inherits Rod Knight -> Butler) +-0 Elise x Ryoma (Marriage Seal -> Butler) -> Shinonome (Rod Knight by inheritance -> Butler) +1 Takumi (Buddy Seal with Joker -> Butler) +1 Kisaragi (Buddy Seal with Foleo or Deere) +1 Grey (Buddy Seal with Deere) +1 20 Butlers, but you will have to use your F!Kamui as a non-Butler. For 3rd Route you could also use M!Kamui and marry any of the females you wish instead of Zero, because you have too many Butlers for the final map anyway.
  9. Hey everyone, just made an account on here, and had a few questions. I've played through the GBA fire emblem games, PoR and Radiant Dawn, and I got awakening a two and a half weeks ago. I love it so far, and plot-wise, I'm right before Ch. 6. Units-wise, I've spent a lot of time fighting Risen. My questions: 1. I'm taken my female MU all the way through the Tactician class to lvl 20, and reclassed her to Dark Mage and just got her to 20. I'm not sure if I want to do one of the following: A. Promote to Sorcerer, lvl to 15, then switch to Grandmaster B. Promote to Dark Knight, lvl to 15, then switch to Grandmaster C. Second seal her over to Peg. Knight then lvl to 20, then promote to Dark Flier for Galeforce. D. Option C followed by reclassing to either A or B then Grandmaster. Fem MU stats: HP: 53 Str: 13 Mag: 26(max) Skill: 21 Spd: 29(max) Luck: 18 Def: 25(max) Res: 15 Assets: Spd+/Luck- Also, I'm rather conflicted between options A and B. Tomebreaker and Vengeance are nice, but Lifetaker is just so useful, and will likely prevent some deaths. Slow Burn isn't that big of a priority for me, but I'd use it when convenient. __ 2. I'm messed around with the some of the Spotpass characters, and have some of them. At this point I've gotten 10 of them to lvl 20, of which Ulster and Jamke are my top dogs. I've reclassed Jamke from Archer lvl 20 to Wyvern Rider, and it's quite nice. Is it recommended I keep working with Jamke, or ditch him for an upcoming wyvern rider who's all around better( but no galeforce) Jamke, lvl 11, Wyvern Rider stats: HP: 47 Str: 26(+2) Mag: 7 Skill 23(+2)(max) Spd: 24(max) Luck: 17 Def: 21 Res: 6 __ 3. Lissa. I've taken her through lvl 20 as a cleric, and reclassed her to Troubadour for extra stat growth and Demoiselle. At this point, I'm considering one option, with several steps. -Plan: Reclass to Peg Knight. Lvl to 20. Promote to Dark Flier. Get Galeforce. Reclass to Falconknight/Valkyrie/Unsure Lissa, lvl 20, Troubadour stats: HP: 45 Str: 5 Mag: 20 Skill: 20 Spd: 25 Luck: 31 Def: 12 Res: 22(+2) Thanks for the help in advance yall, and if I need to include other info, just let me know. Side Note: Donnel is the best character I've got so far. My only complaint is the writers missed an opportunity to make a Big Lebowski reference when Donnel's mom was trying to talk him into staying home. They set it up, and it would have been perfect. TL;DR: Need help picking paths for fem MU, Jamke from Spotpass, and Lissa with current choices/setups --PapBear
  10. Hi guys. Hope all is well. I've been considering making my Virion!Laurent (who just maxed out his Mage class) into a Wyvern Rider, but I wouldn't mind hearing someone out if they had suggestions and/or advice for a class change. I don't want to Master Seal him and make him a Dark Knight or a Sage since those are his parents classes and they passed down the skills I wanted for him (Virion -Tomefaire, Miriel -Lifetaker). His other options are Barbarian, Archer, and Dark Mage. (The Archer is kinda tempting since I have a lot of great bows in my Convoy that I feel bad for leaving there, but we know how annoying it can be when a unit is (somewhat) defenseless.) (Another option is Dreadfighter but considering I already have 4 or so, I'd like to hold off on that.)
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