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Found 5 results

  1. Theri

    Check code?

    Using FEditor Adv. and I can't get this scene to work. Whenever Miranda says "You better not...!" her mouth won't move anymore. Perhaps it's just a simple mistake on my part, but I can't for the love of me figure out what's wrong with the code. Not to mention when Lane joins the scene, his portrait goes over Miranda's, freezing her in place behind him while she reappears on the other side. I've read it over several times, and this is the first time where I've had some real issues with the coding. Can anyone tell me what's up? Btw I like to space the text out a bit more to make it easier to read, so yeah, it'll look different, but it runs exactly the same. [OpenMidLeft][LoadFace][0x0A][0x01] [OpenMidLeft]Michael![A] [OpenMidRight][LoadFace][0x0C][0x01] [OpenMidRight]Jeez, Sis, what now? I told you not to worry.[.] I could've robbed these bandits blind[.][A] on my own, thank you very much.[.][A] [OpenMidLeft]I was[.][ToggleMouthMove]...[.][ToggleMouthMove][.....] worried[.][ToggleMouthMove]...[.][ToggleMouthMove][A] [OpenMidRight]H-hold on! I'm sorry![.] Please don't beat me up![.][A] [OpenMidLeft]Hyaa![A] [OpenMidRight][CloseEyes]Ouch! What was that for?![A][OpenEyes] [OpenMidLeft]You dummy! What would mom and dad have[.] thought if they could see us now?[A] [OpenMidRight][MoveRight][OpenRight]Look, I'm sorry, okay?[.] I won't do it again.[.][A] [OpenLeft][CloseEyes]You better not...![A] [OpenRight]Hey! Wh-why are you[.] crying this time?[.][A] [OpenLeft]B-because[ToggleMouthMove]...[ToggleMouthMove]I was so scared[.] that you were going to get hurt.[.][A] [OpenEyes]So don't ever even think about doing[.] something like that again![A] [OpenLeft][ClearFace] [OpenFarLeft][LoadFace][0x04][0x01][OpenFarLeft][ToggleMouthMove]...[.][ToggleMouthMove]This is quite touching, but[.][ToggleMouthMove]...[.][ToggleMouthMove][A] I think you'd best return Princess Kuya's bracelet to her now.[.][A] [OpenRight][MoveLeft][OpenLeft]Wh-what are you talking about? Are you trying to say that I[ToggleMouthMove]--[ToggleMouthMove][A][OpenFarLeft][MoveMidLeft][CloseSpeechSlow][OpenLeft][MoveLeft][OpenLeft]Whoa! Whoa there! Hold it! It's right here! Take it![.][A][OpenLeft][MoveRight][OpenMidLeft][ToggleMouthMove]......[ToggleMouthMove][A] Is this really want you want[.] to do with your life?[.][A] Your poor sister.[.][A] [OpenRight]Uh, yeah[ToggleMouthMove]... [ToggleMouthMove]Right.[A] [OpenMidLeft]We need to go.[.] Farewell.[.][A] [OpenRight][ToggleMouthMove]...[.][ToggleMouthMove]Hey, wait![A] Let us go with you. You[.] can't just leave us here.[.][A] [OpenMidLeft]Pardon?[.][A] [OpenRight]Miranda and I[.][ToggleMouthMove]... [ToggleMouthMove]We've got no home[.] to return to.[.][A] Our mom and pop[ToggleMouthMove]...[ToggleMouthMove][.][A] they both passed away.[.] We need a place to belong.[.][A] You're mercenaries, right? Well, then take us with you.[A] I'm a handy guy to have around.[.] I know I can help you out.[A] [OpenMidLeft]I would prefer not, but I'll agree with Kuya's decision.[.][A] Our duty is a grave one, however.[.] The path ahead is lain with thorns.[.][A] [OpenRight]That's fine with us.[A] You just wait[.][ToggleMouthMove]--[ToggleMouthMove]I promise you[.] won't regret your decision.[.][A][X]
  2. Fire Emblem: Awakening uses a font called Chiaro Std B Bold, which is the same font The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask use. (Not the 3DS remakes, however.) It can be found here. 7th down from the top. Unfortunately I couldn't quiiiiiteee get the spacing and formatting 100% accurate to in-game, but if anyone figures it out for a 240p image, let me know! I hope fan works really can use this! -Robotortoise Also here's the stupid thing I did with the font
  3. UPDATE - 03.12.2016 Hello, I am currently working on a TRPG (tactical role-playing game) that I would like to release on hand-held consoles. So far I have made various 2D resources for the game, including animations, portraits and backgrounds. I have also written the entire script for the game. I am not just the 'idea guy', I work diligently to create something of good quality for others to enjoy. The story is original, interesting and best of all it is done. I designed a well-balanced class system that is reminiscent of other TRPG titles including Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, Ogre Battle and Fire Emblem. It is going to be an homage to these previous titles that were classics in their day. The game will evoke a feeling of nostalgia, reminiscent of games for the original Playstation, with old-school UI and 2D animations paired with 3D backgrounds and environments. I am looking for: My goal is to create a classic TRPG that will be remembered and enjoyed. I have no doubt that there are many people out there that want another new TRPG game. I know I do! If anyone is interested or has questions please respond to this topic or send me PM. Thank you readers, Shaman Credit to Rethel34 for providing sound effects and the songs used in this video.
  4. Hello guys, again, like i said in my Concepts topic im trying to make a GBA Crossover, so i Want all the Final Bosses in The last Stage :3. But now im kind of lost. Sure, i have the sprites of Idoun and Fomortis, and even if im a total newbie to animation and coding i know i can make them work if i made them...Cause i just made a Working Lust(FMA) in FE!! LOL But here are some central cuestions. The sprites of Fomortis have a black background, and the ripper said that it was the same in the OAM Viewer. Yet, if you remember when you fight Fomortis the whole screen is black, and he is Huge. Well, I know perfectly that Fomortis uses backgounds as any other GBA FINAL BOSS and the Necrodracos and Mamkutes in FE6. Now, what would happen if i just make the animation and leave the black color intact, and by making the animation i mean using the huge sprites, like it was done with FE6 Mamkute(By the way is awesome, im planning on making a transforming FE7 version like the ones circleseverywhere did). If I leave the black color in transparent...Should i "Call" a black background?Can that be done by coding the animation? Or how do i use background comands for this issue? If i do not use transparent at all, would that make the black color apear above the char that is figthing Fomortis? if i dont use transparent would that overlap the other sprite? Or, if i Try to rip the script from FE8 would that help me? What happens if i just FEeditor import the head and arm? And i think that applies to Idoun as Well, she also uses background, and i dont now if Idoun had black background in the OAM Viewer What should i Do? Do i make the animation or do i just import it and wait for it to work well?? XD Or try to import anything like the backgrounds it uses? What would be easier? Im most say that i am bad At GBAGE If i can do it ill just relase it freeuse, by now im starting with the Necrodraco, wich of course when i relase it will be free-to-use
  5. Hello! I am currently working on a very small FEXP project, and was hoping someone would help me a little bit? My questions are as follow: - What code do you use in order to have the camera pan across the map? - How do you get a camera to follow a unit on the map, for a scene? I have been following Klok's tutorial for Yeti's FEXP, but I've been trying to solve this problem for a little while now. Here are some screenshots: Map Event 1 Event 2 I am trying to get event 1 (sage map sprite) to move towards the room on the top left, in the map. I also wish to have the camera pan, and follow him on his short walk. Note: I am still looking for someone to assist with coding. If someone agrees to help me finish this project, they will be paid (either in dollars, or I can also trade for custom mugs.).
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