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Found 1 result

  1. I was battling online earlier tonight with a new - and first - team I had built, and right away started taking notes on what could be improved. When I was looking over Xander's set, I ran into a conflict between Skills... The set: Hero!Xander Skills: Wary Fighter / Swordfaire / Trample / Aggressor / Luna Stat Caps: Str 34 / Mag x / Skl 34 / Spd 31 / Lck 33 / Def 31 (+4) / Res 25 The problem: The set actually packs quite a punch, but my problem comes in when my highest hit rate was from Siegfried at around 84% on average. I do want to correct this by replacing a Skill with Certain Blow, but I'm not sure what to replace. I could replace Luna, except the whole point of the build is to be a Str/Skl-based psychically defensive wallbreaker; Luna, while it only procs 34% of the time, is still excellent for those build types. I could replace Swordfaire or Trample (more likely to be Swordfaire for consistency's sake), except then I'm ditching a more consistent option when compared to Luna. Lastly, given the nature of the set, Aggressor should probably stay, and Wary Fighter also needs to stay unless I have a death wish with Xander's low 31 Spd stat.
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