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Found 1 result

  1. We can all agree that Awakening is a great Fire Emblem game, but nothing is perfect, so let's complain about little parts of the game that could have been easily fixed or changed, that annoy you. Morgan having generic sprite faces: I know this is kind of nitpicky (so is the whole thread) but it makes Morgan, outside of Tactican/Grandmaster, seem generic. I mean, Lucina got the premium treatment. (maybe some other children, I'm too lazy to check) I can sort of understand how Avatar has generic faces due to the amount of customization options, but Morgan wouldn't have been to hard to implement. Javelins look really strange to me: Short/Spears look fine, but the Javelin looks kind of big and cumbersome. Swordmaster Sprites duel wield: It's cool at first, but due to the fact that they actually can't wield two weapons at once makes it seem off and not fitting. Legendary weapons not having a lot of uses: It makes sense due to game balance, but I find myself not being able to use these weapons at all except on 50+ luck armsthrifters.
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