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Found 2 results

  1. General Thread Update: -OP to be reworked... 6/26/16 -Polls down, thanks for the feedback! :) 6/7/16 -Feedback polls up 5/27/16 So yeah. Working on a concept called Fire Emblem: Book of Exiles.These were the previous plans... they still apply but with some tweaks. [spoiler=Old General Plan]Plan is to release the eventual patches in a three finalized patch format. So as three "books." Book 1: Exile's Journey. Basically intro, a couple chapters for each Lord to give an overview of the situation and overall plot. Book 2: Exiles' Odyssey. Main game, three Lord chapters playable in any order. Book 3: Exiled Legacy. Finale, fourth Lord unlocked. Finale where all the Lords come together once all Lord tales complete. The Lords/Protagonists are: Quinton. Raynah. Saelamendron. And 'Winter"... A royal knight on patrol. A mercenary swordswoman. A wandering prince... And a mysterious mage. All their journeys will lead them together and to their destinies as recorded in the Book of Exiles. It will feature an original storyline, additional and newly balanced classes, and gameplay. All portraits used will be custom-made, with several new animations and battle sprite reskins. First beta hopefully released in a years time or so. ...and that's the basic outline at the moment. :) ----- [spoiler=GENERAL FAQ] What will be in the Beta/Teaser patch? -Beta patch will include 1 chapter each for the four respective Lords, and an introductory prologue chapter to the world itself. Where do you get your mugs, sprites, etc? -I am a Sprite Artist more so than game designer, and have been since 2006, with a total of at least 4 years of total spriting, design and artwork experience factoring in times in which I stepped back from the hobby... So I would not claim to be the best by any means, but I feel I can do a lil bit of everything somewhat competently. Wow! Character mug A/Battle sprite B/Animation C looks great! Can I use it in my hack or base something off of it? -After having done spriting for so many years and feeling a desire to see my work helpful and actively being used, I would be very flattered if you wanted to utilize some of my stuff. I would ask with the mugs used, that they remain unique to this project, along with the Lord sprites. So please do not use one of my art pieces and call it something else. That said, any of my public domain pieces like non-Lord battle and overworld sprites can be freely used if it is marked Public Domain/Open Source/Free Use. all I would ask for would be a mention/some credit and to be informed of the project/usage. I would love to see what others can come up with! :D Same goes for edits to any of the public domain sprites of mine in this project. Please just let me know, would love to help someone else develop something great! ;) Please note the credits for info on public and private domain artwork used in this Back, as not all works will be mine to share publically without permission of the original creator. You suck, your sprites suck, your story sucks, your jokes suck, why do you suck so much? -Vacuum cleaners. *rimshot* but yeah, that wasn't a question as much as an attack. Hopefully you will be have fun with what I come up with here, if not it you have some suggestions, critique, advice, comments... Go right ahead. I am a big boy, I can handle criticism, as long as it is not turned into some form of personal attack. But I hope you enjoy this work, and would love to hear ways to improve it! :D Cool stuff... Can I help in any way? Sure! Any help, advice, or tweaks with gameplay, hacking, story, sprites would be very much appreciated, and I will make sure to credit you for your assistance. ----- Anyways thanks for reading. Hope you were intrigued. Please lemme know what you think or any comments or questions you may have. As I often say in my spriting thread thank you for any and all feedback! All comments, criticism, critiques, critical thinking, streams of consciousness and cookies are very much appreciated. ;)
  2. So I've noticed multiple images of different concept arts for fates around the internet and they seem to be taken from a book. Was there an art book like the awakening one released or are they from whatever was in that art book that came with the special edition. Also I noticed that the images seem to be laid out in different styles from each other. Was there concept art in multiple books?
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