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Found 3 results

  1. Is there any way in FE7 to check a character's coordinates for use as a condition?
  2. Hey. I'm one of the contributors to the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE subsection on EmblemWiki, responsible for the majority of the script that's been uploaded on the subsection. I'm currently wrapping on my first playthrough of the game--stopped just before fighting the final boss--and I've started updating the wiki with the requests that were first available from Chapter 6. I'm currently on the request "Conditions for a Masterpiece Movie". For those who don't know/don't remember which quest I'm talking about, it's given to you by a Mirage NPC that's found in Illusory Daiba Studio, and wants Itsuki to present "at least one of the elements an actor needs", with "ambition", "harmony", and "courage" being options. I have all three as presentable options. Now, to actually get to my question: does anyone here know how I unlocked these options? My mind immediately jumped to the completion of Touma's, Eleonora's, and Yashiro's Side Stories, since the three are the most prominent actors in the game, but I can't say that for definite. I've done a look on Google and YouTube, but I couldn't find any answers. I'd hate to leave the unlocking criteria for the three elements blank, so I'm asking if you guys know anything. Thanks in advance. EDIT: HawthroneKitty over at NeoGAF has told me how they're unlocked. Looks like I was half-right--the Side Stories for at least Yashiro and Touma do play a part in the completion of this request.
  3. 18Luxpain

    Yes or No

    Hi, sorry to bother whoever is reading this, but I had a quick question about the IFYN condition. I've been working on a little project the past few days for my own enjoyment, and I wanted to do something like the creator(s) of Elibian Nights did with their story select; however, every time I try to create a code to do the same thing the game goes back to the opening when I try to talk to a character. I've sifted through Arch's tutorial and the Ultimate Guide, but I seem to be struck with stupidity and cant get the condition to work, or even the Yes/No option to pop up. Ive pasted the relevant code below, if anyone could take a little bit of time to tell me what I messed up on I would be grateful! (In FEditor Adv) [OpenMidRight] [LoadFace][0xFF][0x01] Are you awake?[Yes][X] (In my code) Veronica: TEX1 0x0814 IFYN 0x01 MNCH 0x01 ENDA ELSE 0x02 ENIF 0x01 ENDA
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