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Found 2 results

  1. Do you do anything weird when playing FE, do you have a dumb headcanon you know is wrong but believe it anyway, or a controversial opinion about the series. Well, confess them here and be proud of it. I'll start I like to call mages benders, since they remind me of benders from Avatar The Last Airbender I consider Archenea/Ylisse to be the future form of the continent in ATLA I crackship GangrelxEmmeryn, hard I like Awakening's story For reasons even I don't understand, Wrys from FE1 is my 4th favorite FE character.
  2. I found a cool quiz and thought I would share it here. Can you name and recognized each character from Awakening based on their confessions? Test yourself in the link below. http://m.sporcle.com/games/dlh1231/best_game_on_the_3ds Also here are the results from the quiz, showing who people were able to name the most, and how many characters most people were able to name. http://m.sporcle.com/games/dlh1231/best_game_on_the_3ds/results Pretty cool. Post your results here.
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