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Found 7 results

  1. So I read in more than one place that in Hector mode, if he has an A support with Lyn, they can have special conversations. But I never got them, and can't find anywhere exactly in which chapters they can be acessed. I know there is one in "Battle preparations", and other in the final chapter (along with other conversations between Eliwood and lyn, and hector with eliwood, oswin and lyn), but I think they're all like those Pent and Louise special conversations (that are the only ones I could find exactly in which chapters to acess, it is said in the "support" page of FE7 here in serenes forest, but the rest I cant find), the problem is: To acess each of these Pent and Lousie conversations, you have to acess the previous one, so if you you miss one of them you can't have the rest. With them is fine, since I had concrete information of in each chapters to have them. But what about Lyn and Hector's? Does anyone know in each chapters they occur? and if I have do acess the previous conversations to have the following ones like with Pent and Louise? Also, if anyone know if there are more of of these special conversations (can be between other characters too), please say it here too. And Im NOT talking about the conversations with the tactician that happen in the begining of the map when you deploy a specific character in a specific chapter neither special boss conversations with certain characters (since in the FEwiki we have acess to all of them and to which character we have to deploy in each chapter/which character we have to attack the bosses in order to acess them) I only wanna know about those mid-maps conversations between two actual characters, when the option "talk" shows up (except recruitment conversations)
  2. So gameplay-wise Fates is wonderful. The only flaws I really notice with that is that Birthright and Revelations don't have that epic challenge feel that Conquest does, but other than that, it is fantastic for FE. However, while I liked many of the characters, the story of them felt a bit... weak to me, but I felt like there was promise to be had here. How would you improve the story of Fates in general? What are some missed out opportunities for pre-battle dialog between one of Corrin's units and a special unit in the field, and what would they say in such pre-battle dialog? How would you make some characters done better, such as character arcs?
  3. Welcome one and all ( at least I hope it's more than one) to the my art thread. I'm pretty much new to this so if I screw up at all sorry. Anyway, I figured I should take some of my art from my DA of the same name *cough*checkitout*cough* and post it here, particullarly my FE art of course. I mainly do Sonic stuff but I'm gonna try and limit that the amount I post here to few if any and leave it that for if people actually wanna check out my DA, don't wanna bore people with the same thing. Otherwise I do FE art (though not much) and some spriting, mainly for Sonic, though I do have one or two for other games. Anyway, onto the art. FE stuff: Misc: and just a bit of Sonic stuff If your noticing a difference in style in the human stuff that's because some of this stuff was before I actually figured my own out. Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you like what you see.
  4. Introduction: I purchased a 3DS and awakening a couple of weeks ago and decided I would like to start a save file using pairings that made the most sense to me based on the support conversations between characters. I don't mean which characters seem to have the best "romance" but which characters are related due to coincidences in their support conversations. I'm sure most of you have heard of pairing characters such as Lissa and Lon'Qu based on the fact that Lon'Qu shields arrows for both Lissa and Owain. Using evidence like this I wanted to start a topic where people who are interested could help others in finding these kind of relations between characters. The goal is to conduct a positive and helpful conversation between members and to eventually pair every child bearing lady with a husband that makes sense for her and her child. For example I'll be starting out with a pairing I just discovered this morning. Evidence for Chrom x Oliva: Obviously Chrom and Sumia are heavily pushed by the game as a couple, but their supports are generic, and Cynthia doesn't seem to have any dialogue which would push her as being Chrom's daughter. As I was figuring out who to pair with who I was having trouble with Olivia. I read through the majority of her conversations and well as Inigo's conversations looking for a coincidence or something I could use that pairs him with one father. I found a couple of interesting things: The first thing I found is in Inigo and his Father's C-Rank support conversation, regardless of who that may be, Inigo's father says "Lucina's so driven and serious... It's strange you don't have any of that purpose." I found it odd that any of Inigo's parents bar Chrom and The Avatar (MU) would compare Inigo to Lucina, because for the exception of the two listed above any other potential father wouldn't know Lucina well enough to compare her to Inigo. There are several reasons why Chrom makes more sense as Inigo's father than The Avatar (MU). It wouldn't make sense for The Avatar (MU) to have two children because it creates a "plot hole", which I'll detail later. In addition it makes more sense for Chrom to compare the two because many newer or inexperienced parents, like Chrom, compare their children. This makes sense considering Chrom has just become a father to two children. Further relating Chrom and Inigo is in Olivia's B-Rank support conversation with Inigo and Olivia's S-Rank support conversation with Chrom: Doesn't that seem like a weird and seemingly random thing for her to do? I did some digging and the only other conversation to include barrels is Olivia's S-Rank support conversation with Chrom. It's not really evidence but it's a funny coincidence none the less. Evidence for Lissa x Lon'Qu: I'm sure most of you have heard of the famous Lissa and Lon'Qu pairings. If you haven't heard why these two make sense paired together, basically it is based on the fact that in Lon'Qu and Lissa's A-Rank support conversation Lon'Qu protects Lissa from an assassination attempt by blocking an arrow for her. In Lon'Qu and Owain's B-Rank support conversation Lon'Qu protects Owain by blocking an arrow for him as well. Owain also says that that's how Lon'Qu died in his timeline. Lon'Qu fathering Owain would also make perfect sense as to why Owain starts as a myrmidon and is skilled in swordplay. Evidence for Tharja x Gaius: I thought finding a pair for Tharja was going to be difficult because of her Avatar obsession but I actually found this one by accident while reading some of Noire's supports with her potential fathers. It's mentioned that Noire loves sweets in three different conversations. The Avatar and Noire's A-Rank support conversation: Owain and Noire's C-Rank support conversation: and Yarne and Noire's B-Rank support conversation: Why does Noire like sweets? Her father is Gaius of course! As an added bonus Tharja only mentions the Avatar once in Tharja and Gaius's C-Rank support conversation when she asks him to swipe a strand of the Avatar's hair. After Gaius declines, Tharja shifts her attention to trying to curse Gaius instead. In Gaius and Noire's A-Rank support conversation Gaius steals Tharja's tools, which would be easy for Gaius to do considering he's a thief. Pairings so far: (Work in Progress) Chrom x Olivia - Lucina + Inigo Lissa x Lon'Qu - Owain Tharja x Gaius - Noire In Closing (To Be Continued...) I will be adding more later and I can't wait to see what others can find. Together we may be able to piece together the puzzle that is Fire Emblem Awakening. Feel free to add to or critique my pairings and it's encouraged to come up with your own. Disclaimer: This topic is purely for fun for members like myself who like to find little bits and pieces of hinting from Intelligent Systems. These pairings are in no way implied, considered, or stated to be "canon pairings" or "optimal pairings." Again these pairings are only for fun!
  5. This topic should hopefully be pretty self-explanatory: Who do you think is the best match for Robin? This can count for either (or both) the male and the female Robin, and "best match" can include chemistry, battle strategy, or something else entirely. I personally think, for m!Robin, Lissa and Olivia have supports with the best chemistry. Lissa brings out the complete ridiculousness in Robin ("Risen! Wolves! Risen riding wolves!!" and the rubbery thing he does with his face), and Olivia just seems very at ease and fun around him (which is rare in and of itself). I really like Cherche and Cordelia as characters too, but the former's support conversations are so boring as far as I'm concerned ("Wait...you want me to be a chaperone on a wyvern date?!!? But I don't know anything about wyverns!!....I think I'm in love with you, Cherche."), and the latter always seems like she's settling whenever she pairs up with someone other than Chrom (plus, her monologues relating to Chrom in the barracks and on the event tiles never change, leading you to believe she never does get over her love for Chrom). Severa's aren't bad either, as she demonstrates to Robin that she has an eye for strategy, giving them something really important in common. For f!Robin, I liked the supports with Chrom and Priam. Obviously Chrom and Robin make a good match regardless of gender, and I did like the Robin proposal conversation at the end of Chapter 11 (rather than their regular S-Support conversation where Chrom seems like he's ready to have a heart attack); more sappy, but also more romantic and in-line with their characterizations. Priam is just a really cool warrior with a spiritual side, and his conversations with Robin seem quite natural. Lon'qu's supports were just....weird. Two words: fig bruises.
  6. Is there any way to clear the conversations in the barracks without actually listening to them? I'm trying to build supports for my library, but Chrom's trying to talk to my female avatar, and I don't want him to do that because I haven't yet cleared his pre-marriage chapter. I'd hoped that someone's birthday might override it, but apparently, that doesn't work.
  7. Why can Cordelia not at least have an A support with Chrom? I mean, at least to rest her heart easy about her undying feelings of love for him! Because, it seriously sucks that she's paired with someone else and then still clearly has feelings for Chrom! I understand that they're making a past reference to Shiida/Caeda, but come on! And let"s not even go into the fact that Sumia is the default wife of Chrom and supposedly a good friend to her! Does anyone else have anything to rant/justify about this predicament?
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