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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, people who already own Fates, whether it's the Japanese or the North American Version. Bored to do the game like that? Then add a plethora of challenges to make sure you can do the game over and over and over again. These challenges are meant to be done in Hard Mode or Lunatic Mode. Normal Mode is for scrubs. Every unit in the early 5 chapters are allowed else it would probably be impossible. Kamui's Harem : Complete the game by only using characters of opposite gender. We have your back : Complete the game by only using retainers. If you're doing Birthright, that means that you can only use Kamui, Jakob/Felicia, Gunther, Kaze, Hana, Tsubaki, Oboro, Hinata, Saizo, Kagero, Setsuna, Azama, Orochi and Reina (thanks Quintessence and Elie). If you're doing Conquest, that means you can only use Kamui, Jakob/Felicia, Gunther, Kaze, Effie, Arthur, Zero, Odin, Selena, Beruka, Pieri, Lazward and Flora. If you're doing Revelations, that's obviously all of them. Only the leaders can fight : Complete the game by only using the royal family + tribe leaders. If you're doing Birthright, that means you can only use Kamui, Felicia, Rinkah, Sakura, Azura, Hinoka, Hayato, Takumi, Kaden, Shura and Ryoma. If you're doing Conquest, that means you can only use Kamui, Felicia, Azura, Elise, Camilla, Leo, Keaton, Xander, and Flora. This challenge is probably one of the hardest and also probably not possible on Conquest Lunatic. No horses allowed : Complete the game by only using units who are foot units on their base class. That means you cannot reclass the units you want to use but are mounted to use them. That also means that on Conquest you're pretty screwed since all the Royals have a mount. Only-Horses club : Complete the game by only using units who are mounted on their base class. Kamui has to be reclassed to a mounted class whenever it is possible. Same rules than the other. Meaning that now it's on Birthright you'll be annoyed since most units do not begin mounted. I can't master anything : Complete the game while not using any weapon who are over E rank. Don't worry though, because the broken legendary weapons are still at E rank. I can't use this weapon, it's too complex : Complete the game without using any weapon at E rank. That means that characters like Rinka and Sakura are pretty screwed since they start at E rank. And yes, that means you can't use Kamui until you get the dragonstone. Fun, isn't it? (you're allowed to use the Bronze Sword against Xander at Chapter 1, but can't use any other sword until you get your hands on an Arms Scroll) It's only me and my army : Complete the game while only using Kamui and Generics. As I can't get my hands into the game yet, I don't know how the capture mechanic works, but if it's how I think, then you can go for Skirmishes to get Generics. You can't do the challenge on Conquest unless you want to have almost no units for the whole early game. You're allowed to use regular units until you get your full party of generics. There can be only one : Each time you get a group of units in a chapter, attribute a number to each unit and roll a dice (x = number of units you get). You can only use the unit from this group that is selected by the dice. There is no problem in rolling the dice at chapter 4 in Conquest, at chapter 5 on Hoshido or Conquest and at chapter 6 in all routes. That means that some massive recruitements like Birthright's chapter 7 and chapter 8 can roll pretty bad. Though you're almost guaranteed to get Kaze and Azura in Conquest, and at chapter 5 on Birthright you get either Sakura or Azura so it's pretty fair. I think that's all! Add more challenges if you want, and have fun trying! (btw I'm prolly gonna try them all on Lunatic once I can get my hands on the game)
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