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Found 3 results

  1. Seriously, it's time travel pedophillia. Imagine you holding your child, then your best friend comes in and is like "when she grows up, imma gonna hit dat"
  2. Frankly there are some games or other things which have creepy things you would not expect. Like this for example. Like that. So nothing from the horror genre and no other undesired images. Find anything and post it here.
  3. Okay, so I could have put this in the already established Animal Crossing topic but this is just so unique that it deserves it's own topic. I was studying up on the mechanics of "feng shui" in ACNL and I stumbled across something neat. Seems that someone in good ol' Japan decided to go all out in making their town the best (or worst depending on your point of view) Dream Suite experience available. The town is known as Aika village according to the interwebs. Dream Code: 2600-0218-7298 The town is set up like a maze going from the first player resident's house to the secon, third, and fourth. Each house and the areas around them tell a story about a girl. I'm not going into too much detail, but suffice to say it's quite incredible what this person has managed to do with their town and how creepy they've made it. There are quite a few little secrets that are easy to miss and unfortunantly most of you won't have the advantage of being able to read Japanese to understand what the players messages are saying, but worry not. I'll post a vid showing all the secrets and translations. I suggest that if you have the game you explore the town a bit first before watching the vid as the impact of these secrets would be much greater finding them on your own. PRO TIP: Make sure you thoroughly search the rooms and rotate the camera as some secrets are well hidden. WARNING: There's no jump scares or gore, but the story it tells and imagery can be considered by some to be creepy or disturbing. Don't bitch at me if it scares you. SKIP TO 10:40. It's a long ass vid and the first ten minutes aren't necessary. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qYX-NfY945g Yeah, I decided to check this out during a dark and stormy night. I had a somewhat difficult time walking to the bathroom that night.... To be fair though, games get to me kinda easily (even though I'm more or less immune to scary movies). So anyway, tell me if you liked it. Or if you thought it was lame or old news be sure to bitch at me so that I can cry about it. =D
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