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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the first Crew styled face off in the Serenes Smash Series. Now please bare with me, with the rules and if you have any questions on sign up, please ask. Ruleset - 4 Teams of 5, so we need 20 sign ups. After the sign up process there will be a vote on who the 4 team captains will be, and they will in return draft their teams, after this and after they name their team, we will put this in Round Robin format. - Drafting will be Snake format, but we'll get to that when we get to it. - 3 Stocks per fighter on a team, any stocks you lose in a set with an opponent team are lost permanently in that set and thus you must keep track, so you can SD to match what your actual stock count is in your next match if you happen to win. Say I won my match vs another teams player but I only had 1 stock left, I'd have to SD till I had 1 stock vs their next player. The player waiting for the other to SD must respect this and stay where they start, and do no actions, as to make it a proper "neutral" start like any other match, the SDing player will then take a starting position and the match will proceed. - When two teams face off, they must decide who goes first, sending the message to me either on Discord, SF PM's or Skype, which then I'll announce the two players facing off, then stage striking will begin, via G&W hammer, which in you both select Game & Watch, using his "Judge" ability, whomever gets the highest number, can stage strike first, then the other player strikes 2 stages, the first player will then strike one more, which basically means selection is theirs. After they fight, the losers team must then select who is to go into battle next, along with their counterpick after the winner bans a stage. - - repeat this process until one team has no players remaining; the team left standing is the winner and is awarded as many points as they have remaining stocks The Stages are as follows for this. Final Destination + Omegas Battlefield Dreamland 64 Smashville Town & City - You must stick with one character in a set against another team, you can be a different character versus another team, but you must stick with the one you select against a particular team in that set. - the team with the most points after the round robin is over is the winner; in the case of a tie, a crew battle between the two top teams will decide the winner - Replays will be recorded and sent to me, my NNID is Jedisupersonic if you don't already have it Sign Ups and NNID 1. Jedi - Jedisupersonic 2. Euklyd - Euklyd 3. Carmine Sword - sternski 4. Dotty - RagamuffinDotty 5. Batter - lolinternets 6. PeaceRibbon - PeaceRibbon 7. MCProductions - randomsonicvideo 8. Aura Wolf - Octaivian 9. Shezzy - muforfun 10. Right_here - shadowdragon925 11. Raguna - legacysonic 12. MrStardustRicon - MrStardustRicon 13. ~Summer~ - Jiac2001 14. ice - IceSage776 15. Comet - Comet7 16. Tsunami922 - Tsunami922 17. General Horace - WAKKAWAKKAWAKKA 18. Taav - TaavIsaac 19. Lord Raven - muheds 20. Knife - omar8193 Team Captains, Name, Players 1. Aura Wolf - Dotty, Summer/Jiac, Raguna, PeaceRibbon 2. Batter - Tsunami, Shezzy, Lord Raven, MCProductions 3. Ice - Euklyd, Horace, Stardust, Taav 4. Knife - Jedi, Comet, Carmine Sword, Right_here
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