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Found 1 result

  1. PIT: There's something weird about this fighter, Lady Palutena. PALUTENA: That's Robin, also known as the Avatar. PIT: I wonder where Chrom is... PALUTENA: Who knows? Probably taking a nap at home. CHROM: I'm no idle layabout. PIT: Whoa! Where did you come from?! CHROM: Robin is a skilled strategist and master of both the Levin Sword and magic. Certainly more useful than a simple swordsman like myself, though each of Robin's tomes, along with the Levin Sword, can only be used a limited number of times before it wears out. VIRIDI: Hey look, it's that Ike wanna-be! CHROM: Excuse me?! I think you're sadly mistaken. I lead the Shepherds, not the Greil Mercenaries. VIRIDI: Shepherds, Greil Mercenaries, same difference. CHROM: The Shepherds may have a lot in common with the Greil Mercenaries, but both my leadership style and my fighting style are very different from Ike's. VIRIDI: Pfft! You and Ike are pretty much carbon copies. This is the reason why you were rejected as a playable character. CHROM: If I was rejected for being a "carbon copy" of Ike, then explain why Dark Pit is able to fight alongside Pit. VIRIDI: Because Dark Pit has a wicked staff that Pit doesn't have. Meanwhile, your Falchion is pitifully short compared to Ike's Ragnell... DARK PIT: Yeah, suck it, Pit! This is why the ladies love me! PIT: Don't drag us into this, Pittoo... CHROM: Too late! I'll turn you into bear meat... Once Robin gets a hold of a Smash Ball. PIT: Why wait for Robin to get one? Don't you have a pair of Smash Balls already? Unless the doctor removed them when you were a little boy... CHROM: If they had been removed when I was a little boy, then how could I have possibly fathered Lucina? VIRIDI: Perhaps "Freddy Bear" is the real father... CHROM: Now I'm angry!
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