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Found 1 result

  1. Alright, thank you to Deltre for walking me through these steps. Here is how you expand your Class Array in Fire Emblem 8. And any other array you wish to expand. You'll need the Fire Emblem 8 Rom, Nightmare (I use Nightmare 2), and HxD (or your preferred Hex Editor.) and FEditor Adv. -First you'll open your Class Editor.nmm using notepad as this will have the offset where the Class Array is in the Rom. Also Back Up Your Rom! Get in the habit of backing up your rom. I usually make a copy every day or before I expand a table. This will help if you somehow mess up a few days of work. "#FE8 Class Editor by SpyroDi # 1 FE8 Class Editor by SpyroDi 0x807110 <------ Offset 128 84 FE8 Class Editor.txt NULL" -Save this number. Next you'll want to copy down 128 and 84. Then multiple them together in the old trust calculator. Then click hex mode, this should change your answer to 2A00, the size of the array. Remember this. -Open your Rom up in HxD. Use the Go To Command to search for offset 00807110. It should bring you right to it. Now you need to highlight and drag down until you get the size 2A00. In HxD this is shown in the bottom right corner. With HxD if you right click you can use select block and input the size you want and it'll highlight the array for you. Ctrl C to copy. -Now with the Class Array copied, scroll down your rom until you find some empty space, represented by FF FF FF FF. Select another 2A00 and then use Ctrl B. As this will not only copy the code but write it as well. For mine, my new offset was 00E47900. Remember this number. -After Copy and Writing, you need to go to Search and Replace. In the search box write the reverse of the first offest. Which was 00807110. Now it will be 10 71 80 and add a 08 onto it so it looks like this 10718008. Now for replace, for mine my offset was 00E47900, the reverse and what I write in the replace box will be 0079E408. Change it to hex string and search direction to All. This last note is one that I wasn't paying attention to. Kept giving me offset wasn't found, but after clicking all, it found and replaced the original offset. It should say 4 instances were changed. -Save and exit. Now open your rom and play to see if your classes operate like regular. Which they should if you followed my steps. -To open in FEditor Adv, you'll have to open your hex editor scroll down to the bottom of your Rom and delete the last four bytes then save. This should allow it to be open in FEditor Adv. Now you'll notice you can't open up the class animation manager, just save the rom, close and open up again, this should fix everything. -Before you can start adding new classes, you'll need to open up your Class Editor.nmm and change the offset to your new offset. Mine was 00E47900. And tell Nightmare there is a new entry by changing the top number by how many classes you are adding. I've added two so 128 will be 130. FE8 Class Editor by SpyroDi 0xE47900<------ Offset 130 84 FE8 Class Editor.txt NULL" -Also expand the .txt list to include your new class. There are other modules you need to expand the .txt list and maybe the .nmm. Check Map Sprites, Promotions, Chapter Units, and such. -And that is all. You should be ready to create a new class for Fire Emblem 8 and maybe even other Fire Emblems with this information. Thanks again to Deltre for walking me through the process. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=48196 Sentry Down for asking the FEditor Adv question, and Arch http://feuniverse.us/t/expanding-relocating-data-arrays/29 for his tutorial on item expansion in Fire Emblem 7. I've been trying to do this for years and now after such tutelage, I am now able to enjoy my own character classes in Fire Emblem 8.
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