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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone, My name is Slimjim8345, and I have been working on a rom hack of FE8. It is called Fire Emblem - War of Retribution. The full hack isn't complete yet, but I have made a five chapter demo of the hack. The full hack will most likely have 18 chapters and 3 gaiden chapters. Please see my github page for the patch. https://github.com/Slimjim8345/FE_War_of_Retribution_DEMO There are still some things that I need to do that haven't been done yet in this hack. Such as support converstaions. Supports are setup, but the conversations are still from the base game. Enemy sprites still need to be made, as well as new names for them. There is a google form in the readme of the github page. If you beat this demo, I would appriciate it if you could leave feedback in there. Thank you! Screenshots:
  2. So, Square Enix released a demo for Bravely Default 2, and they plan to hear feedback "in the near future". If you've played the demo, what did you think of it? EDIT: It's here! The survey is finally available: https://form.square-enix.com/a.p/196 If anyone's having trouble with the survey, there is a 300-character limit for each text box, so keep your answers fairly short.
  3. No one posted this here yet, so I'm gonna do this. Some of you may have already heard about this one. In 1997, during a Japanese event (Spaceworld), some lucky players were able to play a first version of Gold and Silver. You probably heard about the two other starters Honoguma and Kurusu. Well, earlier today, someone lealed the whole beta, and hackers are working hard to data mien the game. You can find all the information here And here is a colorized version of all the new Pokémon present in this demo (all 100 of them). And I'll also link you to the Johto Map which was radically different This is pretty big. You can see that there weresupposed to be far more baby Pokémon and evolutions than we had known. Some made their way into gen 4 (notably Leafeon, the last Pokémon in this image. It evolved with a Leaf Stone) Pancham isn't the first Panda Pokémon, and Slowpoke's shell (referred as Shelder in the Pokédex) was a real Pokémon. Togepi and Ho-oh also existed on their final form already. Some Pokémon had radically different design (Politoed and the legendary beats come to mind. Beta Suicune may remind you of something else ("Ed.. ward") ) Honestly, to me this is a far bigger new than Pokémon Let's Go announcement.
  4. Fire Emblem: Chaos in Sitlanta A year ago I posted the FE:Nova Concept and while I am still working on it, I decided to take a spin on it and make smaller project on a prequel?/backstory on it. The story is about Sitlanta's fall into chaos after the successor of the late King Benjamin fails to keep the country united. Several bandit gangs form and take advantage of the current state, each fighting for full control. The people get tired of the King's inactions and form their own militas but each one of them falls due to the bandit leaders forming momentary alliances with each other. All of the militia groups fade away except one, The Swanguard, whose leader is one of the protagonists Stuart and his cousin Gareth (yes it's a reference ). The main leader, Stuart, divides the group to avoid getting decimated and each of his assigned leaders look for a way to eliminate each and every bandit gang and restore peace to Sitlanta. Nova is involved in this story but it plays a minor, but important role. Screenshots: The goals of this project: Simple, Small, but fun (7 chapters long, two are complete as of now) There will be a route split This project uses a lot of the free stuff (Mugs, Maps, Weapon Icons, the Halberdier map thingy) There's no fliers or magic, but that will be explained why in the story (originally the aim was to be a "realistic" but I felt that was too hard so there will be a healer (from Nova) and a dancer) Credits to <3: Arch for the video Tutorials, otherwise I wouldn't understand Blazer for the tutorials Primefuison [maps] Aura Wolf [maps] Celice [maps] Lissandra [icons] The Blind Archer [Halberdier] NickT [Mugs <3] Sqawl [Mugs] Matt Custov [Mugs] Toa [Mugs] Letsgoforit [Mugs] MattSnow [Mugs] Lenh [Camellia's Mug] Gryz [staff vision] Crazycolorz5 Agro Nintenlord <3 I'm probably forgetting a lot of people aren't I? Things I need help with? Demo: (I suggest you play with animations off because I'm still working on the palettes :v) 2 Chapter Patch
  5. GameXplain just uploaded the video that showed a close up look at both of the amiibos and the game. This was actually just uploaded from a few minutes ago and I wondered has the review copies or this is just could be an another demo, but I wondered what footage will GameXplain will allow to show since they appeared to snapshot the English version of the game as well? Edit: Clarified to GameXplain to ask if this was a Review Copy or an another Demo Event of the game, Andre, Derrick's, or Ash's answer was the demo event, not a review copy yet.
  6. So I tried the demo, I quite enjoyed it. Although I got massive Valkryia Chronicles vibes from it, not that its a bad thing. I love how over the top the player and enemy phase calls are. Reminds me of freaking Expendabros lol. Gameplay was overall solid, and was explained well, despite me being familar with how the game worked already (see Valkyria chronicles). I think it'll be great to see Marth, Ike, Robin and Lucina join the player squads via Amiibo too. Artstyle is very reminiscent of Silver Age comicbooks. Overall its worth a look!
  7. I said I was going to get started on RFV early and I'm glad I did because my free time is shirking by the day. So I figure why not release it to get some testing while I do other stuff. The gameplay works and is polished enough to throw it into the field and there is some dialogue to give hints on what is going on. Since this hack is suppose to be multiple chapter based, the focus is tighter as well as not too ambitious to get confusing. So without further ado... Hack: Rage Emblem Story: You are a tactician with amnesia, according to your companions, your group just stole the legendary Rage Emblem from an old tomb you are still in. Your job is to navigate the tomb and it's obstacles to escape the guardians that want to add you to the pile of failed treasure hunters. Patch: RFV Demo Pictures To Do list: What to Expect: Will update with later chapters when I make them. (hopefully soon) As always, feel free to be brutally honest.
  8. The demo for Awakening came out January 17th, eighteen days before Awakening. I wager we've got one for Fates coming within the next two weeks, hopefully. If one does come out, just how many chapters of the game do you think it will cover? Do you think they'll allow for a transfer function of some sort? What would you like to see from it?
  9. Does anyone know when there will be a playable English demo of fates? There was one for Awakening months before the game came out, it's already December and I'm kinda impatient...
  10. So, for those of you wanting to play my game idea, but are fed up with waiting, a demo has been released for you to download and play! It consists of only the first level and will only let you play as Stephan. The link to it has been posted on the main site, but I'll put it here as well for your convenience. http://powermaster.itch.io/power-master-1-demo If there's any problems, please tell me so I know what to fix. I'll post here again about the full version some time in 2016.
  11. In Japan FE:if will be out soon enough while us NoA and EU players have to wait for around 2016... So I thought... Meanwhile, it's possible they will make a demo of the game (like to play the first 2 chapters or so, to have a glimpse out of it)? Like for lessen the wait for us?
  12. So the Demo of the new Dragon Ball Z game is out. has anybody else tried it out? what are your thoughts? I find the game really fun. My friend and I had a blast with the co-op story and 4 vs 4 Online battle mode. The only thing I didn't like was how fast you can get tired in this game and then you can't move for a good 10 seconds other then that everything else is pretty cool~
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