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Found 3 results

  1. It was kind of a thing in FE4 but just for Seilph but eh. Ok so the gist of Dismount in FE3 and FE5 is that mounted units could not ride indoors and were forced to dismount, they took some stat penalties and were forced to use Swords or (if they were mounted bow users) Bows. in FE3 this method worked better imo because weapon rank was a stat and not divided between different weapons, thus not being a massive crippling blow to mounts, although the final chapters in both Book 1 & 2 can severely weaken your party as a good chunk of the best units in the games ARE mounted, (more so in Book 2, as in Book 1 a number of the best fighters are your Heroes). in FE5, you had individual ranks which could really hurt units like Finn who could only use swords dismounted so the only way he could get this rank up would be to grind dismounted, and could call some balance into play such as Dean having amazing Sword & Lance ranks both. Something else to note is that FE3/5 only had caps (besides HP) at 20 so stat scaling would definitely be a factor if it were to ever come back. Its one of my favorite oldschool FE mechanics and I feel if it were refined properly it could be used in the modern age as well, or heck even in an "echoes" styled game they could probably try it there too. What are your thoughts on dismount?
  2. Now theres a feature that I adore in FE3 & FE5, called dismount, which forced mounted units to dismount indoors, it wasn't perfect and probably needed some tweaks, but which game do you think handled it better overall? I think personally I'm going to have to go with FE3, while FE5's does it fairly well, you still get people who are amazing off horseback like Dean and other people, I feel in FE3 it actively makes you use your foot units more, although if you have say Palla or Sirius in Book 2 it doesn't matter too much to them, but it still encourages the use of your foot units more than FE5, in my humble opinion, but also didn't hamper the mounts quite as much. Also for those of you unaware with how dismount works, in FE3 mounted units could generally only use Lances (As a cav or paladin) on horseback or Bows (as a Horseman) but on foot they had to use swords, unless they were a horseman they kept their bow on foot so they were basically a hunter indoors, however they didn't have to worry about a separate rank because FE3 has weapon level as a stat. FE5 Swords were a seperate rank, so characters are actively hampered, however as mentioned before certain super good mounts like Dean also have really good sword ranks, and certain characters like Brighton had a good skill to compensate even without a mount. Also your stats would be lowered when you dismounted, to just put that on-top of everything. Someone could probably explain this better than me, but thats my tiny summary. (Also yes i'm aware Tearring Saga and Berwick expanded on it alot, I just wanted to see opinions in a FE context first)
  3. As some of you know, FE3 and FE5 had a mechanic called "dismount" where your mounted units couldn't go inside structures with their mounts but could fight off horseback (with swords only even if they didn't use swords on a mount). They also had minor stat losses while off their horse. How would you feel about the mechanic returning in a future game or a possible remake but revamped? I'd like just a general discussion. I for one loved the mechanic and found its only flaw to be the "Only Swords (or bows if you were a horse archer) dismounted" deal
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