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Found 2 results

  1. Okay so this is a thing that was thought up two days ago and is possibly ill-conceived but WE'RE GOING WITH IT. So this guy by the name of Tonton was saying words, and I said "let's do a Touhoumon tagteam lp." so here it is. It's a tagteam multiplayer co-op LP...thing of Touhoumon Emerald. Also we have safe Touhoumon, or whatever, so we're obligated to not screw around with these 6 Touhous or any of their forms in any way. [spoiler=Here they are] Kalas: Momiji , Alice , and Cirno Tonton: Aya , Byakuren , and Mokou Let's mosey. [spoiler=THE OPTION CHANGING BEGINS. and the adventure does too i guess] Glad to see they changed the intro. I've seen it happen too so the creator has no excuse. In case you didn't know what it was a fangame of. I spy Tenshi. Before I begin... The text speed needs to be changed. All the frames look stupid. Bold like doritos Canon names go. Someone needs to be the only person who's name is spelled regularly, so... To rumble? No. It was always my dream to capture girls 1/10 my height, adventure through a region many have gone through, and create friendships with irritating people. This can hardly be safe, like really. standing in place is really difficult, actually. It'd be impressive if the emulator remembers to advance the clock forward. Tonton you should check. Anyway, get clock blahblahblah. Go to next door blahblah We put our kleptomaniac skills to good use, except rival girl sees us. Crap. "Your move?" Is that proper english? And no, not really. yeahhhh, it's that dumb Not really. I would much rather have liked Johto, but noooooooo, apparently it "doesn't exist." Talk blah blah go outside blah blah Oh hey long practiced plot point. Yes, because it's so scary to walk in 1 cm tall grass. "Yes, let's get the shmuck who just moved here to check for me." Birch runs around like a wuss blah blah Oh hey a bag. KLEPTOMANIA SKILLS GO. Choose this pupper? ynq (q) _ The other choices were some bunny and a girl with green hair. Anyway GOOOOO Uh uh genuflect wait shit that isn't a move. Quiet Alice. Has barrier. reasonable and stays on target. I like. Anyway beat the mouse blah blah "impress" the dude blah blah Haha who nicknames their pokemon equivalent? Only people who are cool. Walk 20 paces north blah blah. Stop by "Healing Center." ...okay what the fuck. Like.... what. What. There are somethings in this fandom which are better left unknown. A-anyway uh, time to go beat up our rival Bitch why do you sound like you're disappointed. do I have to teach you a lesson. A PERSON WHO'S NAME IS SPELLED IN CORRECT CAPITALIZATION?! Genuflect to the weird bunny with the unfitting clothes. Haha I totally planned that. Definitely. Holy crap that was a generous level up. "Still sharp"? How would you know if you've never faced me before? Plot holes aside we go to the laboratory Yes. Raising a pokemon equivalent by one level is an extensive history. Wait nevermind, I was wrong about the capitalization thing. I get five Dragon Balls, I mean Touhou Orbs. We're gonna go on an adventure Renko, an adventureeeee. I... showed it to you yesterday after I rested.... >_> "Can" doesn't mean "should." After going back to whatever town, I go east. Let's start training. Beat the shit out of it. Nah not really, not rare enough. Hey a somewhat rare looking thing. Oh wait it's male equivalent, nevermind. ...wait... Alice is Male Equivalent... fuck... too late to restart... Okay a female equivalent that works. Apparently wanting something hurts the person you tell. MAybe it's hurting Alice's wallet. Also it's super effective. Fuck. Meet the first member of our ragtag bunch of misfits, Mystia. She dreams to be a pop star Okay I don't know how that happened. Alice got ko'd after Chen healed itself. But apparently cats are weak to birds. Somehow. I dunno, maybe it's a moral high ground thing. haha, no nickname. He didn't say anything about shorts or his top percentage Nazrin/ratatta-equivalent. he's no youngster Joey. Alice and I quickly beat the crap out of him and stole his lunch money. Haha. Fucking nerd. I also realized that I should train my Touhous. So I went north of what's its name town. After running into many male equivalent Touhous... MOMIJI MOMIJI. MOMIJI. This continued for about twenty minutes. Eh, probably a good place to stop. i will probably do another update later today or tomorrow, iunno. Either way, until laters.
  2. Its n rpg, u gaiz r dum. has no stratergy 1111!!!
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