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Found 5 results

  1. I'm creating an FE-inspired game and wanted to spark some discussion on mechanics I may implement. Starting simple today: What if both player and enemy units could only double attack on their respective phases? Assume they still need some amount of speed to do so. It makes sense intuitively to me that you'd only be able to double if you took initiative. If put on the back foot by a foe who gets the first attack, of course you'd only manage one attack in response. What effects would this have on gameplay? Here are my arguments: 1) This change puts emphasis on player phase. It's more important to be more active now, clearing out enemies on your turn. 2) At the same time, it doesn't make enemy phase entirely worthless. SRPGs without countering at all tend to be very slow. I think allowing one counter attack will keep the pace up, but you'll rarely be outright killing foes with a single counterblow. 3) This serves as a direct nerf to speed. It's still ridiculously useful (you need it to double), but now you only double a fraction of the time you would have been able to. 4) Armor knights, as a result, are now the premier enemy phase units. They tank best, and deal more return damage in a single blow than any other unit. 5) Enemy placement needs to be deliberate. I can't just spam enemies on a map and expect players to mop them all up on enemy phase. Similar alternatives: 1) The speed threshold for doubling changes based on who initiates. You may only need 3 more attack to double when you initiate, but when that same enemy attacks you on their turn, you need 6 to double. 2) The doubling threshold remains the same, but the initiating unit gains a speed bonus. This could create situations where units of comparable speed can double each other, but only on their respective turns. I prefer my original concept over the alternatives, because I believe the latter 2 ideas, while interesting, still lead to a meta where speed is too important – perhaps even more important, because of the higher requirements for doubling on enemy phase (alternative 1) and guaranteeing you avoid being doubled (alternative 2). But what do you think? Do you like any of these ideas? What benefits or challenges do you foresee in a game implementing these concepts?
  2. I just came accross this unit. It's my first time falling accross this: SPD+, RES+, no bane. https://fireemblem.gamepress.gg/fire-emblem-heroes-iv-calculator Has Donnel stat changed? Is the calculator off?
  3. I just came accross this unit. It's my first time falling accross this: SPD+, RES+, no bane. https://fireemblem.gamepress.gg/fire-emblem-heroes-iv-calculator Has Donnel stat changed? Is the calculator off?
  4. Greetings everyone, I would like to change the critical damage multiplier in my hack from 3 to 2. I looked for a nightmare module that could to this to no avail, I'm not comfortable enough with ASM to do that stuff on my own and I couldn't find a topic that has dealt with this issue. So I am reaching out to you wise sages of the Questions sub forum. Any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated. Gryphon
  5. Source Touhou: Double Dealing Character has been announced. Apparently, a demo will be made available at May 26. Judging from the screenshots: - Sakuya will finally be playable once more~ - Spell Practice will also be available once more. Let's hope it stays this way for all future main Touhou titles~ - The engine used seems to be the same as Ten Desires' - in-game, everything looks the same aside from the absence of the trance gauge. Looks like life and bomb pieces have become a standard. Dunno what kind of special gimmick to expect from this game yet, though - I couldn't spot anything promising in the screenshots.
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