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Found 1 result

  1. And I do mean "create." You're not dragging an old class from another Fire Emblem game and putting it in Awakening's roster. Let's say IS decided to do DLC again and add a new class to the game, and you were given creative authority on it. This class can be a standalone like the Dread Fighter or Bride or can be a new third tier class that caps at level 30. Please include Class Name, Weapons, 2 Skills (Since this is a DLC only class they'll be learned at levels 1 and 15. Just keep that in mind,) whether the class is gender exclusive or not; and finally, a brief description of the class that you would see at the promotion/reclassing screen. (If the class you create is the third tier to an existing class, please name the class it promotes from.‚Äč) Now... Let me break the ice. Class Name: Warden Weapons: Spears & Tombs Skill 1: [Impale] - Allows the user to strike three times in one attack. Activation: Skill divided by 2. Skill 2: [Beastbreaker] - Increases Hit Rate & Evasion by 20% when fighting beast units. Gender Exclusivity: None Description: Wardens are knights who've trained in the wilderness to accumulate sharp instincts. They are especially deadly when facing beast units. Promotes From: None
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