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Found 1 result

  1. After losing the village, being persecuted by their own country, slaying General Seth and destroying a demonic lord, our heroes finally return to the capital of Grado. Tales of their exploits have been circulating through the army, and the higher ups certainly will show interest in hearing their account. The capital of Grado is perhaps the largest city on the continent, a centre of culture and commerce. With almost anything one could imagine, there is always something for one to occupy themselves with. Examples include; - The Great Library - Marketplace - Tavern - Barracks - Rumours on the streets - The Arena - Occult store - Farmer Ted's - Palace - Something else PC's have 3 in game days, split into morning, afternoon and evening. After enough people have done what they want to or enough real life time has passed, time will progress. The only restraint is that you are expected to be at the Palace on the afternoon of the second day. The format of the RP has swapped to in thread for the time being. You have also been granted 1200 each in wages. And for some reason, you all remember something about yourselves and what you have via the Spreadsheet.
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