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Found 4 results

  1. THAT'S RIGHT, IT'S HERE. THE SEQUEL-PREQUEL THING OF A GAME. THE MANLY TEAM IS BACK. You know the drill, the MANLIEST OF MEN only. The difference is, this run will be played on HHM. I have never played HHM before (except for the first two chapters), so there is going to be a small exception to the rule. Serra can be used very occasionally if necessary, because this run is more for entertainment, and it can't really be that if I can't complete the levels (Dusk probably can with his eyes closed, but I suck at FE, so...). Yeah. Once Canas or Lucius promote, Serra will no longer be permitted, yada yada. Let's just play the game! [spoiler=This level reminded me why I stopped playing HHM] THE PREQUEL-SEQUEL YEAH THIS TIME WE AREN'T PUSSIES SORTA Accurate ELIDAD NO MANLY friends *implying he isn't already* That's right, it is another journey Now we're playing a game with hit rates OsTHWOMP doesn't like it as rough as Hector OH SHIT THWOMP BROTHER but love and adventure PLOT HECTOR HIS EYES ARE UP THERE DUN DUN DUNNNNN 'rendezvous' kinky 'Move out of the way or I'll penetrate you!' Wait that didn't come out right Yeah No Yeah your strength sucks Point proven THWOMP I like you already I like money I am already getting owned, awesome HECTOR COME ON IT'S THE FIRST CHAPTER THWOMP SO GOOD OH IT'S ON NOW BRO This went on for a couple turns until Hector got there God dammit Hector too THWOMP for you Wow some boss *gestures towards Matthew* Nah, Hector loves to make a mess Kinky Oh shit If I were that knight, I'd waddle away as fast as I could Why is this guy easier to take out than half the enemies in this level HEY SPOILER ALERT MAN HECTOR STOP SUCKING Hector doesn't have enough speed for that And so it begins SHUT IT GENERIC SOLDIER FIGHT ME Having back problems there, old man? OSTHWOMP, the MANLIEST OF THWOMPS, joins us Next time, we meet up with some of the MANLY MEN and fight crime together!
  2. For those who don't know, the Mystery Dungeon games play a bit... differently compared to the main series. The most noticeable differences are: The dungeons that are explored are randomly generated, meaning that the dungeon won't ever be the same experience twice Effort Values and Individual Values are not a part of this game Speed isn't a stat, per se. Speed influences how many actions a Pokémon can undergo per turn. For example, a Pokémon that has used agility would normally get a x2 multiplier in the main games. In this however, it means the Pokémon (and every ally in the room) can perform another action that turn Natures that would normally benefit/hinder a stat no longer does so in this game If a Pokémon has more than one ability in the main series, the Pokémon will have both at the same time in this game There's an IQ system, which I can't be bothered to explain There is what's know as a 'body' stat. A Pokémon's body can vary between 0-4, and the entire party must not exceed an overall body of 6. A maximum of 4 Pokémon can come in an adventure at one time There is a hunger mechanic. This isn't in Gates to Infinity, but it basically governs how well-fed the Pokémon is. Only the lead Pokémon is affected by hunger, and once it depletes, you begin losing health This OP originally had more information in it. But, with Tonton's departure from the run, I had to remove most of it. I don't know what to add here, sorry
  3. Inspired by the FE7 Tag-Team that David started (that I still need to update), a group of posters from the Last to Post thread teamed up to get through Fuuin no Tsurugi. They will laugh. They will cry. This will curse their fellow teammates when they do trollish moves (let's hope not). Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...The Sword of Seals/The Binding Blade Tag-Team! The bros (and one sis): Jprebs, Kalas, Dusk, ZM, Poly. The following units cannot be killed off at all and must be used as much as they possibly can: Jprebs: Dusk: Kalas: ZM: Duck: This will start soon. Because Jprebs wanted me to get it up, for some reason. :P
  4. For those who don't know, Spectrobes is a game that revolves around reviving a dead species called Spectrobes and fighting against an alien threat that wishes to, quite literally, eat the universe. Our hero, Rallen, must combat these "Krawl" and- Yeah, screw explaining this game. It's been too long since I last played this, dammit Spectrobes is actually one of the few DS games I've emulated that I have actually owned at one point, and I remember really enjoying it as a child. I even remember having little cards that fitted onto the touch screen that had circles cut out that, when plotted onto the screen, would give you a monster or a new skin or something. Quite fun, really. I remembered the game on a whim earlier and felt like playing it again... so why not playlog it? Index: [spoiler=Iku ze!] Welcome to Spectrobes! Reminds me of Star Wars This is our hero, Rallen And this is our assistant, so to speak. Her name's Jeena I swear she does not look like that, though. Must've screened this at an awkward frame or something Nice ship, yo Uh-huh. I doubt that, to be honest Dat head MONKEY BUSINESS Damn hoar You're a hoar too Probably I do like you more than Rallen, though Sweet. I like rain! Or the H button, in my case Getting used to this configuration is gonna take some time -_- Jeena's face scares me But save states exist THE WORLD IS AMAZING 10 years later... How convenient How do we know the name of this thing already? Rallen's expression speaks for me Meh, don't really ca- DAT HAIR IT LOOKS SO PUFFY I COULD REST MY HEAD ON IT Of course he's alive; look at that hair! This name sickens me MAYBE IF THE CAMERA MOVED I COULD TELL YOU Tornadoes do tend to move, so... Badly timed BUT THAT SPRITE This is why I had to reconfigure my controls I SEE SOMETHING THAT LOOKS LIKE A DURAMBOROS ON 'ROIDS AND A SKINNY ZINOGRE Zingore, attack! You doods don't stand a chance! FALCON PUNCH TOO WEAK Guess I should explain how the battling system works You control Rallen and your two Spectrobes follow you side-to-side. Top screen shows health and boosts, whilst the bottom shows the battle arena. L commands the left Spectrobe to attack, and R governs the right. Rallen can also attack, but most of the fighting should be kept to the Spectrobes as Rallen himself is pretty weak (he's basically useless right now). He can have weapon upgrades later on that makes him fairly competent, but he's mostly a liability. Y button shifts the battle commands to do special moves, which can be charged by holding the B button. There are four bars (not the white/blue one as shown in the picture) that can be charged, and a bar gets used whenever you do a special attack with a Spectrobe. If all four bars are charged, both Spectrobes can combine their attacks to do a super-duper attack that does a bucket load of damage to all enemies (I think. It's been a while) Each Spectrobe has three bars (HP, attack, and defence) that, when filled, level up the Spectrobe. So level 'em up! *takes out of context* Is this the monkey business Grant was on about? Yeah, you suck Yeah, they're better than you Well duh, he has man hair! HOW CONVENIENT Dat tape DEM NAMES DAT GET REKTED GG Return of Ganon plot Obligatory title drop "And no, that stupid "God" revered by the denizens of Twitch isn't a part of this" HOW CONVENIENT And we just so happen to be in it? Seems legit "Devour" As in, eat? Consume? dayum Rallen is this thing called the "main protagonist" Try it sometime Yes, somehow no shit "By being baptised in fire or some shit like that" *takes out of context yet again* ... Monkey business lolStylus b-but BITCH, I WAS JUST DOWN THERE Better be an Old Amber or something It sounds like a rip-off of Metapod Speak...? um YES, I GOTTA SPEAK... Or I can configure my microphone settings FIRST NAME POSTED BECOMES THIS DUDE'S NAME Because I'm kind like that [: ... I think I dug up too much (about to go to Genshi) Custom parts? So, like, a unique spoiler for my vehicle, or something? (rescued Prof. Wright) Birth of the Holy Knight (up to the ruins in Nessa)
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