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Found 6 results

  1. Since adding portraits has been figured out for hacks of Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem, I'm wondering if is anyone interested in doing some minor edits of the DS Era portraits? I have neither the know how nor the tools to do it myself. To start with, a mini portrait version of generic soldier, Ruffian and Fightmonger, so they could potentially be used as actual units in a hack. Comparison of Mini portraits used for a unit to see the style used in Shadow Dragon and its DS remake. This unused portrait in Shadow Dragon was ripped somewhat messily and could be cleaned up a bit. A link to the sprite sheet it was ripped from. > New Mystery portraits tend to be somewhat brighter in New Mystery of the Emblem, so brightening up the portraits not used in New Mystery of the Emblem could be an interesting activity.
  2. Just added some extra content to Sacred Stones, such as two new supports and four new endings. A line or two has been changed in the story as well, but you probably won't notice unless you have a good memory. No combat edits have been made (because I rather liked the combat a lot and never found an issue with it). I'm willing to add more supports and endings as well, so I'm open to requests. The patch file is here. Edits: Eirika and Joshua support + ending Eirika and Knoll support + ending L'Arachel and Rennac ending Innes and Tana ending Slight dialogue change when Ephraim is talking about Myrrh (Ephraim's route, post-chapter before Selena). Slight dialogue change in Ephraim/Myrrh support.
  3. 23:04 P.M., somewhere in the world. A random nerd's room. Man, it's so much fun playing Fire Emblem! I just love it, all of my units have been blessed by the RNG goddess. Look at that avatar. She even started as an archer! No wonder they gave her a 10/10 in that old Rate the Unit thread... My army is invincible. Even Maris can't get killed. Huh. Maris. What's her new official name? Malice? Malicia? Marlacilis? Who knows, I sure don't. Oh man Palla died. I was foolish to place her there. Well, it's just my fourth playthrough. That's better. Ogma isn't sitting on a flying creature, therefore he survives getting shot in the neck with an arrow. ...this is so boring. Where did I go wrong? I was playing maniac like a boss! My stats weren't so good, Wrys hadn't capped anything yet. And Tiki died so easily, having to reload the turn was so annoying... but even with these huge handicaps, I still can't shake this feeling that this is too easy. How strange... what shall I do? ... LET'S PLAY AS KAGA INTENDED US TO! This is more or less how I got the idea to do this. That, and having recently watched Markyjoe's video on Fire Emblem's balancing. So, out of tremendous boredom, I decided to do a LP in a foreign language, taking away the ability to reset which I'd never done before, and publish it for all the pros to gaze upon over the shoulder in disdain. I might not even be able to finish this (I'll try as hard as I can, though), as I begin college in around a month, but hey, I just wanted to try this let's playing schtick out. Please bear with me. Not that I expect this to become anything big, but eh, if I can manage to get a stable replier or two, I'll be happy. The rules are as follows. - Obviously, I won't be resetting. If I lose a unit, I'll have to press on and use a replacement. Hopefuly, I won't have to settle for using Matthis or Frost or anything like that. I'll also try to recruit everyone and get every gaiden. That would be sweet. Units defeated in the prologue won't be considered dead for good, and I'll be free to use them in the main game. I think having to LTC Matthis should be enough of a punishment for leaving Wrys and Caeda in range of Jeorge and his archer buddy. - The only exceptions to this rule will be Marth and MU (whom I have already created, by the way, so I'm afraid I won't do like the good Let's Players and let the viewers participate), as well as the unit who will take the Growth Drop. This is mostly because I don't trust my skills and, well, I'd like to have more than one "permanent" unit to help the seizebot sit on the throne. Now, don't worry, I won't give it to Palla or anything like that. It'll be an early game terribad unit. Place your bets. Once more, because I am a bad LPer, I already have someone in mind. If any of these die, I will reset the chapter. If I lost any of the other units before resetting, I'll disarm them and kill them off as soon as possible. I won't be allowed to change anything in the prepscreen, either. If I have to reset five times because I forgot to give Marth the starsphere the first time, so be it. As of the Bond Drop, the Rainbow Potion, and the lunatic statboosters, I won't be using them. - I will use the reclassing feature. I'll try to have one of each class, though. - I'll be playing on H1, again, because I don't trust my skills. - And, just for the record, with this intro, I don't intend to insult people who use save states and the like. I use them a lot, it would be quite hypocritical of me to do such a thing. I just... figured it was an alright introduction to this thing. - Lastly, I'd really appreciate if you guys behaved like grammar nazis and corrected my mistakes. Partly 'cause I'd dislike to have an ugly mess of a first (and probably last) LP, but improving my english will be of use in college. We could use this chance to turn Serenesforest into a Den of Education and Knowledge. So, without further ado, let us... wait until tomorrow when I feel like typing down another part! And that's when the LP died.
  4. Wallpapers For Samsung Note 3 So I made some wallpapers for myself of Fates' Kinu with My Kamui's hair color. Edited Portrait credit goes to AMagieRobot's wonderfull FE14 Support Simulator and Portrait Generator Size increase smoothness credit goes to Nagadomi's super useful waifu2x First Flower texture = Chinese Silk by Qi-lin on Deviantart Grunge texture = Orange Grunge Paper Texture by stock-pics-textures on Deviantart Second Silk texture = Silk Fabric Pack by Rubyfire14-Stock on Deviantart Lightning texture = Gimp 2.0 If anyone has requests, feel free to ask! If I get enough, I may a start a seperate tumblr just for these. It's quite fun.
  5. Luchi

    RD Edits dump

    I did this for a non-FE related project of mine ( I make RPGs as a hobby ). Used to hack RD until I got bored. No, she is in NO way related to Ike. -_- Ellie+Laura obviously. I always thought Tibarn would make a cool Pirate/Berserker. I wouldn't really consider Mia/recoloured Lucy edits though. But since they form the basis/Expies for some of the characters in my game, why not. Will probably post the emotion-sets later on. Said project can be found at an off-site link over here. http://rpgmaker.net/games/5537/ Maybe I'll make a topic for it. Since it is FE-inspired.
  6. Strix

    Strix's Portfolio

    This topic will consist only of my spritework. I'm open to any advice/ constructive criticisms. 1st Showcase I thought Garcia's claw beard was a little strange, so I did one of two things: Fix it to be an actual beard, or add a mustache for completion. I couldn't get over how far Dorothy's eyes were when playing FE6; It was uncomfortable. With this she looks a lot better now. Using Usenti, I've begun making a GBA version of Marth's portrait from Shadow Dragon. I haven't put it in action yet; It still needs work.
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