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Found 1 result

  1. So, I was looking through the weapons list of Fates, and I found some weapons that were pretty cool, and I like the ideas of varying buffs and debuffs even if my beloved silver weapons have taken it hard. So, in light of that, I was thinking, what kind of weapons would you make? So far, I've only REALLY had one weapon in mind that I can actually think up since I'm playing the game it's originally from, but I was thinking of Magic Burst as a Nohrian tome. Magic Burst- Rank: S Might: 0 Hit: 100 Crit: 0 Avoid: 0 Range: 1~2 Description: Calculates User's Magic Stat x 2 for damage. Can not double, trigger critical hits or special skills. After battle, magic stat is reduced to 0. At most, I would probably raise it to maybe by 2.5, but I don't want it to be TOO broken, although all those penalties make it a decent trade-off to a lot of boosts for that kind of power. Probably something best used on bosses, if not THE final boss, though.
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