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Found 1 result

  1. Current Question: Q65. Would you rather wield fire or ice powers? Last Question: Q64. Would you rather fight off the undead with an Axe or a Machete ? Previous Questions: Q63. Would you rather be the monster or the lone survivor? Q62. Would you rather have to wear a mask or a wig? Q61. Would you rather read or watch a story? Q60. Would you rather, play Smash Bros or Mario Kart? Q59. Would you rather be a good person's Dream or a bad guy's Worst Nightmare? Q58. Would you rather be a Viking or a Samurai? Q57. Would you rather train a Charizard or a Pikachu? Q56. Would you rather, rob a bank or a train? Q55. Would you rather be the tank or the dps? Q54. Would you rather, use an Axe or a Spear? Q53. Would you rather, play XBox or Playstation? Q52. Would you rather, do you duty or play? Q51. Would you rather, follow an elitist or a populist? Q50. Would you rather, be Robin or Corrin? Q49. Would you rather, fight a bear or a bull? Q48. Would you rather, be Luke Skywalker or Han Solo? Q47. Would you rather, be Zelda or Ganon? Q46. Would you rather, be a troll or a gnome? Q45. Would you rather, be an artist or a programmer? Q44. Would you rather, be a sausage or a condiment? Q43. Would you rather, be a hero or an anti-hero? Season 2 thread[spoiler=Season 2: Revengeance questions] EmeraldFox Posted 22 November 2015 - 01:02 PM Yo yo, I decided to revive this. Question 42: Would you rather eat a horse or a bison? Question 41: Would you rather be the Hot Blooded Hero or the Distant and Aloof Rival? Question 40: Would you rather bust down a door or carefully pick the lock? Question 39: Would you rather be a mercenary or a knight? Question 38: Would you rather eat turkey or ham? Question 37: Would you rather drive or be driven around? Question 36: Would you rather be the protagonist or the antagonist? Question 35: Would you rather be a major character or a supporting character? Question 34: Would you rather be the chosen one or the person who worked for the legendary weapon? Question 33: Would you rather cook or go out to a restaurant? Question 32: Would you rather keep quiet about a gold mine, or share it with everyone? Question 31: Would you rather be a heavily modified cyborg or have a suit similar to Samus' Varia Suit?(and upgrades) Question 30: Would you rather sacrifice everyone to save someone important to you or sacrifice said person to save the world? Question 29: Would you rather be a Pokemon Trainer or a Digimon Tamer? Question 28: Would you rather drive a tank or fly a jet? Season 1 thread [spoiler=Season 1 questions]
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