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Found 3 results

  1. I really want to get started on the Tellius Series, but I just can't seem to find a FE9 rom anywhere. Anyone know where I can get one for Dolphin? I have Dolphin 5.0 if that helps.
  2. So, I wanted to play a couple of the older FE games (specifically Genealogy and Binding blade) but the I can't find a working emulator in my phone. Now the thing is, I don't own a computer or laptop so I'm forced to rely on emulators such as GBA4IOS and SNES4IOS and provenance and so on. But recently a lot of them haven't been working GBA4ios and provenance have both been revoked and the SNES and DS emulators keep crashing. I just wanted to ask is there an alternative to the GBA emulator can I stop the SNES and DS emulators from crashing?
  3. Since I recently started using an Emulator, I'm already a little new to the concept and all that, but I have a question... I'm playing FE7, and the tutorial chapters are awful considering I've already played 4 games in the series and know how to play, but are the level ups scripted in these chapters? What I mean is, I create a save state once one of my units are about to level up so I can keep loading it until I get the stats I want. I'm on chapter... 3, I think? And I keep using Lyn, and not much of anyone else yet. I create a save state at the beginning of the match, or maybe just before she gets the EXP. But I keep getting the same stats from the level ups. TL;DR: Are the stats scripted (at least, during the tutorial chapters)? Or am I making a save state at the wrong time, after it has already rolled for what stats she will gain?
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