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Found 3 results

  1. Well, in my personal options, I prefer to listen the Japanese voices from the characters from the series, but, I don't care about their english voices, because, I don't like to listen that, just for my opinion. And you, which voiceover language do you want to listen for any Fire Emblem game?
  2. Since the previous thread on the English dub for Fire Emblem Fates was locked due to necroing, I might as well start this thread up again. Anyways, this is the discussion for the English dub for Fire Emblem Fates, rumors, and confirmed voice actors in the game's English dub. Here is the list of voice actors that are confirmed in the English dub and their respective character: Here is the list of voice actors that rumored to be in the English dub, but is not yet confirmed: A few additional notes in regards to the voice acting for Fire Emblem Fates: Here are some few useful websites that might help you if you aren't familiar with several voice actors: TV Tropes (scroll down to Dub Voice Actors/Los Angeles area, as some of the voice actors who normally work in anime also work in video games, but keep in mind that it doesn't list all the voice actors who work in video games doesn't always work in anime, i.e. Gideon Emery) Behind the Voice Actors (a large voice acting community, very helpful website) Anime News Network (while the website is mostly an anime website, they also keep up in date in Japanese video games, Fire Emblem Fates included. Also have an encyclopedia of many voice actors as well) IMDB (caution, some info in this site may be inaccurate as many people can freely edit the pages there like Wikipedia) MyAnimeList (almost similar to Anime News Network, but a little more detailed) Feel free to discuss the voice actors an rumors. If there are more voice actors that have been rumored or confirmed, please let me know and I'll update this post. Please keep this thread active and alive as well so we don't see another lock for necroing.
  3. This is QUITE a bit far into thinking, but I'm hoping I will be able to import a copy of VC3 and patch it and maybe get the DLC for it to do a Let's Play of it (this is maybe two years ahead for thinking, but I say look ahead early to prepare). Of course, this will be after doing an LP of the first two games (still need to beat VC2 (stop distracting me FE:A and Smash!!)), but here's something else I want to do for it. I understand that a lot of people probably wanted an English port for the game (I mean officially) which will never come. That's why I would like to incorporate voice acting into the mix for people that want to help as a part of the project. Of course, I'll have to beat the game before deciding on voice auditions (if my PSP emulator would ****ing work). Either way, what do you all think? Does this seem like a good idea, or is it one that would end up biting the dust?
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