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Found 4 results

  1. I made a short rap for Ganondorf that's been brewing in my head for a while. Decided to see what others think about it(kinda can thank Epic Rap Battles of History for inspiration)! "I am the Ganondorf, you cannot hope to possibly beat me! I am the Ganondorf, You can try as much as you please! I am the Ganondorf, but I will still beat you with ease! I am the Ganondorf, I will bring you down to your knees! I am a Warlock, a powerful king, hits so hard, it'll leave more then a sting! Your power can't match, you barely have a chance, try to tango with me, it'll be a short dance! And if you anger me, all H*** will break loose, and you'll be reduced, to a stain on my boots! So go ahead, set in the ring, It will most certainty, entertain your King!" I hope it was good! ;3
  2. Dai


    So, let's say for the sake of argument that this game includes children some time down the road. Now, would you want this to be a feature? Personally, I wouldn't mind so long as there is a justified time skip in the game. Say, at least two dozen years for it. It'd be kind of neat to be honest, having a second game do that, but this time, without having, you know. EVERYONE DIE (or whatever goes on in Geneology). Heck, it'd give whatever conflict is going on more scope and realism if it lasted more than just, you know. A few in-game months or so.
  3. So anyone here into DBZ? I think I saw a few people with DBZ avatars on here once. Anyways, I'll be using this thread for DBZ-related stuff. :^} Here, have a soundtrack: [spoiler=Imperfect Cell Theme]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhPj_QQx5BU
  4. This is a game where you must 'ban' the person above for very absurd reasons. For a user like 'MagicPerson' for example, you would say, Banned for XXX (or eating a potato or something). Let the ban race begin!
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