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Found 4 results

  1. So, who it'll be? My bet is on Cyril
  2. Though there are many "Ests" in the Fire Emblem series, not all Ests are created equal. Many Ests, despite their high growth rates often suffer from other problems that inhibit them from being as useful as they could be. Whether it be availability, base stats or even growths, some Ests just don't measure up to their competition . Place your vote for who you think is the worst Est and feel free to discuss your opinions below.
  3. I have seen playthroughs which either uses her or bench her. Players tend to guard stance her and it takes too many turns for her to score a kill. I saw a few who uses attack stance and she score kills faster.
  4. Est with full Limit Breaker caps, all skills and a boots is 150,000 Gold. Why Est? She's 1 a girl: Girls are more expensive in the logbook than guys when all skills are attained due to having an extra class (Dark Flier). 2. She starts with both Villager skills and Luck+4. Spotpass or Avatar units cannot get those, so essentially she's got a class and a half of extra skills on top of everything else. So there's the soft cap on Logbook recruitment costs. (I say soft, because while you won't have a more expensive unit ever, it doesn't appear to be a hard capped value, like say Max Gold.)
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