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Found 3 results

  1. So with echoes coming out soon I kinda wanted to play gaiden again but playing it the normal way is kind of boring, so I decided to at least try to get a draft going with at least one other person who wants to. I honestly am not expecting this to amount to anything but I might as well try. This won't really be competitive with turn counts (mostly because it's gaiden) because while I'm not bad at fire emblem, I can't compete with many people out there. The only real rules will be that silk (silque) and Jenny (Genny) will be used by any who wish to do so due to them being the only early game healers. Any other suggestions by any who wish to do it will most likely be fine by me.
  2. I personally think Gaiden had tons of neat ideas that could be expanded on in the franchise today, sure we see stuff like Dreadfighter, Witch and such in Fates, and of course the country of Valm in Awakening, but how would you like to see a proper revisit? Like Gaiden's mechanics, such as shrines, dungeons, towns, its way of branched promotion for villagers etc, being used in either a remake or FE15. I personally think they could do some neat things with the system, however I doubt IS would do it, considering how much they hate taking risks currently. So discuss! I'd be glad to hear your ideas.
  3. Hello there Serenes Forest! You might remember a while ago I tried a random Sacred Stones run... Well, I gave up on that, since doing most of the stuff I was doing was tedious, so I gave up. Instead, as you see here, I will be playing FE:Gaiden, since well... It's Gaiden. I've never really seen a run on it on SF, so I thought I might give the real black sheep(Besides, SS is probably more of a gray sheep than it would be a black sheep) of the Fire Emblem Series. Gaiden, as the word means, is a side story to Marth's first game, Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light(Or Shadow Dragon if you go by the remake). It features some characters from FE1, and takes place about a year after FE1(I think, I know it takes place between Marth's first and second games.) [spoiler=The Beginnining ] If you leave it on the title screen you get some backstory on the game's setting. So far, as it says, there's two sibling gods on the island of Valencia. Can't have love without hate. In half? Then doesn't that make it two islands now if that was done? We only have two main countries here in this game, so don't expect doing to different countries in this game. Make note of this. You won't need to make note of this, because you'll see. And our first thing Gaiden has different from other Fire Emblems, is that there are explorable towns. I'm not sure why other FEs didn't try this, as it doesn't seem like that bad of an idea. Maybe someday? Also, here we have two people here, whom will talk... Right now! And that was sword training? It looked more like Alm(The blue guy) was just running into you then twoards the house and running into you again over and over. So is Alm a kid or something? I don't think people would say exactly that to a teen or adult. Then why don't you take care of them? You look like you could if you could be rammed into over and over and not budge. Anyways, I guess we need to go do... Something... Hmm? What's this here? Some kind of meeting? Uhh... Ok? Is it the guy next to you? Three of these guys say the same thing, so I'll try talking to the red guy. A chicken coup? Oh, that kind of coup! Why? Well, I don't know yet, but problably "Grr I want power so that's why I did it!" I mean, its a NES game, would the plot be THAT complex? Then just grind on some stuff like the bandits outside. Mycen? Purple armor guy? He's a general? Then why doesn't he fight those bandits? K. K. I guess? Mycen? So your just going to let the bad guy come and attack this village? What a jerk. Unless you're playing on casual mode(No this game doesn't have it) Yea... SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED! *Cue airhorns* So Alm does have a portrait, and talks! I thought he would just be silent the whole game. Your welcome. And here we have the first ever playable soldier in FE. Yes, they are actually a class, not something to slaughter. Lets see what the other three have to say. You! Yes you! I have the feeling he might get into trouble. Also, dat face. YOUR NOT ROBIN! Unless... *Gasp* Possible ancestor? Glad to see someone realizes this unlike some OTHER people. Also, calm down, don't be so angry. Well, lets see what could be in these woods... Surprise! Those bandits Mycen talked about! What a twist! I'm right at the limit of images I can put into one update(What I use for uploading images only uploads 50 at a time, per hour) so, We'll see stats and our first battle next time! Edit:I should change that this LP is not exactly completely blind. I have played a little of this game before, seen LPs in other places, and I've read a summary of the story, so plot wise I know somewhat what is coming, but gameplay wise is a whole different story. Some advice would be helpful, but don't give away things like secrets and the like.
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