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Found 29 results

  1. Hey everyone! As I sometimes play Fire Emblem Fates for visit other castles and essentially do online stuffs on the game, I wanted to go online for see if there was anyone who's still playing. And- that doesn't surprised me- there was nobody online. I don't know if there's also the same visit restrictions for online, but in my case I find nobody online. (I have FE Birthright PAL version, maybe less peoples play in the regions we can play with.). So the idea to create a Discord server came in my mind. This server would be used for resquest online matches, and some other stuffs, I don't know if there will be persons who will come, but I'm still trying. Also, I would share the link to the server if only I know if peoples would come on it, so feel free to reply in that case 🙂 Here is the link: https://discord.gg/sBducT
  2. Hello guys, I’m Yellow Duck and as my first post in Serene Forest Forum, I’m going to make a post about my theory regarding Takumi and Sakura from FE fates. Enjoy ❤️ SPOILER ALERT: Contain some fe fates plot (and also beware of some angsty fan theory) And also, some T/M RATED CONTENT WARNING So, as we all know, King Sumeragi met Mikoto, Corrin’s mother when Corrin was still a baby and he immediately fell in love with her. That means, when King Sumeragi fell in love with Mikoto, Takumi wasn’t born yet or even conceived and his first wife, Ikona was still alive. My theory is, King Sumeragi keep Mikoto as his secret lover because he doesn’t want to make Ikona Sad. But, his lust for Mikoto just so overwhelming that he had intercourse with Ikona just to satisfy his lust for Mikoto. Those intercourses resulting in Ikona’s pregnancy to Takumi and later, Sakura. Upon discovering that Sumeragi has a secret lover, Ikona got so stressed. When someone is stressed or under pressure, their Cortisol Hormone level in their blood gonna increase. Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone can disturb foetus’ development, causing premature birth and also some personality disorder later in the foetus’ life. Stress also proved to affect physical health and immune system. So, I presume that Ikona also get sickly due to stress and thus, died when giving birth to Sakura. Ikona’s high level of maternal Cortsol makes Takumi and Sakura having the personality we see in fe fates with Takumi being tsundere, easilly stressed or offended, often having nightmares (read fe fates 4 koma manga about Takumi description) and also with Sakura being super shy. Not to mention that their figures also looks less robust than their older siblings (I know its kinda obvious but u can also read this for more evidence: fe 4 koma manga . The title Is “You have really gotten big, haven’t you”). Making me presume that their prenatal growth is disturbed or they’re actually preemies (premature babies). So that’s all about my Fe Fates fan theory. Hope u enjoy it and I’m sorry for any grammatical error bcause english isn’t my first language.
  3. First of all, this is a custom built DLC by myself, meaning, THIS IS ONLY USABLE WITH CFW! It should also be noted that this DLC is for the western (USA) versions of FE Fates. DO NOT USE FBI TO INSTALL! USE BIGBLUEMENU INSTEAD. To uninstall the old version, an extdata wipe is needed, go to 3DS System Settings > Extra Data, and delete your FE Fates extra data, if you want to keep your saves, you'll need extra steps involving JK's Save manager. To keep your saves located in extra data, in JK's Save Manager, chose to dump the extra data for Fire Emblem Fates, inside the extdata dump, you will have a bunch of files starting with "g_", these are the asset files that need to be deleted, delete those from the extdata dump, delete your extra data from System Settings, then with JK's Save Manager inject your extdata back in after having deleted all of the "g_" files EXCEPT g_contents.bin V3 Notes: - Reconstructed Awakening Characters so that they no longer conflict with the Before Awakening DLC (NOTE: For some reason, Before Awakening still breaks, if you enter Before Awakening a 3rd time, your game will crash, the best way would be to save and reset every 2 visits, this is the best I can do to fix it from the character's side, the other fix has to be done from Before Awakening itself) - Fixed the reclass glitch on Awakening Characters! You can now reclass them without any weird costume Glitches, however, they WILL keep their unique outfit regardless of class, and Chrom will keep his sword attack animations and idle pose. - Frederick is no longer a Unique Great Knight, he is now a normal Great Knight, if you reinstall and already had Frederick on your save, please Reclass your Frederick into a normal Great Knight if he is still in his Unique Lance only GK class, or else he'll have no horse. - HOPEFULLY, as of V3, no further updates should require an extdata wipe to reinstall (V3 itself does however require one.) IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED THAT NONE OF THESE UNITS BE USED IN MULTIPLAYER, ANY BUGS/CRASH/BANS ARE YOUR FAULT. V4 Notes: Added a Generic Witch named Arfoire! Human Lilith has been added (LILITH MAY RANDOMLY CRASH YOUR GAME FOR NO REASON, I AM NOT RESPONSABLE FOR ANY UNSAVED PROGRESS LOST, USE AT OWN RISK) - Fixed crashing bug for Sumeragi and Mikoto in revelation (this sadly requires an extdata backup/wipe. V5 Notes: - Fixed Red side crash on certain units (this sadly requires an extdata backup/wipe if updating from previous version, again, soz) - Added Cipher characters + Amiibos -The loading times when initially loading the extdata when first starting the game have been massively improved and shortened. V6 Notes: - Small Update, Added Arete! - she's a scaling character, she will scale proportional to your story progress. - She's also a Jakob/Felicia, a prepromote who can level up to 40 while having an internal level of -1 so she gains exp as fast as an unpromoted unit. The DLC has now been reduced to only 1 entry, the Awakening character assets now gives you Chrom/Lissa/Frederick and a generic Witch, Garon/Sumeragi/Mikoto/Human Lilith, Cipher Marth/Lucina/Minerva, and also all 4 amiibo units, they all now come equipped with a weapon! DOWNLOAD LINKS: V6 Links: English - https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvjsb2p481azhel/EnglishV6.7z?dl=1 Undub - https://www.dropbox.com/s/a43sn46r9o3tdno/UndubV6.7z?dl=1 fe14unit files (includes Chrom/Lissa/Frederick/Mikoto/Sumeragi/Garon/Lilith, THESE WILL NOT WORK IF THE DLC IS NOT INSTALLED) https://www.dropbox.com/s/dhnxur3m6umhzld/fe14unit.7z?dl=1 Assorted screenshots:
  4. In case people want to make bond units, all of the threads on a lot of forums are closed, so if you want to have bond units in 2019 and onward... Post your MyCastle Code, Path, and avatar's name in a spoiler How does one make a bond unit? Get each other's Calling Cards Get at least one accessory from the other player Continue giving them accessories each day (you won't lose these accessories) Voila! Why should you post your path? So that you can hand pick the pool of skills your bond unit gets. Always check your accessory page in your inbox and take their calling card and give them accessories. I'll just post all the possible skills in a spoiler.
  5. Would it be possible to capture a Kitsune/Wolfsegner on their stages with Kidnap/Capture, or are they un captureable?
  6. I have corrin and takumi as butlers. im having trouble with ryoma. how do i do it>
  7. so in cyrkeensia in birthright i beat xander and king garon. the avatar still thinks xander is so much stronger. Why? i beat garon with 1 turn.
  8. Honestly, I believe the old/new divide is New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow (a game I've never played bc it's hard to emulate). Anything before is rooted in the old formula (the one I prefer). There's a Kaga/Anime subdivide in there, but I won't get into that. It has weapon durability, deep stories filled with war, politics, evil gods, etc., no waifus (Genealogy does have marriage, but there's no self-insert of yourself, so no waifus), and no phoenix mode (I know casual mode exists. I'm fine with it). Sorry to sound elitist, but it's all the really good stuff. The new stuff is anything after, and its differences pander to the casuals. That's not a bad thing. I honestly like how there's a huge aspect on reclassing and customization. I (though I don't use it) think casual mode is a good crutch if you're scared of losing units and don't want to reset every time a unit dies. It's stories are meh (Awakening's is rushed, Fates' is bad, and Echoes is a remake, but Berkut and Fernand are new, so they make the original parts of the story great). Weapon durability was dropped in this era, and was handled well. The avatar gained priority over time (much to my dismay), and waifus (or husbandos) and children units went from a good idea to a unnecessary one. This era was more... experimental. New Mystery splices these two eras. It has a story and gameplay rooted in the old formula, and an avatar and casual mode from the new. That is what I say is the old/new divide.
  9. Save editing in Fates is actually pretty easy if you have the right tools in front of you. I wanted to make a basic guide that works with people who are unwilling to use CFW (to avoid getting console banned from the 3DS's online features) and those who honestly have no idea what they're doing. This guide will work for both a physical and digital copy of Fates, but only for Fates. How many paths you have is irrelevant, but I recommend clearing at the very least to Chapter 6 on the file you'd like to futz with. This is the bare minimum required to start editing: You must have access to Homebrew on your 3DS. It is necessary to extract your save file. Learn how here: https://3ds.guide/ To actually perform the extraction, you need JK's Save Manager. It's very easy to use, and there will be instructions in the guide. Get it here: https://github.com/J-D-K/JKSM/releases Lastly, you'll need a fantastic program called FEFTwiddler. This is what we'll be using for the actual futzing. I should clarify that you run this on your computer. Putting it on your 3DS SD card does nothing but occupy some space. Link: https://gbatemp.net/threads/feftwiddler-fire-emblem-fates-save-editor.422439/ Okay, you've got all that? Great. How to extract your save: Go to Homebrew with your launcher. I use soundhax. If you have set it up correctly and scroll down, you'll see JK's Save Manager. After selecting it, it will prompt you to pick a title. If you've got the physical version, it'll pop up as the first choice. For download, keep hitting right on the D-Pad until you find it, and select it. You'll be shown Save Data and Extra Data on the menu. Which one to select depends on where you saved the file you wanna mess with. If you only have one path purchased, you'll have 3 save slots. These are all under Save Data. You get 3 more save slots with the purchase of the opposite path, and another 3 with Revelation. These extra 6 are just that; extra. they're stored in your Extra Data. Select the option that corresponds with the location of the save you want to edit. The first option under both of these says "Extract Save/Extra Data" This is what you want. If you've never done this, the only option is "New". Name your folder whatever you want (I usually do the date of extraction), and press A to finish entering the name. It will then extract all of your data. Don't worry, this alone does not affect your game in any way. Everything is still there as you left it. After this is done, turn your 3DS off and take out the SD Card after it's all the way off. Pop it into your computer and open up the JKSV folder. Go to either Saves or ExtData and open the Fates folder. Look, a crapton of files you probably don't know what to do with! Congrats, you're ready to start editing! How to use FEFTwiddler: You'll see your save file right at the top. If you saved your game in the top of the first column, it'll be "Chapter0". For example, my Chapter0 is Halea, and, as you can see in the image, it's the first save in my extra data saves. Ebby would be "Chapter1", Ethan "Chapter2", and so on. Open Twiddler and click "File", then "Open File". Then just open the save file you wanna mess with, and go nuts! Some things you can do: You can change the class of any character, revive Scarlet in Revelation, let every character learn any skill (including class-exclusives, enemy/NPC exclusives, and Corrin-exclusives), S rank all of their weapon ranks, give them capped stats and Movement, Dragon Blood, and the ability to Heart Seal into DLC classes like Witch, Ballistician, Great Lord, Grandmaster, Lodestar, etc. It's crazy how much power you're given. Yes, you can make Gunter a Maid. It makes Rev's later chapters downright nightmarish, but you can do it. Not to mention that there are a ton of people on GBAtemp with crazy hacks you can insert into your game using Twiddler. Alright, let's get my changes into my game: After you've saved your changes, pop your SD card back into your 3DS and boot up Homebrew again. Go to Save Manager, then to Save or Extra. Press Import Save/Extra Data, and select the folder you've been using. Import this, and all of your changes should be in your game once you load it up! Note: If you want to make a big change, like hitting the big ? button, or trying to unplay chapters, I suggest making a backup of your pre-big change save, just in case it doesn't do what you expected. And that's it! I hope this helped you! Feel free to ask questions, but please keep in mind that I may not be able to answer them. See ya!
  10. I've recently started re-playing Fates again and I've been thinking a lot about the support conversations. I wasn't really excited about the children in this game, but I wanted to have the "best" platonic couples S rank each other purely because the support conversation between the two of them was great (and by "best" and "great" conversations, I mean that the two characters don't suddenly want each others babies for no reason by S rank, but they build up a close and meaningful relationship throughout C, B and A ranks). However, I'm far too lazy to have every character reach A rank to then look over the conversations myself and decide, and I really can't be bothered to watch videos on the support conversations. :/ So, in a short paragraph or in just a couple of sentences, what were your "best" support conversations in Fates? Perhaps don't try to lean towards saying, "xx character and xx character because their child gets xx ability..." because that, unless you then explain why the parents have a good relationship together, defeats the purpose of my question. (And I do understand that Fates had some bad characters in this game and not all of the conversations were designed to be cute and happy, as some reveal more backstory about another character, so just have fun with this.)
  11. So im about to go to my friends house to use his powersave. Does Omega Yato in birthright on corrin work? Can i give him lodestar class after i already have on another save? can i give them seals and the rank increase thing and then an s rank weapon on the second level?
  12. Hello everyone! I was just wondering how many still prefer Fates over Echoes, or how many of you at least play Fates on a regular basis. I used to be an avid player- but not once have I had an active friends list on my 3ds (i have one registered friend), let alone a decent group of people actively visiting my castle and exchanging recources with me on Fates in particular. Keep in mind having people on your friends list allows you to see them separately from other fates players by choosing to visit their castle via friends list. I will give my friend code as well as my castle address. (Maybe you only need my friend code) After you add me, feel free to post yours here so everyone else on this post can exchange info! Friend Code (add this and see if it puts my castle in your friends tab): 3025-0593-7620 If that doesnt allow you to see my castle for some reason, heres my castle address: 09990-39058-67245-10383 It would also be nice if we could try to create as many bond units as possible. Also, i started a new conquest save and im on ch. 8. However, im no newbie at FE. Feel free to add!
  13. I am planning to do an avatar only run of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. If you are interested in submitting your Avatar here are the rules:1. I will take up to 15 Avatars for my team. Therefore, any unit that you submit has to be in a base class with a max level of 10.2. Up to two units of the same class can be used. I will keep an updated list of the units and the classes that have been taken. Any class can be including DLC classes and the Avatar class.3. Up to 3 Avatars can be submitted per person.4. My castle is a North American castle, so I can only accept units that are also from North America.To submit an Avatar, follow these steps:1. Choose Branch of Fate in the main menu.2. Create the unit.3. Choose whichever side.4. If you can, boost your unit with Dragon Herbs and Boots.5. If your unit will be a class except the avatar class, re-class them into the class beforehand.6. Equip with unit with any skills you want, including DLC skills7. Post your My Castle Address here with the unit’s boon and bane and the class you would like me to promote the unit.If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will answer as soon as I can.I will have this open in the Fire Emblem Amino, Fire Emblem reddit, and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Conquest Gamefaqs Boards, so if you want to submit there feel free to do so.Current Units:1. Nino (+Mag,-Str) Lvl. 8 Dark Mage by BladeThePieEater (Amino)2. Cynthia (+HP, -Res)Lvl. 10 Troubadour by PaladinGabe (Amino) 3. Ulysses (+Mag, -Res) Lv. 10 Wyvern Rider by Quinnfy 4. Collin (+Skl, -Mag) Lv. 10 Mercenary by Collin1002 5. Gabe (+HP, -Res) Lvl. 9 Cavalier by PaladinGabe (Amino) 6. Ashie (+Str, -Lck) Lvl.10 Outlaw by vampragonlord (Gamefaqs) 7. Yuzuriha (+Spd, -Mag) Lvl. 1 Swordmaster (promoted at level 10 so it still counts) by private_pwnge (Gamefaqs)8. Evan (+Str, -Lck) Lvl. 10 Spear Fighter by EarthAdept (Gamefaqs)9. Harriet (+Lck, -Res) Lvl. 11 Archer by Soulavenger69 (Gamefaqs)10. Cynthia (+HP, -Res)Lvl. 10 Dark Mage by PaladinGabe (Amino)11. Kellam (+Def, -Mag) Lv. 9 Knight by flareblitz64 (Gamefaqs)12. Glade (+HP, -Mag) Lv.10 Cavalier by Reyvadinvmax (Reddit)13. Vance (+Spd, -HP) Lvl. 8 Sky Knight by ImNotASadist (Reddit)14. Granuaile (+Spd, -HP) Lvl. 9 Oni Savage by Owain's our Main (Amino)15. Cypher (+Def/-Mag) Lvl. 10 Sky Knight by Solocross (Gamefaqs) EDIT: I have all the units I need! Thank you so much for your help guys!
  14. Hello! I'm trying to fix the fates storyline to make it more bearable, but since this is my first time doing any significant hacking I want to make sure I have my steps right. It's my understanding that I need to: 1) Either dump or decrypt the CIA on my 3ds to my PC 2) Extract the CIA onto my PC 3) Edit the text via FE Tools or FE Conversation Editor 4) Take whatever changes I made and make a patch/apply it to the game. This part I'm pretty fuzzy on. 5) Celebrate! Does that sound about right, or am I missing something? Also if I can get a little help with step 4 that would be fantastic! Thank you!
  15. HI, I'm new to the hacking scene and decided I want twin Kanas. Now, the problem is that I already recruited my single femKana. and so what I did to accomplish this was to just recruit a logbook Kana and just remove his recruited status and einherjar status using FEFTwiddler, but I would like to know if there is a better way of achieving this?
  16. Hi, I'm doing a Conquest Lunatc/Classic run. I need help with my skillsets. My pairs are: Xander/Effie Camilla/Arthur Leo/Felicia MU/Soleil Keaton/Selena Nyx/Jakob Charlotte/Kaze Odin/Elise Laslow/Peri Niles/Azura Silas/Mozu Benny/Beruka Classes: MU: Nohr Noble Soleil: Nohr Noble Odin: Sorcerer Arthur: Hero Xander: Paladin Leo: Dark Knight Felicia: Maid Camilla: Malig Knight Effie: Great Knight Elise: Strategist Keaton: Wolfssenger Selena: Hero Kaze: Master Ninja Charlotte: Hero Laslow: Hero Peri: Great Knight Kana: Nohr Noble Shigure: Falcon Knight Niles: Bow Knight Azura: Songstress Nina: Adventurer Silas: Paladin Mozu: Dread Fighter Sophie: Paladin Forrest: Strategist Ophelia: Sorcerer Percy: Wyvern Knight Benny: General Ignatius: General Siegbert: Paladin Midori: Merchant Velouria: Wolfssenger Flora: Maid Beruka: Wyvern Knight Nyx: Dark Knight Gunter: Great Knight Shura:Adventurer Jakob: Butler Izana: Onmyoji Dwyer: Strategist Do include skills that you can obtain from My Castles and DLC Skills. Also, include skillsets for the children aswell.
  17. Intro: Welcome to my review of Fire Emblem: Fates wherein I will share with you, what I liked, didn't like, and everything in between. Let's get stared! Story: Choose a path! Gameplay: An SRPG that introduces new objectives with each chapters and choice that affect the story's direction. A first for the Fire Emblem series. The Good: Graphics: A huge step up from Awakening, for one the characters are more lively, more detailed and visibly show emotion for the first time since Radiant Dawn. Character models are also a million times more detailed. I wish I could the say the same of the level design, though, it feels bland in comparison to what Awakening. Music: Enjoyable but as not listen-able on repeat as Awakening's, at least in my opinion. The Bad: Story: The three paths are straightforward to the untrained eye, but as someone who plays for story, I have enough problem with Fates' writing for an "Everything Wrong With..." video, I'll not spoil what those problems are for those who haven't played the game. Basically, following exposition, you're forced to choose between the two warring nations of Hoshido and Nohr, with a third choice that essentially has you going neutral. Each one of them affects the direction the rest of the story takes. If only the paths weren't pre-determined by your purchase... Support system: What led to this review, Fates' support system that's broken and poorly-executed, best example is support rank A+. A character can only reach this with one other character, sometimes the unintended one. This can completely screw a character out of a certain class. Marriage works much the same way, though both parties gain a new class. Speaking of marriage, second generation units return in this game, though their presence is explained as poorly as Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is programmed, leading to controversy. The kids don't even impact the story like they did in Awakening! The Ugly: MyCastle and online play: Whilst Awakening had the Star Fox-esque straight path to the finish, Fates introduces the customizable MyCastle, which acts as a resting area in between chapters, it's where you obtain, buy and sell items through the buildings you can add to it. It's also where you access the game's online features, though that it's own can of worms. Multiple versions: The selling point of Fates is its choose-a-path system which was supposed to be a simple in-game mechanic. It ended up turning into Pokemon Emblem and it certainly shows which certain characters and other elements only appearing in certain versions of the game. Needless to say, no one, especially not me, is a fan of this. I absolutely hate having to pay extra for a full-priced retail game. Conclusion: Fire Emblem: Fates is a game with as many problems as good things, though the good will be more noticeable than the bad, at least to a casual fan. I recommend this to longtime fans for its story and higher overall difficulty and for beginners who just want to experience the game without having to worry about RNJesus. Either way, the path is yours to climb.
  18. So yeah, I exist. And so does this topic. which will take you to another topic that has the challenge in it It's about this challenge I'm doing, which is a no healing run of Birthright on Lunatic, nothing special. And by no healing... I mean it. I will not allow any healing whatsoever in my army. At. All. http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/topic/9309621/1/ With that said, here's the link to the topic! It's currently at Chapter 5.
  19. Welcome one and all ( at least I hope it's more than one) to the my art thread. I'm pretty much new to this so if I screw up at all sorry. Anyway, I figured I should take some of my art from my DA of the same name *cough*checkitout*cough* and post it here, particullarly my FE art of course. I mainly do Sonic stuff but I'm gonna try and limit that the amount I post here to few if any and leave it that for if people actually wanna check out my DA, don't wanna bore people with the same thing. Otherwise I do FE art (though not much) and some spriting, mainly for Sonic, though I do have one or two for other games. Anyway, onto the art. FE stuff: Misc: and just a bit of Sonic stuff If your noticing a difference in style in the human stuff that's because some of this stuff was before I actually figured my own out. Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you like what you see.
  20. So, with the Release of the Delocalization script patch for the Western versions (USA) of Fates release, I thought I'd make a separate thread for reporting any bugs found, this is because the font itself has changed from versions of the game, and as such some of the text may clip out in certain places or plain look weird/out of place. This would be the place to report any of these issues so as not to clutter the Restoration Content thread. CURRENTLY KNOWN BUGS: report and see reported bugs HERE. Do note that because not everything was translated sometimes characters may be referred to by their localized names, DO NOT REPORT IF THIS HAPPENS WITHIN A SUPPORT CONVERSATION! SUPPORTS ARE BEING WORKED ON BY THE TRANSLATORS! Anywhere else please report with exact details where it happens, Chapter it happens, line of dialogue of where it happens, who is being incorrectly called by their name, etc, screenshots would also be appreciated! Most "????" errors in the script are caused by untranslated dialogue. Do note that the entire script is being looked at and some stuff retranslated by the new team, so this patch may get redone from the ground up.
  21. How would people feel about if there is enough interest and discussion. Piggybacking off Icy Toasts thread here If we were to set up tournaments or like a semi competitive metagame around this concept? Like we usually make a meta around the LTC aspects, but how about this as well? Thoughts?
  22. Every time I think I know just about everything, another anomaly appears in 5 vs 5 wifi battles. I was doing extremely well and had only lost once in the past month and a half. Then along comes a team full of Midori's.... All of them ninjas with maxed out speed and skill. Actually, 4 Midori's and 1 Shigure with all rally skills. The maxed out speed + the rallies were only able to, at best, match my own speed. Here was my team: -Avatar, Nohr noble. Supporting Hinoka as a swordmaster with a maxed hagakure blade. -Setsuna as a ninja, supporting Midori as a ninja. -Xander as a paladin with 57 defense. Hinoka had an avoid of 137, plus "shuriken breaker". That gave her 187 avoid in total against the midoris. Hinokas Hit was 213. Hinoka, supported by MU, gets ready to obliterate one of the midoris who was finally in range. I go to preview my attack, and discover that Hinoka only has a 37% hit rate against midori. The opposing midori does not have swordbreaker. And if this isnt swell enough already, I discover that the opposing midori has a full 100% hit rate against hinoka!!! My own Midori and Setsuna were able to match the opposing team on the battlefield. Xander had like, a 15% Hit rate against them. His defense was very good, but it didnt do any good against midoris Lethality. Heres my question: -I understand that shuriken beats swords in the weapon triangle. Does this really add THAT much to their Hit and Avo in battles???? -What build would you suggest to be able to counter one of these teams? -Would equipping Hinoka with a maxed Dual Katana completely obliterate ninjas? Im thinking of swapping out Xander for kinshi knight takumi with a surefire yumi. Triangle advantage + Movement/attack range. Thoughts? Keep in mind that this was not a castle battle. They didnt have Avo or Hit bonuses from buildings.
  23. This level, while well designed is incredibly fucking annoying and I've been trying to clear it for about a week. How did you manage to get through it? Which side is the best to approach the main hallway from? Tips on taking care of both iago and hans?
  24. ^ If I were to create a ruleset for an online Fire Emblem Fates Tournament, would anyone join?
  25. Just saw this a few minutes ago. There's also one that includes Robin, Chrom, Ike, Tiki, Roy Lucina, Marth, the twins, Micaiah and Ike on a character select stage! It's always nice seeing more FE shirts! :) The artist of the Fates design also made a design for Awakening last year, but I definitely like this one a lot better! http://theyetee.com/
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