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Found 44 results

  1. To celebrate Fire Emblem's 30th anniversary, my friends and I decided to retranslate the lyrics from the original Fire Emblem opera that was created for the commercials for FE1 back in 1990. We did our best to make these new lyrics fit the timing of the originals, so that they could be sung like the original song. We also took the time to create a music video to go alongside the song, featuring scenes from every main series game to go alongside the lyrics. We hope you enjoy!
  2. (Crossposted from FEU.) At First, There Are Dark Dragon, Falchion Sword, And… Fire Emblem. This is a port of Fire Emblem 1 into SRPG Studio. The current version covers the first six chapters of the original game. The instructions are very simple. Extract the file and run the game. I initially made it procrastinating from creating a chapter for a competition on FEU, which probably wasn’t a very good idea. Here’s a feature list: FE1 tileset completely ported into SRPG Studio complete with animations All FE1 map sprites ported for all classes Relevant portraits upscaled to meed SRPG Studio requirements Original FE1 music included Original FE1 font used (courtesy of JtheDuelist) FE3 weapon icons used Names consistent with Quirino translation patch And some screenshots: Preemptive question answering: Will you finish this? - Maybe, maybe not. 25 chapters is a significant undertaking. Why don’t you use official names? - I don’t like some of the choices the localisers made for character names, so all names are the Japanese ones for consistency. Why don’t you have a fancy name for this? - I’m terrible with names. I’ll just use the original name for now. And most importantly, the download: Dropbox Enjoy. EDIT: Updated to FEE3 release.
  3. Hello there, I recently started getting into hacking FE1 just out for curiosity. I just wondered how Pointers in there work exactly since I couldn't find a single one. I looked up in the internet and found this way for NES Pointers: Take the offset, subtract 10, delete the first number so you get a 2 bytes number. Flip the bytes and look for them in you game. As I mentioned I couldn't find a single one. Not for the menus, not for the text so I feel, like I need a bit help on this.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3-uZfHf2y4 Nintendo is bringing the original Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light to NSO for its March update although only for its Japanese Famicom app. Note: You can freely download the app if you have an account set to Japan and you can use whichever account that has the online subscription to play it.
  5. "What if everyone did use ballistae instead?" So here's a quickly-made (as in the span of a night and an afternoon) hack of FE1 where all units except for Marth, Draug, Ogma, Barst, Hardin, Jeorge, Astram, fliers, magic users, dragons, generals, bosses, and playable thieves are now ballisticians. The catch? All playable units not recruited from enemies have retained their stats from the vanilla game. Shops and stats of certain characters and items have been altered to revolve around the ballista-infested game. Primary changes include: Let me know if there's anything I missed. Have fun! Here's the link, patch it to a clean untranslated FE1 rom: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9uqlfgybkgyfc9i/Ballistafest.ips?dl=0
  6. Fire Emblem: Ankokuryuu to Hikari no Ken translation project Hakoda Maki Map 13 onwards As this manga has been licensed, this translation project was founded on and intended for educational purposes only. We fully support the official translation (assuming there will be one at some point). Manga synopsis Before the release of Shadow Dragon, the manga was released in accordance to FE1. This follows the story of Marth and his quest of reclaiming his homeland, although most may know Marth from the Super Smash Bros. series. This manga does not strictly follow the events of the original FE1 game or its remake, but it provides a good insight into the characters and how they behave towards one another during the time of a great war. Familiar faces are seen, although please note not all characters of Shadow Dragon are in the manga. Overall, the series vary on dark and humorous notes. The story follows the general path of the game, however there are turns that are unique to the artist and not present in Shadow Dragon. This series also has an accompanying CD Drama that spans 4 volumes. Downloads and more information about it can be found HERE. Where we stand In terms of translation, Volumes 1, 2 and part of 3 have been translated by a third party HERE as well as raws of the other volumes. There are 12 volumes altogether, with 5 maps to each one. Some may have more to include 'gaiden' chapters, which are basically in-depth flashbacks. This project aims to translate from Map 13 (Volume 3) onwards following the radio silence on the first team's end. As of May, the translation project has two teams involved to speed up the translation process and integrate fully with CalculusWhiz's independent project (...no pun intended). Their translations can be viewed online HERE, but volumes 3-6 have been translated from Chinese, not the original Japanese. As this is a translation of a translation, there are several aspects that fall short, such as the original puns. We appreciate any and all support for the project. Just give us a shout to let us know you're out there and that all this work is making someone in the world happy. Trust me, it's a lot quicker to read than to be behind the scenes. Please also take the time to visit CalculusWhiz's Facebook group for updates, stalker reasons, comments or to support him/us with a like. This is also the first point of release. We also had our website HERE, but we are now no longer able to upload to it. For third party users, this is also a good place to leave comments without having a SF account or disclosing your identity using FB. We hope you continue to follow our progress and thank you for taking the time to read through all this. We will try to update frequently and keep you posted as and when a new map is available. As always, thank you for your patience, hope you enjoy reading and please spread the word! Important announcements May 2012 - The project has branched into two teams. The original team will continue from Volume 3 and CalculusWhiz and I will continue from Volume 7. 1 October 2012 - Maps 13-16 and 31-34 have been enhanced and reuploaded. Please download the relevant files for a more fulfilling experience of Fire Emblem reading. November 7 2012 - Maps will no longer be uploaded singly for download. Instead, files will be uploaded to my SkyDrive, which enables online viewing as well as file downloads. Volume downloads are still available. August 2013 - For no apparent reason, the ddsol site no longer wants us to upload maps onto there. Please note that future maps will be hosted onto SkyDrives, the download links for full volumes and various manga sites such as Animea and MangaFox. 22 May 2014 - Volumes 3,4,5,7,8,9,10 and 11 have been reuploaded for insane consistency and reformatting purposes. Edits include but are not limited to those listed here. Maps 1-12 and CW's maps 29-30.2 will also become available on the SkyDrive for overall easy access of the manga. 11 April 2015 - After over 3 years on this project, final chapter is released. Downloads Maps 1-12 can be downloaded on the Serenes Forest manga page. These are also uploaded on SkyDrive but we do not take credit for them. This was done by the original team some years back. Hakoda notes Volumes 1 and 2 All files from map 13 onwards are available on SkyDrive for online reading and/or download. Volume 3 | 4shared | Mediafire | (this also includes the pre-translated maps 11 and 12) Volume 4 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 5 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 6 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 7 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 8 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 9 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 10 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 11 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 12 | 4shared | Mediafire | Should you want to upload these elsewhere, please go ahead but please keep the credits pages intact! Thank you for your cooperation. Members Volumes 3-6 Jeorge - Translator and Editor Dokutayuu - Proof-reader Darros - Proof-reader Ike-Mike - Editor Volumes 7 onwards Crazy Foxie (still Jeorge) - Translator and Second Editor CalculusWhiz - Translator and First Editor Other manga translation projects you may like FE4 Genealogy of the Holy War by O-sawa Mitsuki (In progress, credits to Tomoyo) FE4 Seisen no Keifu by Fujimori Nuts (Complete part 1, credits to AceNoctali) FE4 Seisen no Keifu by Fujimori Nuts (Complete part 2, credits to TheEnd) FE4 Light Inheritor by Fuyuki Nea (Complete, credits to TheEnd) Miscellaneous material you may like FE3 All of Fire Emblem Guidebook FE1 Ankokuryuu to Hikari no Ken CD Drama (Hakoda Maki) FE1 CD Drama (Masaki Sano, Kyo Watanabe)
  7. Now that I am all done with Thracia I decided to start with FE 1. I have finished the first chapter and would like to ask a few questions about the game mechanics: 1. How does doubling work in this game? Do I just need to have more speed than the enemy? 2. Can I somehow view weapon stats inside the game? Or do I have to google those? D: 3. Is it worthwhile to try and level-up stave users? Since they can only level-up by being attacked this seems like an extreme, and dangerous, chore. Also I don't know much about the viability of the units so I am going to go with whoever I like best, so far focusing my efforts on Marth and Sheeda. Other than that it is funny that after playing games from SNES era it is much easier to jump back to NES games than it was originally. One of the reasons I decided to start with FE4 before was that the NES games felt way too old/clunky, so I guess it was too big of a jump all at once. Right now the game doesn't feel nearly as bad as it did at the beginning and I think I can enjoy it a lot. :D
  8. So I am trying to restart my Youtube stuff after a long time of going silent. I didn't exactly know where to put this since it isnt a Let's Play or a Stream. This is more of a review in the style of ClementJ642's Final Fantasy Retrospective, a more scripted video. This is also my first time doing something like this with a script and editing, so I am open to getting criticism. I know there are some minor sound issues but had no idea how to fix them. So anyway, please give your thoughts on this and if I need to put it in another section of the forum please tell me.
  9. Has anyone ever attempted to hack in the cut chapters and characters into Book 1? I know data for the cut characters (I.E. Wrys, Darros, Roger, Jake, Beck and Gotoh) are in the games data and they even have stats but no portraits. I know next to nothing about SNES hacking but would it be possible to restore them?
  10. Seriously, does anyone actually like FE1? Noone really talks about the darn thing and I'd thought I'd bring it up and ask what people honestly think of it, and if anyone actually enjoys playing the game. Personally, I love the thing for whatever reason. I think its mostly because of all it's corkyness. I'm also not really bothered by the controls.
  11. We all know that in FE4, all the maps more or less come together to form the whole of Jugdral. I was wondering, could the same be done with the Archanean maps? An example of this I can think of are chapters 7 and 8 of FE3B2, since the two take place in the same area, just further north in the latter chapter. Has anyone ever tried piecing the maps together to get a rough outline of a full in game Archanean map?
  12. What if the fire emblem heroes were to fall and all their adventures were given to random people? The fire emblem has been corrupted by the presence of the fell dragons, now a lone group of adventurers must travel to the different worlds and pick up where the fallen heroes started. (roleplay is welcome to everyone, would prefer it if we roleplayed on discord. Canon and ocs are allowed
  13. At First, There Is an Earth Dragon, The Falchion Blade, And What is this? This is a Complete, made from scratch Fire Emblem 1 Translation. It aims at Having a better writing than the other translations, by taking inspiration from Fire Emblem 3 and Fire Emblem 11. Want some screenshots? Sure! Features The stuff you care about: - Complete Translation of the script/menu of FE1 , with some adjustement to the script to make it feel more modern. - New font, to replace the boring old one. - New shiny title screen!(see the beggining of the post for it) The boring technical stuff: - Made the font arrangement accurate to ascii standards, thus making it compatible with ea's(event assembler) String command, making it buildfile compatible, which makes space management/error debugging a million time easier Credit list: Darrman and Celice, For their amazing notes, and help from darr, Nintenlord/CrazyColorz5, For making/updating Event Assembler, Kabocha/Kabby/Kabochigo/Stopchangingnamepls For some graphical help with the fonts. Other Stuff: I plan to release this for FEE3 or before if i manage to get chapte 1-6 completed in time. Chapter 5 and 6 will be showcased at fee3.
  14. If you are one of those special people that managed to buy an NES Classic this past year, then I have some good news for you. In the past few months, applications like Hakchi and RetroArch allow us to put any NES, SNES, GBA, and many more onto our NES. Now it is possible to play Fire Emblem 1 all the way through to 8 on your television. Of course you can always play emulations on your computer, but I've always enjoyed playing NES and SNES on the big screen. The menu music now is the 8 bit FE theme song. I'm thinking about making an entire FE theme for the NES Classic. I hope this thread inspires someone else with a mini to download the FE titles. This tutorial is not mine, but it is the best one out there right now. NOTICE*- The GBA games (FE6, FE7, FE8) require a Wii Pro Controler if you would like to enjoy the full experience. It is still possible to play them, but the NES controller does not have bumpers.
  15. So I made a FE1 hack, a little different from the GBA norm. It's just one chapter and is really more of a chapter to test my hacking and design skills. Please leave some feedback, as it is much appreciated. It has jokes, but the script is pretty generic and short. Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bwa6P6lGt3ZacC1XLTNTcUg1cnM
  16. Title says all so I was wondering as I just recently got done playing Dark Dragon and Sword of Light. At one point on one of the chapters Garnef tells Marth that Medeus is of no threat to him and that he has him completely under his control with the Falchion and Mafu/Imhullu in his hands. So I was wondering is this true? Or is he just bluffing? Could Garnef really if he wanted to beat Medeus? Is he strong enough to do it? Seeing as to how early he ''dies'' in the game he doesn`t even make it to the final chapter to fight alongside Medeus. So yeah what do you guys think? Game stats aside I wonder if Garnef truly could put down Medeus if he wanted I mean I guess he could since he is immortal with Mafu and only Starlight could hurt him..But Medeus is half immortal too since Earth Dragons cannot be harmed normally well they can be is just hard. And seeing as to how Medeus is I think if he heard that he would totally turn on Garnef and try and take him down he seems like that type.
  17. (post withdrawn by author)
  18. Well that didn't last so long for the reigning champion to go down. Anyway, Ogma or Barst? It's up to you!
  19. It was a good run for Marth, but he couldn't stand against Wrys and his fanbase. Now, it's between Ogma and Wrys and who wins is up to you!
  20. If you pick him as your favorite, you'll be very glad you did. Anyway, choose between Marth and Wrys on who is your favorite!
  21. Well it looks like Marth and Caeda have to face off against each other...great job guys. Anyway, choose a favorite between Marth and Caeda.
  22. This is a fairly fast and quick thing. Title says all so about FE1 the item storage I can`t seem to find when I search the limit and it`s been so long since I played FE1 so I forgot. So do any of you remember how many items you can store in the item bank in this game? I know the number was quite low and I need to know the exact amount because I am an item hoarder in fire emblem I buy a lot of everything cause ya know? Always will be ready for anything that way. But I remember FE1 it being hard to keep supplies for everyone. Thanks in advance because I will hoard the space up quick fast in no time. Also am I the only one who has a buying addiction in FE? Lol :P I just can`t ever feel properly prepared with having a ton of items haha.
  23. I had to do a coin flip and Marth won. Now he must face Draug/Doga and who wins is entirely up to you!
  24. Gosh, Marth has been steamrolling through this battle royale so far. However, that can all change against the beast of a man that Gaggles is. Anyway, go ahead and choose your favorite.
  25. Does Gharnef still leave after around turn 5? And does he move at all, like in FE3 Book 1 and FE11?
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