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Found 83 results

  1. Fire Emblem If Fan Translation version 4.2 (available now!) Hey everyone! It's been seven months since the last patch release. Since then, the project was passed on to a new group of fans. But we're still Team If, and we're doing our best to finish the rest of the game for you guys. From now on, all patch releases and files can be found on our GitHub. This makes it easier for us to host patches, push updates more quickly, and track issues in a more organized manner. GitHub Repository: https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation Current Release: https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation/releases/latest Instructions and Other Tutorials: https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation/wiki DLC Patching Instructions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mh907whp57ecb2m/Guide.rtf?dl=0 The plan is to update the repository on a monthly basis while assembling ready-to-use patch releases once certain milestones have been reached. If you find any issues while playing with the patch, please let us know! We're using GitHub's issue tracker to keep track of typos and other potential problems. Issue Tracker: https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation/issues Current Progress (updated 2/7/2017) Credits: As always, we're on the lookout for new team members! If you'd like to lend a hand and either know Japanese or have a firm grasp of English grammar, we'd be happy to have you. For more information, just shoot me a PM.
  2. *Name pending, probably Have you ever wanted more Awakening in your Fates??? More ripoff kids??? More cowbell??? Here you are!!! This hack plans to add new Fates-expy characters as additional children. This is currently in the early stages, but I hope that soon enough I'll have a proper patch that people can download and play. This is my first Fates hack, and my first foray into 3DS hacking in general, so things might take time as I get used to the engine and learn more about it. I'm open to suggestions, criticism, possible requests, etc. So, let's get into the features: NEW UNITS By the full of release of this patch, I aim to have both Blair and Qu'lon as fully functionable, recruitable child units. Ideally, supports will be released over time afterwards- the priority is for them to exist as playable characters. Afterwards, if there's enough interest, maybe I'll include other child units? Who knows. PROGRESS [BLAIR] Custom Unit: Partially Completed Import Libra's hair from Awakening. Hair needs to be retextured and reimported; need to figure out how to get hair to inherit onto the model correctly. Custom face. Add unique class textures. Add unique portraits. Needs to be re-imported with minor tweaks. Add unique map sprite. Needs to be re-imported with minor tweaks. Add MyCastle dialogue. Import Libra's voice lines to Fates. Partially complete. Need some help rebuilding the .bcsar. I might see if I can get a voice actor to help out with lines. Add functioning Live2D model. Paralogue Implementation: Partially Completed Write script for paralogue. Tweak map itself, playtest accordingly. Tweak cutscenes. Successfully implement paralogue. Support Implementation: Early Stages Set up Blair's support ID and index, get supports working properly ingame. Izana & Blair PC support Additional Izana supports (Permission received from valadren and jamespeppersalt to use their supports) Takumi C-S* Niles C-S* Nyx C-S* Yukimura C-S Nina PC* Kiragi PC Blair supports Corrin (M/F) C-S Mitama C-S Caeldori C-S Rhajat C-S Asugi C-S Odin C-A Selena C-A Laslow C-A Kana (M/F) PC * = Written by someone else, but implemented into the patch with permission. After Blair has progressed enough to be released as a stable patch, I'll likely begin work on Qu'lon. I hope everyone will stick around to see how things progress over time!
  3. First of all, this is a custom built DLC by myself, meaning, THIS IS ONLY USABLE WITH CFW! It should also be noted that this DLC is for the western (USA) versions of FE Fates. DO NOT USE FBI TO INSTALL! USE BIGBLUEMENU INSTEAD. To uninstall the old version, an extdata wipe is needed, go to 3DS System Settings > Extra Data, and delete your FE Fates extra data, if you want to keep your saves, you'll need extra steps involving JK's Save manager. To keep your saves located in extra data, in JK's Save Manager, chose to dump the extra data for Fire Emblem Fates, inside the extdata dump, you will have a bunch of files starting with "g_", these are the asset files that need to be deleted, delete those from the extdata dump, delete your extra data from System Settings, then with JK's Save Manager inject your extdata back in after having deleted all of the "g_" files EXCEPT g_contents.bin V3 Notes: - Reconstructed Awakening Characters so that they no longer conflict with the Before Awakening DLC (NOTE: For some reason, Before Awakening still breaks, if you enter Before Awakening a 3rd time, your game will crash, the best way would be to save and reset every 2 visits, this is the best I can do to fix it from the character's side, the other fix has to be done from Before Awakening itself) - Fixed the reclass glitch on Awakening Characters! You can now reclass them without any weird costume Glitches, however, they WILL keep their unique outfit regardless of class, and Chrom will keep his sword attack animations and idle pose. - Frederick is no longer a Unique Great Knight, he is now a normal Great Knight, if you reinstall and already had Frederick on your save, please Reclass your Frederick into a normal Great Knight if he is still in his Unique Lance only GK class, or else he'll have no horse. - HOPEFULLY, as of V3, no further updates should require an extdata wipe to reinstall (V3 itself does however require one.) IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED THAT NONE OF THESE UNITS BE USED IN MULTIPLAYER, ANY BUGS/CRASH/BANS ARE YOUR FAULT. V4 Notes: Added a Generic Witch named Arfoire! Human Lilith has been added (LILITH MAY RANDOMLY CRASH YOUR GAME FOR NO REASON, I AM NOT RESPONSABLE FOR ANY UNSAVED PROGRESS LOST, USE AT OWN RISK) - Fixed crashing bug for Sumeragi and Mikoto in revelation (this sadly requires an extdata backup/wipe. V5 Notes: - Fixed Red side crash on certain units (this sadly requires an extdata backup/wipe if updating from previous version, again, soz) - Added Cipher characters + Amiibos -The loading times when initially loading the extdata when first starting the game have been massively improved and shortened. V6 Notes: - Small Update, Added Arete! - she's a scaling character, she will scale proportional to your story progress. - She's also a Jakob/Felicia, a prepromote who can level up to 40 while having an internal level of -1 so she gains exp as fast as an unpromoted unit. The DLC has now been reduced to only 1 entry, the Awakening character assets now gives you Chrom/Lissa/Frederick and a generic Witch, Garon/Sumeragi/Mikoto/Human Lilith, Cipher Marth/Lucina/Minerva, and also all 4 amiibo units, they all now come equipped with a weapon! DOWNLOAD LINKS: V6 Links: English - https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvjsb2p481azhel/EnglishV6.7z?dl=1 Undub - https://www.dropbox.com/s/a43sn46r9o3tdno/UndubV6.7z?dl=1 fe14unit files (includes Chrom/Lissa/Frederick/Mikoto/Sumeragi/Garon/Lilith, THESE WILL NOT WORK IF THE DLC IS NOT INSTALLED) https://www.dropbox.com/s/dhnxur3m6umhzld/fe14unit.7z?dl=1 Assorted screenshots:
  4. I've been playing through FE13 on HM/Ironman, asking my partner to choose all of my pairings. I realized her method for pairings units is visual, she picks whoever look like a cute couple and then confirm the pairing if they visually mesh with their children. I usually pair units based on either optimization or specific builds I have in mind for that run, so this has been an extremely unique experience. So far it's been a lot of fun playing through with another entirely different system for pairings, and I'm curious how others here determine their pairings.
  5. I had a crazy headcanon the other day and wanted to see what SF thought about it. Occasionally, I find myself wondering what the other side of the Dragon's Gate looks like. We never actually get to see the other side of it. BUT there is one other location in the series that we know of called the Dragon's Gate: The one in Fateslandia. What if Fates is set in the future on the other side of Elibe's Dragon's Gate. We do know that both Dragons and Humans lived past the Dragon's Gate which matches up with Fates' world. The Dragon's Gate exists in both Elibe and Fateslandia, and Fateslandia - as far as we know - lacks any other ties to other places (save for dimensional travel). Does anyone have any opinions on this? Thoughts they could add to this? This possibility blew my mind when I thought of it, even if it is just strung together by a few coincidences. I really wasn't sure which section to put this in, but figured I'd put it here given that there are two distinct Elibean games to pull from vs Fate's three variations.
  6. Save editing in Fates is actually pretty easy if you have the right tools in front of you. I wanted to make a basic guide that works with people who are unwilling to use CFW (to avoid getting console banned from the 3DS's online features) and those who honestly have no idea what they're doing. This guide will work for both a physical and digital copy of Fates, but only for Fates. How many paths you have is irrelevant, but I recommend clearing at the very least to Chapter 6 on the file you'd like to futz with. This is the bare minimum required to start editing: You must have access to Homebrew on your 3DS. It is necessary to extract your save file. Learn how here: https://3ds.guide/ To actually perform the extraction, you need JK's Save Manager. It's very easy to use, and there will be instructions in the guide. Get it here: https://github.com/J-D-K/JKSM/releases Lastly, you'll need a fantastic program called FEFTwiddler. This is what we'll be using for the actual futzing. I should clarify that you run this on your computer. Putting it on your 3DS SD card does nothing but occupy some space. Link: https://gbatemp.net/threads/feftwiddler-fire-emblem-fates-save-editor.422439/ Okay, you've got all that? Great. How to extract your save: Go to Homebrew with your launcher. I use soundhax. If you have set it up correctly and scroll down, you'll see JK's Save Manager. After selecting it, it will prompt you to pick a title. If you've got the physical version, it'll pop up as the first choice. For download, keep hitting right on the D-Pad until you find it, and select it. You'll be shown Save Data and Extra Data on the menu. Which one to select depends on where you saved the file you wanna mess with. If you only have one path purchased, you'll have 3 save slots. These are all under Save Data. You get 3 more save slots with the purchase of the opposite path, and another 3 with Revelation. These extra 6 are just that; extra. they're stored in your Extra Data. Select the option that corresponds with the location of the save you want to edit. The first option under both of these says "Extract Save/Extra Data" This is what you want. If you've never done this, the only option is "New". Name your folder whatever you want (I usually do the date of extraction), and press A to finish entering the name. It will then extract all of your data. Don't worry, this alone does not affect your game in any way. Everything is still there as you left it. After this is done, turn your 3DS off and take out the SD Card after it's all the way off. Pop it into your computer and open up the JKSV folder. Go to either Saves or ExtData and open the Fates folder. Look, a crapton of files you probably don't know what to do with! Congrats, you're ready to start editing! How to use FEFTwiddler: You'll see your save file right at the top. If you saved your game in the top of the first column, it'll be "Chapter0". For example, my Chapter0 is Halea, and, as you can see in the image, it's the first save in my extra data saves. Ebby would be "Chapter1", Ethan "Chapter2", and so on. Open Twiddler and click "File", then "Open File". Then just open the save file you wanna mess with, and go nuts! Some things you can do: You can change the class of any character, revive Scarlet in Revelation, let every character learn any skill (including class-exclusives, enemy/NPC exclusives, and Corrin-exclusives), S rank all of their weapon ranks, give them capped stats and Movement, Dragon Blood, and the ability to Heart Seal into DLC classes like Witch, Ballistician, Great Lord, Grandmaster, Lodestar, etc. It's crazy how much power you're given. Yes, you can make Gunter a Maid. It makes Rev's later chapters downright nightmarish, but you can do it. Not to mention that there are a ton of people on GBAtemp with crazy hacks you can insert into your game using Twiddler. Alright, let's get my changes into my game: After you've saved your changes, pop your SD card back into your 3DS and boot up Homebrew again. Go to Save Manager, then to Save or Extra. Press Import Save/Extra Data, and select the folder you've been using. Import this, and all of your changes should be in your game once you load it up! Note: If you want to make a big change, like hitting the big ? button, or trying to unplay chapters, I suggest making a backup of your pre-big change save, just in case it doesn't do what you expected. And that's it! I hope this helped you! Feel free to ask questions, but please keep in mind that I may not be able to answer them. See ya!
  7. Wings of Despair Beta - All 3, practically no story elements. Game play focused, minimal story (for now) This is planned to be a series of chapters focusing around Robin and Lucina. Currently only 2 of the 3 chapters are done, and their stories are currently very minimal. Screenshots - Wings of Despair 1: Wings of Despair 1 overview: If Robin dies, a game over results. Enemy stats are late/end game level. Tested by a few people and (hopefully) well balanced with a margin for error. Screenshots - Wings of Despair 2: Screenshots - Wings of Despair 3 Wings of Despair 3 (Grima) Includes Id (Purpose) as a custom theme. As such, the mod no longer works with the fates undub. Big sorry. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Wztvj8ND9fNz22Yt3TAEgWzPrHWxug3J/view?usp=sharing Instructions: Make sure you have the folder F:\luma\titles (Obviously this requires Custom Firmware to use) Create a folder titled 0004000000179800 if you have the Fire Emblem Fates Special edition. (0004000000179600 for Conquest. 0004000000179400 for Birthright.) Create a folder within called romfs Place the contents of the "patch" folder within the romfs folder. Make sure "enable game patching" is enabled in the luma3ds config. Launch Fire Emblem fates Credits: DeathChaos, thane98, and TildeHat for providing various assistance and the necessary tools. Geodude671 for helping playtest. Arms of Sorrow for storyboard/ideas (even those not implemented) Assistance Needed! I'm currently looking for anyone interested in helping playtest and/or write for this trilogy. I eventually want it to have a decent story of sorts, and while I have the baseline down, I'm a trash writer. Please let me know if you're interested!
  8. So I decided to spice things up a bit and do a sword only run of conquest on lunatic, hard is significantly easier for this run which is why opted for this. I will make somewhat of a mini guide as I go through the run, as of writing this I am on chapter 18. Please feel free to give feedback and share your experience as I am by no means an expert at the game. Rules: No DLC (Path bonuses are okay) All attacking units must use swords (guard stance w/ a non sword wielding class is okay, as well as the use of healers and Azura with no weapons) No use of online features (castles battles, bonuses, etc...) Run begins on chapter 6 Throughout my trial runs there are a few things that I found make the run easier. First is that Male Corrin is the way to go as Felicia's personal skill and demoiselle makes chapter 7 much easier Having speed as Corrin's boon and the talent of samurai are very useful (personally I would not reclass Corrin until he gets Draconic Hex) USE FELICIA!!! She is probably the best unit for most of the run, so reclass her to a Hero in Chapter 8 ASAP Use your dread scrolls! It is very difficult to do this run without them on lunatic, I have yet to come up with a way to beat chapter 10 without using them So onto the chapters Chapter 6: Embrace The Dark This chapter is fairly straight forward. Have Camilla activate the dragon vein then move Xander to her right. Then pair Felicia with Elise and move her above Xander then separate them , now he gets the bonus of Lily's poise, Rose's Thorns and Demoiselle Kill Ryoma with Xander, do not worry about the other as Ryoma will only attack Xander Use Corrin and Xander to take care of Takumi and Hinoka Use Xander to kill Yukimura and you are done Chapter 7: A Dragon's Decree Things to do before starting: make a staff/weapon store; get path bonuses; use boots (optional); sell iron dagger, buy at least one vulnerary if you used the one form the tutorial chapters This chapter is pretty much a race to kill as many faceless per turn as possible. Having a speed oriented Corrin is very useful here as it allows him to reliably double the faceless, making this chapter way easier. Also resist the urge to make Felicia a dreadfighter, you will regret it later on. Pair up Felicia and Corrin and move them to the left. Separate them so that Corrin is able to be hit by both Faceless Pair them back up and move Corrin towards the forrest so that he can be hit by all the Faceless except for the guard stance ones and use a vulnerary Elise and Silas should arrive on turn 3. Pair them up and then separate them below the northern most woods tile. Move Corrin in place to be hit by the guard stance Faceless, the others should have be one rounded. Move Corrin as far back as possible while still being able to be hit by the last faceless and separate him from Felicia. Have Silas finish of the faceless that attacked him. Pair up Arthur and Effie and move them as close to Silas as possible. Move Arthur towards the bridge and them move Corrin next to him to block the path. Have Felicia heal Corrin and then move Silas behind the blockade. Have Elise heal Silas. Have Silas transfer Effie to him and move Arthur as far back as possible. Heal Corrin with Felicia. At this point Corrin and Silas should be blocking the bridge in a staggered pattern with Felicia behind Corrin and Elise behind Silas. Kill the seal speed faceless with Corrin and the other with Silas, do not break position though. Heal as needed Kill the last faceless with Silas and move Felicia and Corrin back so that he is next to Silas. Enjoy your one turn of no fighting and top off Corrin's and Silas' health From this point just defend and heal top of their health, do not initiate battle with the boss faceless until he can be reliably one shot More to come later~
  9. I had already posted this in the if Fan-Translation thread, but someone from gbatemp recommended I just make a dedicated thread on here. The title says it all. This Fan-Translation is dedicated to translating the Nohrian and Hoshidan Festival of Bonds DLC. This project is dedicated to the U.S. releases of the game but a port to the European versions is also very possible. The DLCs have their own slots, titles, and icons and do not replace any pre-existing DLC. The translation are based off of young-il-long-kiyoshi's and mariethe crocheter's translations which can be found here and localized where necessary. So far this is mainly a solo project in terms of getting the text into Fates script format and getting it into the game. I don't have much else to say at the moment but I'll leave the necessary info and links if you want more information. I'm also looking for help if anyone else is interested in helping turn the translation into script format. I'm not even asking for you to rebuild the DLC or test it as I can do that all myself. Just someone else who's willing to help put it into script would greatly speed things along. So if you're interested, shoot me a message. As of 9/8/2017 I've been focused on finishing the "Spring Scramble" before working on "Fall Scramble" as the Spring Scramble contains more content. The intro, pre-battle dialogue,, all kimono conversations, Shiro_parent, Kiragi_parent, and Asugi_parent conversations are complete. Links: GBAtemp thread (Has more info/Screenshots) Github page (Contains project files. I update it after every translation session so it's always up to date) Screenshots:
  10. I'm looking for youtube channels dedicated to Fire Emblem, anyone have any suggestions? Heres a list of the ppl i'm already subscribed to Lucky Crit (news and strategy mainly echoes) Sagemaster15 (heroes meta and bad jokes) Phoenixmaster1 (heroes meta and strategy) princereyson (ROM hacking) ghast station (playthrough and lore) strategistmaster (heroes meta) mangs (playthroughs) blazingknight (top tens and discussion) unassuming venasaur (gay fates supports) Let me know what other fe youtube channels are out there, I hope this can also help anyone looking for good Fire Emblem content.
  11. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 4 players. 2. Corrin, Felicia/Jakob*, and Azura are free for all. 3. Children are drafted with their fathers with the exceptions of Kana, Shigure, and Dwyer. 4. The game will played on Hard Classic mode. 5. The remaining 3 units after round 6 will be free for all. Exceptions: 1. Only the servant that joins you in Chapter 2 is a free unit. The other is a draftable unit that joins after Chapter 15. 2. Gunter, Rinkah, and Sakura are free for Chapters 2 to 5. All units are free in Ch 6. 3. Two undrafted units of your choice are free in Chapter 10. 4. Camilla is free for Chapter 10, and is available as a drafted unit starting from Chapter 16. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may: pair up with undrafted units and trade with undrafted/drafted units (but must not be in range of a drafted unit when battling) 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to: pairing up with drafted units, entering battle, meatshielding, healing and supporting with drafted units. 3. NPC units may do as they please. 4. Paralogues excluding 1x are optional and free up to 20 turns. 5. Mozu's Paralogue must be completed before Chapter 9. 6. The Ch 2 Servant must remain in an unmounted class until after Chapter 15. 7. Online functions such as DLC and Battle/Visitor rewards, and Invasion battles are banned. 8. Using the Branch of Fate option on the title screen to change your Boon/Bane after the route split is disallowed. My Castle: 1. You may build, upgrade, and use any of the following: Statues, Armory and Staff Store. Using any other building is prohibited. 2. You may not trigger any conversations in My Castle. 3. Building any turret for the purpose of recruiting Flora is allowed. Corrin: - May not reclass into a mounted class (any class with 7 or higher base Move). - May take any combination of Gender, Boon, Bane, and Talent. Penalties: Use of an undrafted unit is a 10 turn penalty. Units Remaining: Participants: General Horace: Silas + Sophie, Beruka, Leo + Forrest, Odin + Ophelia, Selena, Nyx Nobody: Arthur + Percy, Kaze + Midori, Camilla, Effie, Kana, Charlotte Hylian Air Force: Niles + Nina, Elise, Dwyer, Mozu, Lazlow + Soleil, Keaton + Velouria Michelaar: Shura, Peri, Benny + Ignatius, Xander + Siegbert, Shigure, Izana Gunter, Felicia/Jakob (Chapter 15) and Flora are free for all
  12. Is there any way I can find a mod to amp up the lunatic difficulty in birthright?
  13. This is something I've sorta been pondering for a while. On the one hand, Spear Fighters and Spear Masters, like Tellius Soldiers and Halberdiers, are balanced, Lance-using footsoldiers associated with the militaries of their home countries. However, Spear Fighter also has some skills which are associated with it that the Tellius Soldier line does not have, although skills work very differently in 3DSFE compared to Jugdral/Tellius, so I wouldn't really consider the skills each 3DSFE class learns to be quite equivalent to having them as built-in "class skills" in a Jugdral/Tellius-style setup. Also worth considering is that the option for Spear Fighters to promote into a mixed physical/magical class in Basara would almost certainly not be mirrored in a theoretical second promotion option for Tellius Soldiers. What are everybody's thoughts on this? I'm having trouble coming to a conclusion, myself.
  14. I made a magic Corrin and I want to have a good magic base kids, so I was wondering who is the better person to marry: Odin, Hayato, or Leo? Like who has higher magic based?
  15. HI, I'm new to the hacking scene and decided I want twin Kanas. Now, the problem is that I already recruited my single femKana. and so what I did to accomplish this was to just recruit a logbook Kana and just remove his recruited status and einherjar status using FEFTwiddler, but I would like to know if there is a better way of achieving this?
  16. Hi, I'm doing a Conquest Lunatc/Classic run. I need help with my skillsets. My pairs are: Xander/Effie Camilla/Arthur Leo/Felicia MU/Soleil Keaton/Selena Nyx/Jakob Charlotte/Kaze Odin/Elise Laslow/Peri Niles/Azura Silas/Mozu Benny/Beruka Classes: MU: Nohr Noble Soleil: Nohr Noble Odin: Sorcerer Arthur: Hero Xander: Paladin Leo: Dark Knight Felicia: Maid Camilla: Malig Knight Effie: Great Knight Elise: Strategist Keaton: Wolfssenger Selena: Hero Kaze: Master Ninja Charlotte: Hero Laslow: Hero Peri: Great Knight Kana: Nohr Noble Shigure: Falcon Knight Niles: Bow Knight Azura: Songstress Nina: Adventurer Silas: Paladin Mozu: Dread Fighter Sophie: Paladin Forrest: Strategist Ophelia: Sorcerer Percy: Wyvern Knight Benny: General Ignatius: General Siegbert: Paladin Midori: Merchant Velouria: Wolfssenger Flora: Maid Beruka: Wyvern Knight Nyx: Dark Knight Gunter: Great Knight Shura:Adventurer Jakob: Butler Izana: Onmyoji Dwyer: Strategist Do include skills that you can obtain from My Castles and DLC Skills. Also, include skillsets for the children aswell.
  17. Welcome! For the past eight months, a close friend and I have created and fleshed a complete retelling of the Revelation route for Fire Emblem Fates. We loved the game and everything it provided, however certain aspects of the game seemed to fall short, especially when it came to the history of Hoshido and Nohr as well as the overall pacing for the main game. We wish to open our project to all Fire Emblem fan's and their original characters, and see if we can widen the depth of our story with the help of new faces and minds. We are looking for both OC's and Cannon Currently We Are Closed, Thank You Please Fill Out the Character Sheet Below Name: Gender: Allegiance: (Hoshidan, Nohrian, Vallite) Job:(knight, maid, prince ect.) Appearance: Personality: Bio: Signification Other: Child OC (If applicable) Other: (anything that doesn't fit above) _________________________________________ Submissions are open please read the last response for more details thank you :) Those accepted:(in no order at all) Aries Clara Aaron Red Alphanard Akio Solare Myst Anders Tekina Morgan Faunis ______________________________________ Cannon Characters Taken: Shura Saizo Mozu Hinoka Elise Felicia Keaton Hayato Xander Seigbert Kanna Nyx
  18. I remember months ago when Fates was about to be released in the west, someone did portraits of the Hoshidan and Nohrian royal siblings in the style of the portraits of FE4. I have no idea who made it, or even where to start looking for it, so I'm wondering, has any of you seen it? Or at least know who the artist was? Any help is appreciated in advance.
  19. Ok then, some might remember that a while ago I started a series of threads in which we would discuss a certain character from Fire Emblem Fates, decided by a poll. That failed miserably, but now, it seems like the perfect time for it to make it's return, in Season 2! As a note, it's possible that characters who were previously covered may be coming back, for completion, as I hope that one day we might have a thread for each character in the games. This week, to kick it off, we have the female ninja, the retainer of the high prince of Hoshido, Ryoma, and the winner for the best bust in Hoshido, Kagero! As a note, this is the only week that I will choose a character, each week after this a poll will decide the next topic, and as it was before, each week will have a character of the opposite sex as the week before, eg. In the poll for Week 2, since Week 1 was Kagero, all options in the poll will be male, and then the week after that it will be back to a female. Anyway, let's look at Kagero's... well everything. Class Sets: ---------------- Base Class Sets: Ninja, Diviner Marriage Class Sets: *Male Avatar's Talent*(Corrin), Troubadour(Jakob), Samurai(Kaze, Saizo, Hinata, Ryoma), Sky Knight(Subaki), Cavalier(Silas), Shrine Maiden(Azama), *Nothing*(Hayato, Kaden), Archer(Takumi) Buddy Class Sets: Oni Savage(Rinkah), *Nothing*(Orochi), Archer(Setsuna) Personal Skill: Shuriken Mastery- When Kagero receives damage from a Dagger attack, the enemy receives half the same damage and the Daggers stat reduction effect Base Growth Rates: -------------- HP: 30% Str: 65% Mag: 0% Skill: 20% Speed: 50% Luck: 30% Def: 25% Res: 40% Max Cap Modifiers: -------------- Str: +3 Mag: / Skill: -1 Speed: -1 Luck: / Def: -1 Res: 1
  20. To be clear, I'm not talking about Spear Fighters, and I'm well aware that there are no female Lancer enemies to be captured. However, there are map sprite pieces for female Lancers among the other map sprites, and I was wondering if there was actually a body model in the game for female Lancers, too, or if the map sprites were the only assets present for that.
  21. So, after many hours of mental gymnastics and frustrating results that didn't match up due to weird chapter scaling value increase; A look at how enemy stats work in Fates: So, firstly, like previous Fire Emblem games, enemies have their own growths, however enemies have no personal growths, but rather, classes themselves have a different set of growths used for enemies. How do we figure out these growths? Easy! You can see a full list of all enemy class growths here, any class not listed in here has no growths (like Silent Dragon or Blight Dragon). How Scaling works: There are 3 types of enemy stat scaling in Fates, Story Scaling, Paralogue Scaling, and Manual Scaling, but first, we need to understand how stats work in Fates. The way that Fates handles stats is as follows, (CharacterPersonalBases) + (ClassBases) = TotalBases An example of this is Chapter 1 Enemy Xander. Paladin Class has a base Defense of 7, Chapter 1 Xander has a personal base Defense of -6, so adding these two together, -6 + 7 = 1 Defense, which is exactly Xander's defense stat in Chapter 1. So with that explained, here's how stat scaling works. Story Scaling: This one is simple, using the above enemy growths, Intelligent Systems manually set levels for every enemy, and based on the level that the enemies were given, they will gain stats from level 1 to that level, some enemies may have lower stats than expected (like in Birthright) because, like Chapter 1 Xander, they can be given negative personal bases. Paralogue Scaling: This one is a bit different, but it goes hand in hand with the player's story progress. The scaling is a bit different, but it still works by giving the character growths equivalent to X levels, and it works like this; Story chapters have a "scale" value, and characters will scale according to the difference between the value that was set in their character block vs the value for the chapter. If that value is less than or equal to the value from the PREVIOUSLY completed chapter then it'll scale according to the difference. For the most part, this value goes up by one until completing chapter 14 where it will alternate going up by two and one until chapter 18, where it'll only go up by two. So for example, say you have an enemy unit with a scale value of 10, and your current chapter progress says the value is 38 (you just completed Chapter 26, and are 27 now, scale value of chapter 26 is 38), the unit will gain (38-10, so 28) levels worth of stats (and actual levels), do note that stat caps and level caps will still apply, so if the unit was originally a promoted level 10 unit, it will only gain 10 levels worth of stats (from 10 to 20) unless Eternal Seals were used. On the other hand, say you set an unpromoted level 1 enemy, and the scale value is 01, this means the unit would gain (38-1, meaning they gain 37) levels worth of stats, meaning you'd end up with a promoted lv18 Unit. Yes, this also promotes the unit should it be needed, and growths are calculated using the base class for the first 20 levels, and after promotion, the promoted class growths are then used. How do Paralogue enemies scale then? Unpromoted Enemies have a scaling value of 10, any prepromoted enemies have a scaling value of 15 instead. But DeathChaos, where do I even get the data for the scale values by chapter? Simple! Get it from here! Remember, you need to use the scale value from the PREVIOUS chapter, not your current chapter. Let's take Sophie's paralogue for example (Paralogue 05). This chapter has a Fighter of lv10, being an unpromoted paralogue enemy means his scale value is 10. Taking that into consideration, say you attempt this paralogue on Chapter 18, this means you take the scale value of chapter 17, which is 20, using the formula (ChapterScaleValue) - (UnitScaleValue), we get (20) - (10), meaning this unit would gain 10 levels, netting you a lv20 Fighter when attempting this Paralogue on Chapter 18. Manual Scaling: This one is easy and simple. Instead of having the unit scale with growths and levels, these units are simply given personal base stats and a level by hand, this is the scaling method used for all important and named enemy units, like Xander from chapter 1, Kaze/Rinkah from chapter 2, Takumi and retainers from Conquest Chapter 10, Camilla and her Retainers in Chapter 23 of Birthright, etc. How Difficulty bonuses factor into stats: Ok, so after having explained how scaling for enemies work, how does difficulty stat bonus fall into all of this? Well, simple really. Just like Manual Scaling, Difficulty bonuses are hand set, individually on a per unit basis, meaning that unless they were set that way on purpose, no 2 different units would have the same bonuses, nor is there a "formula" to calculate these, as they are manually set. The way these bonuses work is, they use the "Hard" difficulty as the "base" difficulty, no stat bonuses are applied on hard, however, on Normal difficulty, the unit can have a set of "stat penalties", so from Hard to Normal, units can lose X amount of points in Y stat, again, this is set manually. Lunatic works by gaining stats from Hard difficulty, again, manually set, however, there is a pattern to these. Birthright usually only gives +2/+3 Bonus HP from Hard to Lunatic. Conquest usually does not give Lunatic stat bonuses except for very rare cases. Revelation however, is the odd one out, it just gives whatever bonuses it feels like to whatever units, as an edge case, we have the infamous Chapter 9 Oni Savages. Because Hard to normal has stat penalties, it gives the illusion of stat increase from normal to hard, so going by this standard; From Normal to Hard, the stat changes for this Oni are +4 HP/+4 str/+1 spd/+3 def. From Hard to Lunatic these units gain +3 HP/ +2 Str/ +1 speed/ +2 Def. Think that's crazy? Here's an even worse edge case with the same unit. A player who plays Revelation on Normal first, then plays on Lunatic, will see that these Oni Savages have gained, from Normal to Lunatic, a total stat bonus of +7 HP/ +6 Str/ +2 Spd/ +5 Def, to say that this seems insane is an understatement. Why do Birthright enemies seem to have worse stats then? Simple, because story enemies scale to the level they were manually set, and because Birthright enemies are actually a few levels behind the expected average level, as a result they end up lacking in the necessary stats because they scaled to a level that was below the expected average.
  22. So yeah, I exist. And so does this topic. which will take you to another topic that has the challenge in it It's about this challenge I'm doing, which is a no healing run of Birthright on Lunatic, nothing special. And by no healing... I mean it. I will not allow any healing whatsoever in my army. At. All. http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/topic/9309621/1/ With that said, here's the link to the topic! It's currently at Chapter 5.
  23. I'd just like to share a few simple wallpapers that I've made. If you'd like to show your love for FE but aren't a big fan of wallpapers featuring people (like most every official wallpaper), or just prefer minimalist designs, these might just work for you. All wallpapers are 3840x2400 (proportional to 1920x1200) JPG files (for some reason, exporting as PNG made them really grainy). Please use the links to download, not the attached image previews. FE13 Brand of the Exalt FE13 Fell Brand FE14 Hoshido Emblem FE14 Nohr Emblem I didn't make a wallpaper with the FE14 Revelation logo simply because I couldn't find a straightened root file online.
  24. Two aspiring writers and friends of mine recently put together a 40 minute review for Fire Emblem Fates Birthright, Conquest and (part of) Revelation, only recently released in the UK. They discuss the new features that help improve the "Awakening" formula, others they aren't so fussed about, and the character writing that made the all important decision so difficult for them. Hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/-bpqjAsbXEg?t=28m45s
  25. After learning how to create dynamic new blocks that mean we do not have to edit GameData, I now bring you, the Conquest recruitment swap! What does this do? Simple, you get Hoshidans while playing through Conquest! Download HERE; (This will most likely not work if Conquest was downloaded as DLC, feel free to try it though) NOTE: This is NOT a story swap, it just swaps who you get with their Hoshidan counterpart, so some cutscenes will make no sense (or function properly), also note that for European versions, this was only done in English language, so on some other languages characters will have the incorrect portraits and voice clips during their join dialogue. By default, Hoshidans cannot support in Conquest and Vice versa, I have included a GameData.bin file with the support lock patched out, but if you run another patch that patches this out and allows everyone to support on any route (Such as UnassumingVenusaur Expanded Same Sex Marriage hack) then you don't need the GameData file provided with this patch.
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