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Found 14 results

  1. FE7 Chaos Mode Top 6 LP's: Moniker's Community LP Tequila's Informative LP's [First Run] [Second Run] LunaticScreamer's Completionist LP Mr. Night's Ultimate Glitch Abuse LP Nintales' 0% Growths LP [EPIC] Phobia's LP, The Original One [incomplete] Good morning everyone, I'm Klokinator, and today I'm presenting my newest and greatest Fire Emblem fan project, FE7 Chaos Mode! I have spent a ridiculous amount of time working on this, given that it was only supposed to take a month and be a quick reclass project. However, I began to realize that I had a different vision for the hack when Phobias let's play of it was started. [Link] He was lets playing it while I edited, so I often made changes to future chapters based on his progress and sometimes changed things to be easier/harder. It wasn't until we arrived at Hawkeye's chapter though, that I began to realize a different vision for the hack. I have actually played many Japanese inflation hacks, like FE7if and FEGirls to name a few, and Ive always noticed how poorly designed they were. They usually had a couple predictable goals and the gameplay was never enhanced by them. Goals like: -Add OCs. -Make enemies tougher. -Make the final bosses ridiculous. -Maybe add some new classes/animations or just steal from people in the English communities. In any case, I knew that they sucked. I wanted to improve on them, and when Phobia stopped the LP about 85% of the way through, I pretty much redid everything. Some of the features in this reskin include: New features of FE7CM FAQ Credits DOWNLOAD V1.34 Also here's an optional save file if you want the Mario Kart bonus items! They aren't necessary but after chapter 14 they do help out! Thanks for checking out the topic! Bug List Potential Upcoming features in later patches.]Next version planned features: (V1.35) Final version planned updates: (V1.40) There may be one last hotfix if I forgot any pegasi/wyvern knights when I edit all the chapters. It's pretty likely I will. Fire Emblem difficulty hack fire emblem difficult lunatic mode insane very hard FE7 hack difficult very hard mode
  2. Hi. I'm back. With yet another Chaos Mode LP. Please attempt to restrain your exuberance. What's different this time, you ask? Well. This is an Iron Man run. What does that mean? It means that if a character dies, they stay dead. If a lord (or other allied character that must survive) dies, then I'll do some sort of RNG process to select another character to die. When I say allied, I mean people I have control over. I'm not killing someone just because Pent's a dumbass in the desert chapter and gets crit-killed by a ballista. In addition, I'll be skipping chapter 13x, meaning I don't get Merlinus. I'm gonna try doing something similar to dualdragon's blind FE6 run where I post a fuckton of detail. I'm curious to see whether that improves or detracts from the experience. Let me know what you all think. You're welcome to place bets on how far I'll get and how many people will end up dying. [spoiler=Chapter 11] Using my real name and birthday. I briefly considered using the name 'Asshole', but I figured that was a little too on the nose. Matthew breaks down the wall and Hector chips this soldier. On EP 1, the soldier suicides on Hector, doing 7 damage and dropping a door key. His archer friend hits Hector, who misses the counter attack. PP 2: Matthew was supposed to chip, but decides to crit instead. Whatever. He gets a vulnerary, which Hector borrows and takes a sip from. EP 2: The thief moves towards the door. PP3: Hector moves to the entrance and takes another vulnerary dose, maxing his HP. The thief will attack him instead of opening the chest, in theory. EP3: Thief opens the door. PP4: Nothing happens. EP4: The thief attacks, as expected, and Hector 1-hits him and gets his chest key. PP5: The duo move northwest. EP5: Nothing happens. PP6: I accidentally move Matthew into that northwest archer's range, so I guess I'll move Hector in there to. I put Matthew there to rescue Hector next turn. EP6: The archer misses. His friends (2 soldiers and an archer) move in from the southeast. PP7: Hector chips the soldier, gets a great level, and is whisked away by Matthew. EP7: They're still in hot pursuit. PP8: Matthew drops Hector. In retrospect, I could have dropped him 1SW of his current position so he could chip the archer, but I didn't know that the more southwestern archer wouldn't move. I'm playing it safe. EP8: Still pursuing. PP9: Hector kills the wounded soldier, while Matthew crit-kills the archer (I suck at taking pictures of crits when I'm not expecting them, sorry). EP9: The remaining soldier is still coming. PP10: If I go after the soldier now, I'll be in range of the archer. I retreat and let him come to me. EP10: Awfully obliging, ol' chap. The next couple of turns are me getting just out of range. PP13: Hector chips and Matthew kills, getting a pretty nice level. Albeit one without strength. He also gets C lances and an iron bow. Hector moves northeast where they started in order to lure the steel bow archer. EP13: Nada PP14: Hector's ready to lure the archer, while Matthew can rain death upon the knight south of the treasure chest. EP14: The archer and Hector exchange blows, both hitting. PP15: Hector uses up his last vulnerary dose so he has room to get the one that's going to be dropped by that archer. However, he retreats out of the way first. I realize the knight also has a vulnerary, and Matthew has no room. So I send him after Hector to grab Hector's chest key and get the chest, along with some space. EP15: The archer starts using his vulnerary. Oops. PP16: Hector attacks once again. They both hit each other. EP16: Archer uses vulnerary again. PP17: Hector kills archer, getting vulnerary and a nice level. Matthew opens the door. EP17: Nothing PP18: Hector trades Matthew his chest key. EP18: Nothing PP19: Hector chips the knight. Matthew grabs the red gem. EP19: The knight hits Hector. PP20: Hector kills the knight, netting him a vulnerary and C bows. Matthew picks him up and heads towards Wire, who is the only one left. After several turns, Hector finally kills Wire after his vulnerary runs out. He gets a nice level. Fin
  3. I'm stuck at home today, on a liquid diet, no less~! What better way to pass the time than to make everyone just as miserable as me? This is an idea I've been throwing around for a bit. Here's what not to expect: - Humor - Any sort of efficiency - Me being competent - Anything that'll hinder me TOO much Instead. . .I'll describe which units I'm going to use, as I go through this hack (version Christmas). There's a pattern to who's in and who's not, but there's be a couple of exceptions. - Marcus gets to stay until I get another competent staff user - Anyone who's forced in the final chapter gets to stay, full stop (this includes Ninian, because she influences Nils so damn much) Let's go~! Chapter 11
  4. Well, I think it's time to get this show on the road and start playing FE7 Chaos Mode! I've only played through the hack once way back when it was first released and only know that one certain character in the game is going to be a permanent fixture in my party when he appears. That being said, let's begin, shall we? [spoiler=Ch11: The Pain Begins] Despite the fact you can select whichever main character you want, you'll always be railroaded into Hector Hard Mode to start out with. Well, I certainly don't want to own myself before the game even begins. There we go. Let's do this! Turn left to go to FE7 Chaos Mode or turn right and go to FE7if Hector Hard Mode and smash my head into a wall again. This is not the hardest decision to make here, heh. Also, some of the text has been changed. Only one word changes to start, but it'll quickly ramp up in hilarity as the game progresses. Well, this is a good sign already, isn't it? Harsh words from Hector because Lord Uther doesn't believe in onii-chans or something like that, even if that onii-chan belongs to a close friend of Hector, Eliwood. I guess the onii-chan hate extends to the guardsmen of Ostia Castle as well if Matthew's words are anything to go by. Guess they can start their quest by breaking through the back door and killing some random bad guys that wanted to pay a visit, but first... There's a lot of things FE7 Chaos Mode changes up and it starts with Hector here. As you can probably tell right away, his class has changed. In fact, every character that joins in this hack (with one exception) will have a different class. Another thing to take note of is growths. Some characters will have unchanged growths, but one constant across all characters...aside from one exception, everyone is going to have 0% for a luck growth. All unpromoted units will have 10 luck to start with (again, with a couple exceptions which will be seen as the LP goes on). That being said...since Hector's growths haven't changed at all besides the 0% luck, he's still going to have very knight-like growths, but with a speed growth that isn't super low. Probably a good thing since Hector's speed base is pretty bad. Now, if you think Hector is going to be in trouble due to the weapon type he'll be locked to, think again. Weapons have been totally rebalanced as well. True to the nature of chaos, every weapon is going to be unique and a little random in some way. The Iron Bow only has 10 uses and a bit on the heavy side, but has high Mt. The Steel Bow is weaker, but light enough for Hector to use with no AS penalties and has 1-3 range and 45 uses. Finally, every character has had their description changed to give you a rough idea on their combat potential for the entire game. Of course, the RNG will probably play a hand in that to some extent. Matthew has given up the life of a Thief to turn to a more noble job of being mounted and thusly being able to move multiple squares in a single turn. As his description states, strength is going to be the stat that will do him in if it doesn't trigger on level ups often enough. With a 30% growth, a strength screwed Matthew is a very real possibility, but even then, he has excellent growths everywhere else. Not a single one below 50% for that matter. Matthew's weapons. The Iron Lance is just...well, look at its description, heh. The Iron Sword is very heavy, but 2 range and packing quite a bit of Mt. The Armorslayer though is going to be your panic button for the early portions of the game. 2-3 range, plenty of uses, light, high crit rate. Very very useful, just make sure not to get into a habit of over using it, lest you leave yourself without a good option to kill a potentially nasty enemy. Starting off the map, there's these two enemies to the west. Nothing special, but they have enough power between them to bring Hector from full health to very near death. This may not be FE7if, but that doesn't mean you can be reckless early on unless you want to die very quickly. There's going to be a Thief making way to the sole treasure chest of the map and I want to be there to intercept him, thusly Matthew uses his Iron Sword to break down this wall and Hector moves forward enough so that he's only in range of the Soldier and equips his Steel Bow to do some counterattacking. Palette changes for the characters too. Both are pretty spiffy I must say. Also, probably should have had Matthew break open the wall from the north so he wouldn't attract the ire of an Archer to the south. The next couple of turns involve Hector dealing with the Soldier & Archer to the west, getting a pack of Vulneraries from the Archer. Once those two enemies are dead, Matthew unlocks the door to the treasure chest with his Door Key. Hector has a Chest Key on hand to open up the chest, but first... Hector stands in front of Matthew and uses one of his Vulneraries to heal up. This Thief has a higher priority on stealing items rather than opening chests. As such, he swipes the Chest Key, but Matthew gets it back by breaking out his Armorslayer. Hector, with the chest safe & sound now, backs up a bit so only one Soldier can attack him. A pointless battle ensues with the first one that attacked him. Hector begins wearing down the Soldier and gets his first level. A pretty good one to start out! One Archer down, then Matthew weakens a Soldier (or kills it, don't remember exactly). Weapon rank get for Hector as he mops up the Soldiers. Going to need that Archer in the east to die so Hector heals up with a Vulnerary again and prepares for a counterattack. Of course, he dodges, then proceeds to pull out a critical and instantly end the poor Archer's life. Hector then decides that critical wasn't strong enough and takes measures to correct that. While Hector heads south to deal with a Knight, it's a good time to mention that Knights have weapon proficiency in all physical weapon types. However, as of the 1.34 patch, a bug makes it so that they have no animations when they attack, defaulting to map animations only. I decided to feed the Knight to Matthew and see what he gets for a level. Said level doesn't inspire me to use him in any great capacity beyond the first few chapters. Since Hector starts with no gold in the war chest, this is effectively 2500 gold when I can sell it next chapter, something he appreciates quite a bit. With a bit of counterattacking, Hector's able to drop the second to last enemy and get a spare Iron Bow in the process. As for the boss, Wire is nothing special besides good strength & defense scores, but no ranged weaponry and the fact he won't move unless he uses a Vulnerary means Hector or Matthew can outrange and kill him easily. Did need to make Wire burn all of his Vulneraries, but Hector goes it solo in killing Wire. He picks up this level during the killing process, a good one because it contains precious speed. As Wire kicks off, he mention Ner...grinch? Well then, he's going to be a lovely individual to have a chat with when that time comes to pass, eh? Matthew is no longer a spy, but rather someone that gets to stick by Hector's side until the end...or when I get a chance to bench his ass, one of the two. Uther, worried about his brother's desire to help his friend and find his onii-chan, sends Oswin out to keep an eye on him as chapter 11 comes to a close. Next time: How FE7if should have balanced chapter 12. [spoiler=Growths & Comments (Hector, Matthew)] Hector's growths: Hp: 90% Luk: 0% Str: 60% Def: 50% Skl: 45% Res: 25% Spd: 35% Hector's growths have remain largely unchanged, even though he's now an Archer. That means he can still be a main character with very Knight-like qualities, able to cap or nearly cap strength & defense before promotion and hopefully get enough speed to not be doubled by enemies once the game starts to pick up in difficulty. Just watch out for his low resistance when in the presence of magic users. Matthew's growths: Hp: 85% Luk: 0% Str: 30% Def: 50% Skl: 70% Res: 70% Spd: 80% Matthew's one big problem is going to be that strength growth. If he doesn't get any quickly, he might be a lost cause despite having excellent growths everywhere else.
  5. Yo MrNight here, Doing another Lp run of chaos mode before I move on to other hacks cause I also want to showcase some of the new animations.....much much later. also cause I simply want to play it again ok. however there are new rules to this run which may make it exciting or....boring idk but fuck it, doing it anyway NEW RULES -Magic users Lock if it shoots magic, I'm using them. what this means is between the choice of a physical attacker and a magic one, I have to take the magic ones. So yes, dart will be in this run. -No stat boosts except luck icons yeah, you fucking read that right, klok graciously put in all those stat boosters in to further help the player not to screw himself, but I am not going to use them to screw myself, (pun intended ) plus how else am I going to pay for all these ultimate seals. Edit: I forgot about boots, so those will be assassin locked. -Exploits can be used yes I will allow the mine giltch AND the torch giltch. if you don't know what that is or can it be done in fe7, you are in for a treat....or me failing at it, we'll see. - SpiderMan Savestate because I already beat chaos mode, I unlocked the right to the spiderman rule "everybody gets one" extra savestate per chapter. So when I lose somebody I have to restart from the beginning or from that 1 savestate. -No Deaths Allowed basically if someone dies, restart. I will not be recruiting farina if she doesn't come with something useful but have to keep her alive as well even as a green unit. last but certainly not least.... -Serra Lock because I hate her so much (funny thing is I love her in vanilla fe7) and she was the cause of most of my restarts she will be my ball and chain this run. she must be in every chapter, even over magic users. so yeah....(swallow fear) alright, will update my game and will come back after I get started. ch 11 Great start ch 12 Things are going surprisingly well
  6. Hello, everyone! I am here to provide you all with an LP of FE7 CHAOS MODE, brought to me, and maybe to you, by KLOKINATOR! Yes, I know that FE7 chaos mode is quite possibly the most LPed hack in all of serenes forest, but I decided to LP it anyways, partially because none of the LPs has actually been finished(although with its official release, there are a few still in progress), and partially because FE7 chaos mode is a pretty awesome hack and deserves more attention. HERE IS ITS THREAD: FE7 Chaos Mode Thread Klokinator said that when he made this, he wanted to make a hack different from all the other inflation hacks, with just ludicrously inflated enemy and player stats, fake difficulty, and lots of BS everywhere that tries to trick you into thinking it's hard(the other hacks had those things, not this one.). And, although I wouldn't know because this is the only hack of that type I've ever played, I think he succeeded! FE7 Chaos Mode is the best hack of its type that I've ever played! Maybe you want to know a bit more about the hack before I start. Well, I'll tell you about all the many changes Klok made to everything as we go along. Let me just say that EVERYTHING is different. EVERYTHING. Except the maps. And the game's genre and premise. And the plot, which is only a little different. And probably a few other things that I missed. BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS DIFFERENT, I PROMISE. Of course, as I introduce them to you, I'll assume you have absolutely no foreknowledge of this hack. I'm new to this whole LPing thing, of course, so tell me how I do. And without further ado, it's time for EVEN MORE ADO: THE INTRODUCTION: Before I go, I realize I need something to make this LP DIFFERENT. So, I will be running a lot on audience participation! You guys get to choose who to drop, who to keep, who to uberboost, and maybe even who to kill! All I ask is that you please be decisive, it is very tempting to try to include every character, as all of them make you want to use them, but we have very limited deployment spots, and if we don't focus our limited XP(no arenas!), I'll be in big trouble. I'm done...for now.
  7. Title says it all. I come back with a whole new randomization. I am a masochist for sure. Sure wonder what Ninian I get this run. [spoiler=Masochism Begins] Running with my first word instead. Arulle isn't supposed to be a tactician anyway :O this T͟His/ used to identify a specific person or thing close at hand or being indicated or experienced. There, gave you the definition. Lyn Lord, while I did get Lyn Lord once before when I first got Klok's chaos mode but it didn't go great. Let' see what this one has in store for us. HEAL SLAVE DETECTED Carrying an energy ring is rather amusing. Then again, one run before this (in a curiosity of how items are randomized to each character and class.) He'd got two stats booster, a speedwing and a goddess's statue if i recalls it correctly. First off as usual... WALL BREAKING I shove the ring to Hector, Matthew isn't going to be much use for later chapter anyway as seen with his growths. That hit makes me all fuzzy on inside. MOVE BITCH YOU'RE SO WEAK YOU CAN GET ONE SHOT BY ANYTHING. Hector get hit and repays twice the interest in a critical. I don't need keys to be fair... Switched these two items so Matt heal and Hector open. After thief opens his side of door, I use it. HEY GIVE THAT BACK. Let's do this. Hector tears him a new one. Hector has the speed and power! allplanned.jpg Matthew is having fun with his shaft. Mani Katti crit isn't a joke. Dodge. Then I remembered something. Oops. HOW DARE YOU MISS ONE. Matt loots. He goes and use one stock of vulnerary, that bastard. Not like he'd live anyway. Rooming it up. Now moving along... Hector leads the lone charge. This is basically how much Hector does with Mani Katti... SO OP. MORE OP Lvl for matt Well Unlock is infinite so... It takes at most 3 uses of Unlock to get a level I suppose. (40 xp per unlock i think) No contest. And Hector tops it by critical killing the poor armor assassin. [spoiler=Clones. Clones everywhere.] Violence is best solution in that era though. . . HUH!? Well, in this case, the only follow-up is the fact last time Eliwood was Knight that promoted into a Dragoon, so I guess I should be graceful that at least this time they're identical for real. Hero Marcus inc. Nah. Nah x2 I'll take it. Better than last time.jpg I'll take it as well. MONSTER No.jpg Starting off with this~ Hector become buff Poor pegasus knights. No way in hell am I using her. 15 hp. FIFTEEN FUCKING HP. worse than other pegasus knights. Marcus is worth using, if that speed won't bite him in the ass. Heh. WHY Oh you were just building up suspension. Nope. Marcus can't dodge it seem. Hector one shot everyone in this map. They didn't like him it seem. Top is pretty much cleared. Thing happens at bottom. HECTOR PLS Oswin clean up for his master. Matt hide. Things happen with horsebirds. BOSS FIGHT! And it hangs. How did I forget that one? Back here. Savestate is important! He get hit this time though. But that looks weird. Hector makes her bite the dust. Marcus chips for Eliwood to kill and get his first level.
  8. I promised y'all a thwomp run after Klok's majestic update, so here I am. The characters used have been determined via the formula HP+STR+DEF+RES-(3*SPD) (growths, not bases). Therefore, the following characters will be used" ('Jaffar - General', 170) ('Bartre - Thief', 160) ('Nino - Wyvern Lord', 156) ('Wallace - Valkyrie', 135) ('Oswin - Mercenary', 125) ('Hector - Archer', 120) ('Lowen - Wyvern Knt', 110) ('Eliwood - Mage', 110) ('Renault - Druid', 100) ('Rath - Hector Lord', 95) ('Priscilla - Cavalier', 90) ('Marcus - Troubadour', 90) ('Guy - Knight', 80) ('Dorcas - Cavalier', 75) Out of all of these, Rath, Renault, Oswin, Wallace, and Jaffar have not been used in my previous runs. I should note that I used Ninian for 2 chapters before I remembered she wasn't on the list. I do apologize for this breach. My eyes are lowered, as they say in Seanchan. Without further ado, let's go! I'm currently at chapter 26, so I'll update as soon as people comment so I'm not octuple-posting. [spoiler=Headin' Out to the Highway'] The exclamation point makes ALL the difference. Trust me. BRING IT ON The things Matthew does for his liege lord... What are they gonna do, drool on the soldiers? I'll see myself out. Yes, I do use Matthew in this chapter. Purely out of necessity, since I made some silly lapses in judgment. Hector will do all the killing, though. Inventory space is at a premium, for the moment. Matthew's ready to hit the thief when he goes for the chest. But the thief is stupid, and attacks instead. Fortunately, Matthew's counterattack doesn't 1-hit the poor sap. How gallant of you to donate that gem to us. This is the lapse in judgment, stage 1. Stage 2. Not bad, not bad at all RUN THE HELL AWAY KEEP RUNNING THE HELL AWAY K, he's gone...but there's 2 more soldiers coming, and I have no vulneraries left. Matthew "tanks" So, I had Matthew chip and Hector finish, cause Hector needs enough HP to not die to... This guy (he has 3 hp left). BLESSED HEALTH Time to deal with this noob knight. The knight drops a vulnerary too. I dropped a chest key for the previous one, now I drop a door key. I am ok with this. Since Hector procced strength at some point, the iron bow would KO Wire. I decide to chip with the steel one so he uses his vulnerary. It's coming down to the wire! Tanky tanky! Nergrinch? What is this, chaos mode Christmas special? Oh wait. [spoiler=War] I still don't understand this title. AWWW YIS. Matthew and Serra are not in this run, so they scurry away like mice. Oswin, however, makes his presence known. You are the weakest link. You will be upgraded. ALL HAIL MARCUS THE CYBERDALEK 'Becca's the gofer. That book's going to Eliwood, as usual. End of turn 2. Skill, excellent. Copycat. Strength is good. Eliwood can now hit things! The secret to getting Marcus to proc defense is by giving him dragonshields. Teach him how it's done. I'm totally abusing supports this run. Matthew and Rebecca corner the fighter boss whilst this happens. Semi-thwompy. I'll take it. That's THWOMP with a capital exclamation point. [spoiler=A Touch of Evil] LIES Becca and Serra to the corner, everyone else to position of maximum ass-kicking. Ass-kicking confirmed. I'm also not gonna abuse the mine glitch this run. Should make 28x interesting. Lowen is on a mission of utmost importance. Getting strength, while great, isn't it. More thwomp! Whew. Merlinus get. My next run will be Merlinus-free. Should be fun. I love these 3% crits. They make me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. To the southeast, things aren't going so great. So we run the hell away. Again. Probably the smart thing to do would be wait a day before getting the torch village, so that the bandits with handaxes stay away a bit longer. What do we do? Yes...run away some more. I approve. And some more...but we have wyvern backup now. This is the point in the movie when the bad guy's beating up the good guy and the good guy's on the ground, just trying to survive, and then suddenly HELLO SUPPORT This is Matthew's second-to-last function in this run. This is Guy's first. Need speed dude. The bad guy wipes blood from his mouth, disbelieving. The good guy is cut, bruised, tottering on his feet. But he's up. And he's dangerous. And shit's about to get real. Shitgettingreal.jpg I randomly got this. Forgot how quick EliwoodxHector is. The extra crit is really welcome, too. Plus, great thwompy level. STRENGTH Middle one is MarcusxLowen, in case you didn't know. Here I come to save the day! And I look fabulous!
  9. Yep, another fe7 chaos mode lp because I want to join in on the fun. After much eventing headaches and was trying not to play other roms so I wouldn't subconsciously put spins on other people's ideas, the time has come to say screw the rules I want to enjoy other people's roms too. What the hell is a 100% yolo run? Get all the characters possible in a single run, Green drops, and chests baby, yes even train shitty Barte for useless karla. Y.O.L.O = you only savestate once....per beginning chapter xD what about mine glitch and dessert drops? no mine glitch, harder that way and depends, not going to spend all day looking for shit. What makes your LP different? Shit I don't know, although disclaimer I do swear a lot. ok LET'S DO THIS! So far I am impressed and excited.
  10. It all started in a let's play topic... I want to do it. Badly. I'll 0% Chaos mode. For those who don't know, chaos mode is made by Klokinator, or now Klok's Juicy Tits. It's pretty good. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=49023&page=1#entry3248174 All growths are 0% except Merlinus. And we start with the first chapter! [spoiler=The PAIN starts!] Litteraly. Meh, it forgot it existed during my first playthrough, so why would I bother? But... Every team needs a tactitian, right? Even if he plays cards with the other folks on the bench, he can still help with his time travel powers, isn't it? So, our tactitian is a male, born in May, and his surname -given by Hector- is HELP. He shouldn't have scream that for sure, because that's how he'll be called by everybody. Eliwood's BROTHER is missing! What could we do about that? HELP is too scared to fight! HE IS SUFFOCATING HELP HIM. If only they had growths... I think I'm going to abuse this till they break. First enemy down! THE PAIN STARTS. FOR YOU TOO Thunder Sword time! W H A T Thanks to HELP's powers, nothing happened! Right, Matthew? Matthew? "MY PRECIOUS" Time to start the fight! GLOWING SWORD WINS. I'm so fast. Next chapter will be up tomorrow! Edit : Woops, mistake on the title. :-( Edit 2 : Thanks Klok. I'm starting chapter 12.
  11. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 4 players. 2. Hector, Marcus, Bartre, Merlinus, Ninian/Nils, and Athos are free for all to use. 3. This game will be played on the only mode, Hector Hard Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, rescue undrafted units and NPCs, trade, visit Shops and Armories, and dig up items in the desert. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, opening Doors or Chests, talking to Fargus in Chapter 17x, or Seizing Castles in Chapter 25. 3. Gaiden chapters are all optional and don't count for turns up to 20 turns taken each. 4. Other units may do as they please without penalty. 5. Defend chapters count the last played Player Phase for turns if the timer is waited out. 6. Savestate abuse is encouraged. 7. Mine glitching is encouraged. 8. RNG abuse is allowed if needed but discouraged. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty, per unit per chapter. I fully expect I'll have to take this penalty at some point; go nuts. Exceptions: 1. Matthew is free for Chapter 11. 2. Meatshielding is allowed for Chapter 13x. 3. Lyn, Kent, Sain and Wil are free for Chapter 16. Teams: SwordofAeons - Serra, Rebecca, Sain, Isadora, Farina, Nino, Florina, Dart, Jaffar littlebunny - Eliwood, Fiora, Wil, Priscilla, Lyn, Guy, Karla, Legault, Geitz Rapier - Lowen, Lucius, Raven, Pent, Matthew, Louise, Karel, Heath, Hawkeye Nintales - Oswin, Dorcas, Rath, Leila, Erk, Kent, Canas, Harken, Wallace So I've been following the development of Chaos Mode since Phobia's initial LP, and it looks like a ton of fun. Reading LPs gives a sense of what the new characters can do, but I don't think there's any way to internalize BOWSWORDS other than to actually play. I've no idea if the game is even completable in a draft format, but drafts are more fun so let's do it anyway! The hack: [Link] -use the optional savegame; I'm told the Mario Kart items are VERY helpful Notes: Assassins can steal, but don't have desert-find. Base-level Bartre can be used to get Karla. There's a critical item to find in the desert. Magic users have a T3 promotion. Leila breaks her recruitment chapter; reset the game to fix. [spoiler=Units with classes and Klok's rating] Vaida - Bishop - Excellent light user. Low CON but good third tier access. Renault - Druid - Slightly better than vanilla. He's the last chance for a Dark Wizard. [spoiler=Picked units for reference] Jaffar - General - Usable general, but mainly useful for his CON rating. Dart - Monk - Has significant potential, but lackluster upon recruitment Heath - Cleric - Excellent all the way to the endgame. Best when given a stimulant. Karla - Warrior - Insane CON. Best bow user. Can also wield Armads/Wolf Beil. Karel - Paladin - Fairly usable paladin and has great RES. Comes with an Iron Rune! Harken - Sage - Fairly usable sage, and he comes with a fortify + fimbulvetr! Canas - Thief - Probably the closest thing to a perfect assassin that you'll ever get. Kent - HORSEBIRD - Overall, probably the worst playable flier character. Matthew - Cavalier - Speedy cavalier, but lackluster strength may break him in the long run. Serra - Lyn Lord - Possibly the best sword user in the game. Use all the way to the end. Oswin - Mercenary - Incredible earlygame unit. He is lackluster after midgame though. Eliwood - Mage - Incredible end-game unit. He suffers in early and midgame though. Lowen - Wyvern Knight - Great flier, with good STR/DEF. However, he has sacred weapon weakness. Rebecca - Brigand - Likely the best endgame axe unit, but shitastic res may hamper her. Dorcas - Cavalier - The best paladin candidate in the game. Awesome growths but shitty res. Guy - Knight - Excellent early and midgame unit. Can be useful up to endgame as well. Erk - Fighter - Solid early and midgame unit. Risky endgame if promoted early. Priscilla - Cavalier - Growths are 50% in all stats. Easily RNG-screwed or blessed. Florina - Nomad - Good bow user and only nomad, but horrible CON rating hampers her. Lyn - Corsair - Excellent endgame, and +4 luck on recruitment. Complements Rebecca well. Sain - Shaman - Bad bases, but great potential. Makes the best Dark Wizard, easily. Wil - Soldier - Has a custom promotion class. Insane unit once trained up. Use him! Raven - Mage - Excellent mage, possesses roughly the same potential as Eliwood does. Lucius - Eliwood Lord - Stellar unit, but made of paper. Give dragonshields where possible. Leila - Shaman - ??? Fiora - Myrmidon - Second best sword user in the game. Can use the Katti weapons. Isadora - Mage - Literally the best magic user in the game, barring none. Rath - Hector Lord - Excellent unit, but may not max STR and DEF. Lacks RES too Farina - Dragoon - Less CON than will, but for the price, a fairly good stat tradeoff. Pent - Swordmaster - Good sword user. Can wield the Rapier and Durandel weapons. Louise - Berzerker - Good berzerker, but like her husband, not suited to the endgame. Nino - Wyvern Lord - Totally insane growths. Best flier, slowed only by sacred weapon weakness. Legault - HORSEBIRD - Good upon recruitment, but growths are sorta 'meh'. Wallace - Valkyrie - Significantly better than Marcus. Definitely worth using.
  12. Hello, So I've been following Klok's FE7 hack for awhile and finally got it and have started playing it. Needless to say it is fun as hell. The mods he made really make for some different strategies and the fact that everyone is useable is also great. I'm doin a mostly female run since I feel like they have not been popular choices by the other lps and some seem amazing (Isadora and Priscilla especially). I will also use the trio of Hector, Eliwood, and Lyn in addition to Marcus because it seemed pretty difficult to do the beginning with no healer. Also thieves will be used and I did use Lowen, Oswin, and guy early game because you really don't get too many females early and I'm lame :P Anyways here is the team (in no particular order): Hector Eliwood Lyn Priscilla Nino Isadora Serra Rebecca Fiora Florina Farina Ninian I think that is 12 but Vaida, Louise, Leila, and Karla will also be considered. (I don't think I forgot any females other than Lucius ) I use savestates and don't care about turns, just a casual and fun run! Also I'm on chapter 18 I believe right now so a bunch of chapters are incoming.
  13. So I'll be playing this, much more slowly than phobia, with more of an emphasis on tactics. I'll stay at least a chapter behind him all the way and just show my own way of tackling each situation as it arises. I'll also show off anything he happened to miss and attempt to use characters he doesn't (Because really, everyone is viable and especially for me who has foreknowledge of things to come.). So let's begin! [spoiler=Chapter 11 2 ez 5 me ltc] HHM, always. Playing on HNM is bad. 2scrub5me. New title, appropriate I must add. This chapter and chapter 12 are the -only- chapters that have not been modified in some way, aside from the playable characters. This is mainly because getting used to the confusion is hard enough without new weapons and shit. This changes all too soon, however. Ugh, fine. Always the hardest part. I'm crossing my fingers hoping for knee-slapping hilarious screenshots in the near future. Gay. *Onii-chan. Get it right. Where the fuck is Camtech and my updated script. Even your brother wants you to call him by his proper title. Certainly not stealing anything, since he isn't a thief anymore. badum tss >because horses are so hard to see Wait, axe? You must have me confused with some lovable green-haired twelve year old girl. Gay. Actually gay sneak attack, even worse. fucking gay ninjas Oh shit, the gay ninja actually showed up! I think he's sizing up DAT ASS. I'm definitely seeing a resemblance to a certain gay ninja. namely this faggot Hector is probably the best forced lord unit of all time with 1-3 range Steel Bow. Matthew is fairly meh. He's good starting game and kinda bad lategame. Just my opinion though. I start by using my iron sword to bust the wall in a single hit. Check soldier's move-range and move Hector just barely into his range. Hector is the best dodgetank /sarcasm Next turn, Hector kills the soldier and matthew takes out the archer from 3 range. Armorslayer critted OP must nerf plz devs. Beginning of next turn is turn 3 and the enemy thief will open the door on this turn but hasn't yet. Perfect! Move Hector to location shown and trade the chest key to Matthew. If done right you should be able to open the door with Hector on that same move. I fucked up a little though, meant to trade the chest key with Matt's vulnerary. I fixed it by restarting and replaying really fast. With door opened, rush chest, get red gem. Make sure Matthew keeps the gem for easy shops next chapter. Next three turns shown, have Matthew rush the door and Hector stay behind to snip enemies over the wall with 3-range bow. Matthew can solo that boss no problem. Perfect hitrate, no risk, not amuse. Luckily the force was with me and Matthew critted on the second hit. Getting an action shot is harder than it looks... lol. GODDAMNIT MATTHEW Gay count: 6. Next chapter will happen eventually.
  14. SO THIS IS A THING Klok made this. Random weapons/classes. I will not be abusing stuff like I did last time, except maybe a little bit in the arena but not a lot because HHM let's go [spoiler=chapter one: what the fuck do i keep DYING FOR] LET'S BEGIN THIS SHOULDN'T BE TOO HARD ARCHERTHWOMP OKAY BROTTHEW THE CAV THIS IS GRATE Steel Bow and Armorslayer are going to be LIFESAVERS Let's try going this way bro do you even 3 range Perfect but why did I miss. This is nice too Ugh... what fuck REstart MATTHEW SAME FUCKING DOUCHE CAN YOU STOP FUCKING DYING!?!?!?!? Thank god he's not fucking dead FUCK ME THIS IS BETTER I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD armorslayer GO WHY? ARE YOU fucking kidding me matthew gets a competent level and then DIES AGAIN AGTYUBTAEBTAETAB sure. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT HOPE THIS ONE LASTS 2HKO? THWOMP LEVEL matthew level finally all that's left is this FUCK and he has an iron lance. he can't hit me from the wall, and i can hit him. ????????????????? finally fUCK THIS ALREADY I THINK IF YOU CENSORED THIS WHOLE CHAPTER YOU'D JUST HAVE PICTURES ASASHF
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