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Found 4 results

  1. I tried to insert my custom weapon icon into the game. The graphics offset is C5EA4. Before that, I already inserted custom animation and everything worked just fine. But everytime I inserted icon using GBA graphics editor, animation either glitches or won't play at all. FEditor spell animation manager won't open again as well. Finally I tried to delete nlz file and sav file and retried, but it still screwed up... I don't know what to do now. :( Can someone help me? To make it more detailed, I used the full icon sheet extracted from the rom.
  2. So now my tile changes started working...but in a wrong way. When my unit visited the village, it got destroyed. I can't see anything wrong with Tiled, so maybe I make some mistake in my EA script. I don't know what it is though. Here's my Tiled screenshot: Here's my EA script: Could someone help me please? Thanks!
  3. I am trying to make a custom chapter. I inserted my map with Tiled successfully and followed the tutorial to write tile changes in EA script. Then I encountered this error: I googled about this for a while, but sill couldn't find the solution. This is my EA script: Could someone help me? Thank you vey much!
  4. Sorry for more dummy questions :P After inserting the map, this happened: But after a click it disappeared: Why is this happening? Also, my palette for black peg knight messed up... I want to make it like this: Could someone help me with these questions? Thank you very much! :D
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