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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm one of the two creator of the completed and original ROM hack - Fire Emblem: Inheritance. Link to the post: Now that I have more time, I'll get on the things we want to add in the game, and in particular, the dialogues that are needed. The hack's dialogues lack a bit of polishing, because neither of us is a native English speaker. I, who wrote most of the dialogues, know English quite well, but it still doesn't come natural to write dialogues of this kind in English. I was wondering if there's anyone here up to do a bit of revisioning for the dialogues that I write, or even, if you want, help to write some of them. Some of the character, for example, are pretty anonymous. If some of you wanted, with a bit of creativity, you could help us charcaterize them through mid chapter convos that you could write and propose to us, if you want. If you wanted you could even write the supports between the characters, which I don't think we'd have time to write ourselves. I'm not sure if this post belongs here, if you mods think it's out of place feel free to move it.
  2. Hello guys, this is a screenshot LP of the FE8 hack "The Midnight Sun" by Alfred Kamon. Hope you'll enjoy :) Introduction: The prologue: Link to the hack: FE8 hack The Midnight Sun
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