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Found 1 result

  1. 25th December ??? (The contents of this thread are not considered canon to the main Angelcynn thread and thus does not occur within the timeline of the roleplay. Characters that never met physically will be present together. I implore you to have fun and be as SILLY as possible.) It was a fine Christmas afternoon, and all had gathered to celebrate the festivities. On top of a snowy hill in Magonsaete, the dastardly Malaphar had invited the entire cast to join his Christmas gathering. Nobody was excluded, from the noble Prince Owen to that old guy that made Serge paint his fence for some reason. With the halls decorated and the tables fully laid, Malaphar had cut no corners in preparing for the gathering. Standing at the front of his hall, he clapped his hands together to gain the attention of the room. "Thank you kindly for all being here. I, Malaphar, warmly welcome all of you to my Christmas gathering!" he announced, waving a searing flame through the air. "For some reason, it was felt that my world was deemed an unfitting venue for merriment, but this castle should be suitable! I wish you all the best and hope there are no hard feelings of the events that have transpired. I'm sure there are many of you that I had vapourised during the course of our tales... and I'm certain there are more of you yet to be burned to a crisp! May the festivities commence!" The audience applauded slowly, muttering to each other about who would actually survive into the later acts. However, which such a gathering, their host's oddity could be overlooked for the meantime. Every player may post! This thread is likely to remain active for a week!
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