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Found 22 results

  1. I can't seem to find this info in any tutorials, and though there is an example of this in one of the test maps, I don't quite understand how it works. Can anyone help?
  2. So, I'm trying to make something in FEXP, but whenever I end the player's turn, I get this error "NoMethodError occurred while running script. undefined method 'is_a_door' for nil:NilClass" I don't know what this means, or where it to fix it. As you can tell, I have almost no idea what I'm doing. Anyone know how to help me out?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFKw_LnHP3nEc-h6NcPiHlO43gvz9raaX So I am making a video tutorials teaching you guys how to use FEXP to it's full extent. Please support me and I'll help you with your FEXP problems.
  4. I have multiple questions for anyone here. *This is FE XP (RPG Maker XP) 1) How do I Make a weapon have infinite uses? 2) How do I increase the hit rate on a added weapon (A custom weapon I made somehow has 26 hit standard) 3) Although I have the Battle sprites for a custom character, Do I have to separate each animation (Normal attack, Critical hit etc)? (I'm also having issues splitting the sprites, but that will soon be remedied) 4) How do I choose their growth rates and starter stats? 5) Do the sprites have to be PNG or can they be GIFs 6) How do I give characters "Special" Battle music?
  5. I'm completely new in working with FEXP, and while I've been doing fine in the most part, I have run into a problem that I haven't figured out the solution to yet. I haven't managed to create multiple recolored actor units. I managed to edit the first one, just by editing the original script that recolored a 'Soldier' unit, but then I didn't know what to do for the next one. I tried copying the whole script and pasting a copy of it below the original, and then editing its properties, but that removed the modified colors of the original unit I edited. (Spoiler for the script.) I've tried also only copying specific parts, but that gives me a syntax error. What should I have been doing?
  6. Hello all, the name is Omega, and I am bringing you a Fire Emblem chapter made in FEXP! The planned release date is Feb 1, in time for the MAFC submissions. The basic premise is that this chapter is at the end game of a theoretical Fire Emblem game where timelines and worlds have collided. Which means that the player controls characters from all over the Fire Emblem series in one game. The specific chapter I am making is an endgame chapter; most units are promo lvl 14-17, and lords are highly leveled as well. Some units will have specific skills dedicated to their character, esp. if they come from the Tellius and Magvel games. (ex. Soren w/ Adept) Each lord that has a special weapon dedicated to them will have infinite uses on said weapon. (Which means yes, Roy w/ Inf SoS) HOWEVER, each weapon will have some detractor to using it, (ex: SoS having lower Mt, Rag having high Wt, ect...) but will have an extra feature to separate each other. (SoS has effectiveness against Armors and Cavilers along with Dragons and Wyverns, Rag has Crt, ect...) S Rank weapons are available to some of the units on the team. The synopsis of the chapter has a portion of the army made of Elibe and Tellius's characters to seize one of three castles that projects a magic barrier, guarding the Tower of Heaven. (What would be the END endgame chapters) This castle is guarded by two major villains from Elibe and Tellius. Zephiel and Ashnard watch over the interior, with The Black Knight and Nergal guarding the outside. (They are under the control of the MAIN villain of this theoretical game, hence why Ashnard and Zephs are working together, and blah blah yeah) In order to gain access to the castle, you must dispose of all the enemies on the outside, and seize it. Once you do, part 2 begins, where you mop up the enemies inside the castle, and seize that as well. Now for why I ended up posting here, I need help with sprites and some mugs. I need animations/mugs for the following lords: Ike (Swords and Axes, Map anim, and mug) Roy (blinking frames) If no one wants to help with the GBA lords, I'll try to rip them if I can. And then: The BK (just an Alondite anim and map anim will do) Ashnard (Map, Battle, and Mug) Zephiel (blinking frames) If you want to help with this in anyway you can, go ahead and reply, but either way, I hope I can get this out very soon to everyone who wants to play it!
  7. I'm not sure if this has been posted somewhere else before, but I had a quick question - does anyone know if FEXP is compatible with windows 10? And does anyone know if FEXNA will be compatible with windows 10 when it's released someday? Thanks in advance!
  8. Is it true that I can use FEXP or FEXNA to add skills like Astra and Luna into Fe7? If it is, how can I do it?
  9. Hello, I'd like to share with you with some stuff from my FEXP fangame. I make with help of my good friend Lord Wolfram. Story: The story is about Arclite Alterion, son of the well known warlord. One day his father vanished without a trace and his castle was taken over by coup d'etat. Arclite, alongside knight commander, his subordinates and good childhood friend, escapes from his father's former territory. And from that part the young boy with remains of the fallen kingdom are wandering around the land, gathering the troops to face the force which took over his home. [spoiler=Gameplay notes] - 3 tiers - Neutral army units like in some chapters of FE4, indifferent and non-passable by other armies - Bandits as separate army - Neutral active units, hostile to everyone except yellows - Added Master Knight class as 3rd tier for any of mounted knight class sets There is some videos and screenshots from different stages of development. [spoiler=Screenshots] [spoiler=Vids (They are veeery old)] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVhjTLIPn4M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I5NrcWwGQc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtDBTHLD7Ck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhDdxo9xppo Any assistance will be appreciated, if you want me to add some particular info 'bout it, i'll add it into this post.
  10. portrait problem the portrait stacks on each other and its annoying as hell
  11. UPDATE - 03.12.2016 Hello, I am currently working on a TRPG (tactical role-playing game) that I would like to release on hand-held consoles. So far I have made various 2D resources for the game, including animations, portraits and backgrounds. I have also written the entire script for the game. I am not just the 'idea guy', I work diligently to create something of good quality for others to enjoy. The story is original, interesting and best of all it is done. I designed a well-balanced class system that is reminiscent of other TRPG titles including Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, Ogre Battle and Fire Emblem. It is going to be an homage to these previous titles that were classics in their day. The game will evoke a feeling of nostalgia, reminiscent of games for the original Playstation, with old-school UI and 2D animations paired with 3D backgrounds and environments. I am looking for: My goal is to create a classic TRPG that will be remembered and enjoyed. I have no doubt that there are many people out there that want another new TRPG game. I know I do! If anyone is interested or has questions please respond to this topic or send me PM. Thank you readers, Shaman Credit to Rethel34 for providing sound effects and the songs used in this video.
  12. Let us get some things out of the way to get rid of stupid answers that ought not be given. 1. "FEXP is unsupported and outdated, do a ROM hack." Yes. Fexp is oudated. But I'm not doing this for a serious project, I'm doing it for fun and personal gratification(and if I finish it I'll share maybe if it's any good). Plus that whole 16 colors limit of ROMs is killin' me smalls. 2. "Just wait, one day our lord Yeti will return with FEXNA and we will hack eternally." No I will not wait for FEXNA. It's been almost 3 years, and nobody is promised tommorow. In the time I'm spending waiting I could be working. (Even though it seems to be working well enough for him to make the beauty that is FE7x >->) 3. "Code it yourself" Oh don't worry m8. I will. BUT if someone has a pre-existing place to start, or some such... That'd be most gratified. 4."Who uses FEXP anymore? Its not even a serious project? Lol fgt." Fite meh. Good. Alright. Now then... 1. Saving. This is NOT important. Not one bit. I've already got a workaround. If anyone has or knows where to get the real deal though please share. Was UNfixed, but I made a workaround 2. Prep screen. I know it's worked before. Galleom made it work forever ago, and Yeti has a PRETTY spiffy one in Fe7x(which only frustrates me further that he hasnt released FEXNA/never finished it for XP) I don't NEED this. I could just make a FE game with... 9 units total, but what fun is that? If anyone has Galleoms, or knows how to make a workaround work... By all means throw me a bone here. 3. Finally, least important. Anyone know how to get something like play_bgm to work during or right before a talking/recruitment event? Maybe I'm overanalyzing it and it's actually really simple, but I can't get it to work and Kloks tutorial is incomplete and unhelpful has nothing on it. EDIT: After trying to code it all morning, I will pay for this. I will give you all my money if you can just... make... this... work.
  13. Taken from here. TL;DR We're looking to recruit people to work on this hack. We're mainly very short on hackers/programmers, spriters, composers, and animators. We'd also like more ideas from you guys.
  14. Hello all, I'm trying to make the stealing in FEXP like in Thracia, where the player could steal a weapon if their constitution was higher than the weight of the item. I'm unsure of a few things, though. Here's the part of the script I need to edit: def can_steal_from?(target) # Compares speed return false unless self.spd > target.spd # Tests if target has anything to steal has_item = false for item in target.actor.items if item[0] == 1 or (item[0] == 0 and item[1] != 0) has_item = true break end end return has_item end I need to make the game compare the player's constitution and the item's weight. How can I find item weight by ID, and how can I find player constitution?
  15. Yes, I know. FEXP doesn't really have anyone supporting right now, considering Yeti dropped it, and Klok dropped his own version of FEXP, but if anyone is experienced enough with the engine and editing things, I'd like some help. (Yes, I got Klok's ultimate guide for FEXP) First and foremost: Does anyone have a portrait formatter from GBA FE to FEXP? I know that Cedar Nyx made one a while back, but it seems that the links to get it are broken. 2. I get this window that shows up constantly while playtesting that just shows [334, 0]. The box is treated as an error box, but it doesn't close the playtest. I know the error has to do with the "FE Tilemap" script, as the box started appearing when I got a divide by zero error at the same time the box started appearing in line 53 of the script. Maybe it has to do with my villages, since I set them to self-switch, and after it switches, the village doesn't show the closed village graphic, but it can't be re-visited. 3. Is there a good application to make portraits? Because, really, I suck at it, and I don't want to use MS Paint. I'll add more questions in later posts, or edit this post. Thanks for your time!
  16. Is it possible to split the Anima Triangle into Wind, Fire and Thunder and add Knives as a weapon type with FEXP?
  17. So, I've always wanted to make my own FE game for some years now (about 7 or so) and a few years back I was into rom hacking. Long story short, I lost a lot of my contents back then including working form of my FE8 patch. A few years later I finally recover a few animations and mugs however, after putting such a project down for some time coupled with the fact that a lot of progress was loss I no longer feel compelled to resume my FE8 hack. ...but, I seen the debut of FEXp back in the days and loved the freedom and capabilities of creating a FE game on that engine. I didn't pick it up at the time because I was midway in between finishing my GBAhack....eventually I put down FEhacking (after the loss of progress) for 4 years, my college years, and now I'm back. So why am I here: I've been browsing the web for fexp help for a few weeks now and it's pretty scarce, I'ma be honest. Klok's tutorial was great, but it left out most the things that it would take a long time to figure out on my own, like the counter intuitive aspects of fexp (which there are a lot). I would reeeeeeeally, really, really, like to know the limitations of Fexp, and what problems rpg maker presents for creating a FE game. because I'd hate to be stuck midway in development. Fire Emblem and the Seven Seals brief overview/summary : Some Important Houses and Families of Cambria: Gameplay & Goals: Revamped Class System Now one of the reasons I really wanted to work with Fexp is the implementation of skills.... I've been playing around with fexp for a few weeks now....and I'm still in the dark with its capabilities... but here are some skills I want to implement. Some of which I won't reveal due to me not wanting to spoil everything. SKILLS! So yeah guys that's it, I really would like to know the limitations of Fexp, what is possible and what is not... please don't suggest I wait for Fexna, Ive seen someone get told that 3 years ago lol...unless you know for a fact yeti will release the beta to the public before the months end or something. Names in Red are subject to immediate change
  18. So I was messing around with the FEXP, using Klokinator's Ultimate guide. I tried to insert a portrait after formatting. I inserted it successfully, and the chibi and the portrait in the stats menu came up quite nicely. But when the portrait got messed up when I access the items on the map. Did I mess up somewhere? Also, I have another question regarding the mug inserting, the readme of the FEXP mug formatter wrote that the image should be at least 116px X 117px. Does that mean I can insert a bigger image if I want? And does the 16 colors limit when inserting a portrait into the GBA still apply in FEXP? Thank you in advance.
  19. Alright, I have one question I couldn't find the answer of anywhere. How do you attach a skill to a particular character ? Klok's ultimate tutorial says it's possible but doesn't cover it so... Please help ?
  20. Fire Emblem: Path of a New World follows the tale of the Wayfarers, a group of elite soldiers sent to control a rebellion born of an aristocratic conspiracy, trying to subjugate Trames under the rule of it's sworn enemy, Algard, both countries of the continent of Gravia. Their tale continues as they find much more than a war or a political crisis... This fangame is made in a HEAVILY modified version of RPG Maker XP, Fire Emblem XP starter kit, by bwdYeti, the engine itself containing all of the core elements of the Fire Emblem games, such as, but not limited to, turn-based combat, levels, supports, chapters and etc. I also added some things to the engine, as you can see in the screenshots. This is a fangame made by the Path Makers team, based on Nintendo's Fire Emblem series of tactical RPGs [spoiler=Story]The story follows a group of elite soldiers known as Wayfarers, a small military division from the Kingdom of Trames. A group known to be sent to long-distance missions, the Wayfarers was a group created by Mikhail. the once prince, now king of Trames. Trames is going through a turbulent period of war against a neighbor country, Algard. King Mikhail marched to the front lines, leaving the administration of the kingdom to a small group of aristocrats. The group, however, took the unique opportunity, starting a coup d'état to turn Trames in a parliamentary republic under their command. Having knowledge of the rebellion in his homeland, Mikhail sends the Wayfarers back to Trames, hoping to surpress the uprising. The true face of the parliamentary will eventually show, through internal discussions, having startling revelations to everyone involved... [spoiler=Characters]Wayfarers Alex Is the youngest of the three orphans, yet tecnically the leader of the Wayfarers. Sees the world differently from most, which increases his skills both as a painter and as a leader. Decided to learn the ways of magic, he studied for years. It is unknown how, but he managed to fuse his skills as a painter with his skills as a mage, creating unique and powerful magics. A really kind person, dislikes violence and discord of any degree, and because of that, some people sees him as a coward, but he shows courage when needed. Disapproves Gahst thivery and Bravesa pleasure of fighting. Gahst Very swift and skilled thief, he is a natural tactican and strategist beacause of his observation skills. Started taking advantage of his nimble hands and mind at a young age, stealing food and money to survive in his little town, where he used to live only with his brothers Bravesa and Alex. Their parents died when they were kids. Pays attention to details which most don't see, and likes to point errors from the other, but because of that is seen as grumpy, even though he has the intention of helping. Gave up of thievery years ago, when Mikhail saved his town (and consequently, his brothers). Bravesa Lived as a mercenary to help his brothers since twelve, when his parents died. Learned the way of the axe-fighting with his father. Extremely strong warrior, really enjoys fighting. He isn't exactly dumb, but he doen't think though things too well. Stopped his life as a mercenary and was turned into an actual soldier when Mikhail saved he and his brothers from a bandit raid. Is the best friend and rival of Eddy. Constantly discusses with Angelina due to his "dumb muscle" demeanor. Eddy (Eduardo) Used to live in a village with his childhood bestfriend, Lenna, in Algard. When she got sick, he started to work for the army to get some money for medicine. Fought against Trames until he met Mikhail. That encounter changed his mind and brought him to the side of Trames. Has very strong ideals, willing to die and go back from hell for them Is very competitive, especially when it comes to Bravesa, with whom he has a friendly rivalry. Denas Joined Mikhail's army due to what he describes as a "moral debt", even though he says nothing more. It is rumored that he is the lost son of a noble house of Salfare, the Country of Shifting Dunes. A master swordsman, extremely skillful with the blade, but enigmatic and sarcastic. Has a unique (and sometimes horrible) sense of humor. Seeks to be the greatest swordsmith ever to have lived. A good friend of Eusine, somewhat of a friend to Gahst. Eusine A quircky archer who'd rather be called "eccentric", but of unmatched skill with the bow. He lived in a treehouse in the middle of a forest, and after being helped by Mikhail to save Dino, his pet, from enemies who had kidnapped it, he joined his army. Wants do find de recipe of the Tapioca with Cheese, which seems to be truly lost as no one knows what that is. A good friend of Alex and Denas. Angelina A gifted cleric that likes to complain, and because of that was branded as "annoying" within the Wayfarers, even if it is only a in-joke. Sour on the outside, sweet on the inside. Has deep sorrow of never having true friends while young. Is a good friend of Alex, discusses a lot with Bravesa, due to his "dumb muscle" manneirisms. [spoiler=Gameplay]The gameplay is like any other Fire Emblem game, even if the the game is made in the RPG Maker. You can do most of things you can do in other FE games such as fighting with the weapon/magic/elemental triangle, talking to certain characters, supporting, etc. Talking about the support system, it has the greatest changes, instead of using the same system as the GBA Fire Emblem games, it is based around the "talk" command. When met under certain conditions, such as location, chapter and etc., the command will be available between two characters. Those conversations will increase the support level between the characters and may yield items or other bonus. The game is based on chapter with various objectives, but most of them is defeating an enemy, by completing mission objectives such as seizing a base, surviving for a number of turns, or defeating a boss. Before the chapter itselves you will be able to do various actions in the base, such as organizing your team, trade, save, buy or sell items, see conversations between characters and save the game For now, you can't select which characters you can bring to a certain chapter, but the chapters are made supposing you brought everyone... [spoiler=Screenshots]Selecting an unit to modify the items. The interface is fairly different to the one in the GBA FE games. The supply screen. The items won't automatically organize when you put an item there, but you can sort the way you want! The battlefield: Landing a critical hit on the enemy! (aka how to land on a pirate) Now Level ups are a little more... Noisy, in a good sense. Berries! - You, for reading though my topic! Unless, of course, you scrolled down to this part, on which case, go read the rest, you slacker! xp - Intelligent Systems e Nintendo for creating the Fire Emblem series! - ASCII/Enterbrain, for creating the RPG Maker engines. - bwdyeti for creating the Fire Emblem XP engine and providing sprite animations (both custom and ripped) - klokinator for documenting the Fire Emblem XP and helping in some scripts. - Nexon for creating Maplestory. The Developer Team: - Mr.Galleom: Coder (Adding things to the engine) and spriter - Arrout: Former Leading screenwriter - Bravesa: Original idea, mapping and webdesign. - Alex: Supporting screenwriter and spriter, major testplayer - Eusine: Supporting screenwriter. 22/10/2013 - Forum post made 23/10/2013 - Some credits fixed. 1/11/2013 - Added a screenshot, modified some credits. 9/11/2013 - Added a screenshot(berries) 25/11/2013 - NCFC 2013 started! Monday Update added - Characters
  21. Hello! I am currently working on a very small FEXP project, and was hoping someone would help me a little bit? My questions are as follow: - What code do you use in order to have the camera pan across the map? - How do you get a camera to follow a unit on the map, for a scene? I have been following Klok's tutorial for Yeti's FEXP, but I've been trying to solve this problem for a little while now. Here are some screenshots: Map Event 1 Event 2 I am trying to get event 1 (sage map sprite) to move towards the room on the top left, in the map. I also wish to have the camera pan, and follow him on his short walk. Note: I am still looking for someone to assist with coding. If someone agrees to help me finish this project, they will be paid (either in dollars, or I can also trade for custom mugs.).
  22. Hello, I have recently started a project with FEXP. I am making most of the resources, but looking for people who might be able to assist me with the technical side of things. I am being funded for this project, and am looking to pay people who can work on a 'professional level.' GOAL To complete a game with 8 to 12 chapters/levels, a cast of 5 to 9 characters, and 1-2 modified 'features.' I have until August 31st 2013 to complete this project. I will be posting updates once the website is completed, and releasing the game free-to-play. PAYMENT METHOD This can be elaborated in PMs, as payment methods for each individual may vary (direct transfer, PayPal, etc.). REQUIRED EXPERIENCE - Website design with HTML/Java or - Scripting with Ruby/FEXP or - A portfolio of digital artwork (backdrops, and menu screens are a must.). ___ If you have any questions, feel free to PM me for more details. MtlXMf - © Outcaster 2013
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